Wienerschnitzel Nutrition

Knowing about the quality of food you are eating in a fast food chain will be good for your health. It means you will be avoiding foods that contain huge amounts of fats, cholesterol and sodium. This information is very useful if you will dine at Wienerschnitzel because the Wienerschnitzel nutrition facts will guide you on what meal to order.

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FoodServing Size (g)CaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Hot Dogs

Bacon Wrapped Original Dog standard bun111.00 g34021740880271412
Bacon Wrapped Street Style Dog standard bun136.00 g37024840970291612
Original Chicago Dog standard bun257.00 g300112.52520604121411
Original Chili Cheese Dog standard bun142.00 g320165401410311415
Original Chili Dog standard bun128.00 g270123301160311412
Original Deluxe Dog standard bun167.00 g250112.5251230302610
Original Kraut Dog standard bun129.00 g240112.5251040281510
Original Mustard Dog standard bun101.00 g240112.525810271410
Original Pastrami Dog standard bun174.00 g350196451670291517
Original Plain Hot Dog standard bun96.00 g240112.525760271410
Original Relish Dog standard bun121.00 g250112.525870301610
Original The Junkyard Dog seeded bun206.00 g460249501720452419

Angus Hot Dogs

Angus All Beef BBQ Bacon Dog pretzel bun203.00 g62034137013005911321
Angus All Beef BBQ Bacon Dog seeded bun184.00 g5403313701310401922
Angus All Beef Chicago Dog pretzel bun329.00 g5702695022306721817
Angus All Beef Chicago Dog seeded bun309.00 g4902695022504821418
Angus All Beef Chili Cheese Dog pretzel bun212.00 g6003212701420572921
Angus All Beef Chili Cheese Dog seeded bun192.00 g5203112701440382522
Angus All Beef Chili Dog pretzel bun198.00 g540279551330562818
Angus All Beef Chili Dog seeded bun178.00 g460269551350372419
Angus All Beef Deluxe Dog pretzel bun238.00 g5202695014105621016
Angus All Beef Deluxe Dog seeded bun218.00 g440259501420372617
Angus All Beef Kraut Dog pretzel bun199.00 g510269501210541816
Angus All Beef Kraut Dog seeded bun179.00 g430259501230351417
Angus All Beef Mustard Dog pretzel bun172.00 g51026950990531816
Angus All Beef Mustard Dog seeded bun152.00 g430259501000341417
Angus All Beef Pastrami Dog pretzel bun245.00 g6203413701850552923
Angus All Beef Pastrami Dog seeded bun225.00 g5503412751720362525
Angus All Beef Plain Dog pretzel bun167.00 g51026950940531816
Angus All Beef Plain Hot Dog seeded bun147.00 g43025950950341417
Angus All Beef Relish Dog pretzel bun192.00 g5202695010405611016
Angus All Beef Relish Dog seeded bun172.00 g440259501060371617
Angus All Beef Stadium Dog pretzel bun195.00 g5202695010805611116
Angus All Beef Stadium Dog seeded bun176.00 g440259501100371717
Angus All Beef The Junkyard Dog pretzel bun260.00 g6803815751780642922
Angus All Beef The Junkyard Dog seeded bun240.00 g6003715751800452523
Original BBQ Bacon Dog pretzel bun169.00 g5102394511705911217
Original Chicago Dog pretzel bun294.00 g430133.52521206721714
Original Chili Cheese Dog pretzel bun179.00 g450186401480572718
Original Chili Dog pretzel bun165.00 g400144301220572715
Original Deluxe Dog pretzel bun203.00 g380133.5251300562913
Original Kraut Dog pretzel bun166.00 g370133.5251100541813
Original Mustard Dog pretzel bun137.00 g370133.525880531713
Original Plain Dog pretzel bun133.00 g370133.525830531713
Original Relish Dog pretzel bun157.00 g380133.525930561913
Original Stadium Dog pretzel bun161.00 g380133.5259705611013

Burgers & Specialty

BBQ Sauce28.00 g60000220130120
Bacon Cheeseburger153.00 g380208701020271524
Cheeseburger145.00 g35017765910271522
Chicken Dippers 1476.00 g107057116053290754469
Chicken Dippers 1/2238.00 g5402853001640372234
Chicken Dippers 1/3159.00 g360193.52001100251123
Chili Burger140.00 g320144.555870282321
Chili Cheese Beef Tamale146.00 g29019840690192216
Chili Cheese Fries231.00 g5403819551380394112
Chili Cheese Fries Burrito156.00 g410187251200473112
Chili Cheeseburger154.00 g370187701130292324
Classic Cheeseburger207.00 g38020765970292622
Corn Dog82.00 g2501764549015117
Double Bacon Cheeseburger232.00 g64046161401550271542
Double Cheeseburger216.00 g57040131251320271538
Double Chili Cheeseburger260.00 g64043141401940322443
Double Classic Hamburger279.00 g510349105870292634
Double Hamburger188.00 g470318100810271533
Fish & Chips278.00 g7105211701820502916
Fish Wrap145.00 g45028535860381112
Hamburger131.00 g30013450650271519
Jalapeno Poppers (3 pack)65.00 g2101162067021236
Jalapeno Poppers (6 pack)131.00 g4202212401340423713
Jalapeno Poppers Chili Cheeseburger224.00 g5902912851810513629
Junior Chili Cheese Fries147.00 g37028144080025318
Junkyard Chili Cheeseburger222.00 g5102710701400412324
Large Fries358.00 g7905226503600776186
Medium Fries164.00 g43031153063035303
Mini Corn Dogs (6-pack)99.00 g3202276054022118
Pastrami Burger174.00 g39016640980271327
Pastrami Sandwich219.00 g470237501880362225
Pastrami in a Bun146.00 g280112.5201180291612
Polish Sausage Sandwich208.00 g4902911701870393422
Ranch Dressing28.00 g150162.5<51401010
Sea Dog143.00 g35017330640381511
Small Fries 3.5 oz115.00 g30022112040025202
Ultimate Chili Cheeseburger218.00 g400187701480322423
Wing Sauce43.00 g2510015903020


Biscuit81.00 g260113089035146
Biscuit & Gravy138.00 g350175<5118042148
Biscuit with Bacon97.00 g330175151120351410
Biscuit with Egg138.00 g3201541701040361412
Biscuit with Egg & Bacon154.00 g3902161851270361416
Biscuit with Egg & Sausage181.00 g49030102001390401417
Biscuit with Egg Bacon & Cheese168.00 g4402592001520361418
Biscuit with Egg Sausage & Cheese195.00 g54034122151640401419
Biscuit with Sausage124.00 g430269301240391411
Breakfast Platter with Bacon267.00 g6004015375960403120
Breakfast Platter with Sausage293.00 g70049193901080443121
Burrito with Egg Bacon & Cheese244.00 g4902583701380391324
Burrito with Egg Sausage & Cheese271.00 g59034123851500431325
Chili Cheese Burrito261.00 g4702163601720432225
Chili Cheese Egg Burrito173.00 g3701651901180392117
Country Breakfast294.00 g64040133751820471424
Croissant with Egg Bacon & Cheese172.00 g5203117250990401819
Croissant with Egg Sausage & Cheese199.00 g62040212701110441820
French Toast Sticks148.00 g490291145460495116
Hash Browns80.00 g29025102024014201
Orange Juice310.00 g1400000330280
Sandwich with Egg Bacon & Cheese144.00 g300156200830261116
Sandwich with Egg Sausage & Cheese171.00 g4002410215950301117
Syrup31.00 g12000025310210


1% Low Fat Milk236.00 g1102.51.515130130129
12 oz Diet Pepsi360.00 g0000350000
12 oz Dr Pepper360.00 g14000045390390
12 oz Lemonade360.00 g150000160410410
12 oz Lipton Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea360.00 g14000075350350
12 oz Mountain Dew360.00 g17000070460460
12 oz Mug Root Beer360.00 g16000065430430
12 oz Pepsi360.00 g15000035410410
12 oz Sierra Mist360.00 g14000035390390
16 oz Diet Pepsi480.00 g0000450000
16 oz Dr Pepper480.00 g18000060520520
16 oz Lemonade480.00 g200000210540540
16 oz Lipton Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea480.00 g180000100450450
16 oz Mountain Dew480.00 g23000095610610
16 oz Mug Root Beer480.00 g21000085570570
16 oz Pepsi480.00 g20000045550550
16 oz Sierra Mist480.00 g19000045520520
2% Reduced Fat Milk236.00 g13053251301301310
20 oz Cherry Lemonade600.00 g320000250850840
20 oz Diet Pepsi600.00 g0000600000
20 oz Dr. Pepper600.00 g23000075650650
20 oz Lemonade600.00 g250000260680680
20 oz Lipton Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea600.00 g230000125580580
20 oz Mountain Dew600.00 g280000115770770
20 oz Mug Root Beer600.00 g270000110720720
20 oz Pepsi600.00 g25000060680680
20 oz Sierra Mist600.00 g23000060650650
20 oz Strawberry Lemonade600.00 g310000260810810
30 oz Diet Pepsi900.00 g0000900000
30 oz Dr Pepper900.00 g340000110970970
30 oz Lemonade900.00 g38000039010101010
30 oz Lipton Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea900.00 g340000190860860
30 oz Mountain Dew900.00 g42000017011501150
30 oz Mug Root Beer900.00 g40000016010701070
30 oz Pepsi900.00 g3700009010301030
30 oz Sierra Mist900.00 g35000085970970
40 oz Diet Pepsi1200.00 g00001150000
40 oz Dr Pepper1200.00 g45000015013001300
40 oz Lemonade1200.00 g49000052013301330
40 oz Lipton Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea1200.00 g45000025011501150
40 oz Mountain Dew1200.00 g57000023015301530
40 oz Mug Root Beer1200.00 g53000022014301430
40 oz Pepsi1200.00 g50000011513701370
40 oz Sierra Mist1200.00 g47000011513001300
Chocolate Milk Low Fat 1%236.00 g1602.51.510210270258
Chocolate Milk Protein Fortified Low Fat 1%236.00 g2002.51.5<52303403311

Tastee-Freez Desserts

Banana Split450.00 g820241265340149812213
Cone 3 oz Small Chocolate Dipped101.00 g360242025135352254
Cone 3 oz Small Plain72.00 g1605325115271183
Cone 5 oz Regular116.00 g2509540180411305
Cone 5 oz Regular Chocolate Dipped144.00 g450272240200502376
Freezee Butterfinger 12 oz279.00 g62024149544010037813
Freezee Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 12 oz317.00 g94052378554011948714
Freezee M&M 12 oz279.00 g6302515954209928013
Freezee Oreo 12 oz279.00 g6302513904109937613
Freezee Reese's Peanut Butter Cup 12 oz279.00 g6302614904609737814
Mini Sundae Caramel 3 oz85.00 g2006325135361303
Mini Sundae Chocolate 3 oz85.00 g1805325135341283
Mini Sundae Hot Fudge 3 oz85.00 g2008525130331263
Mini Sundae Strawberry 3 oz85.00 g1705325105301253
Mug Root Beer Float422.00 g44012750290831737
Old Fashion Sundae Caramel181.00 g40014955250661537
Old Fashion Sundae Chocolate181.00 g39014955250642517
Old Fashion Sundae Hot Fudge181.00 g400161155250631507
Old Fashion Sundae Pineapple181.00 g37014955230591497
Old Fashion Sundae Strawberry181.00 g37014955220591487
Shake Chocolate 20 oz311.00 g650231310048011039113
Shake Strawberry 20 oz312.00 g65023139544011129213
Shake Vanilla 20 oz312.00 g65023139544011029113

Since Wienerschnitzel is classified as a fast food restaurant, you cannot drop down your guard. If you do, your health might be adversely affected. You need to see that the food you are eating is nutritionally safe. This fast food chain specializes in hot dog sandwiches, hamburgers and all sorts of food that are quick to prepare.

Steer clear of their hot dogs and hamburgers that are over 550 calories. There are healthier options like the Original Kraut Dog, standard bun. It contains only 240 calories, 2.5 grams of saturated fat, 25 grams of cholesterol and 1,040 milligrams of sodium.

As for their desserts, their Mini Sundae, Strawberry, 3 ounce will give you 170 calories, 5 grams of total fat, 25 grams of cholesterol, and 105 milligrams of sodium. If you need more details about Wienerschnitzel nutrition facts, and the locations of their stores, just visit their website at

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