Who is Making You Fat?

There is much information circulating in all forms of media about how fast foods are slowly killing us with their unhealthy food products.

Meanwhile, fast food executives are pressed against the wall in trying to work on a compromise between what is healthy and what is still tasty. They are getting hypertension in balancing what the public likes and what the public wants.

The public seems to be so ignorant as to what they are really asking for, less salt and less fat on their burger, less sugar in their sodas?

Has anyone ever tasted a burger without fat or salt? No one will probably cook such a thing. It won’t be worth your money, time and effort.

Next question is will you pay for one?

Health Test

flabby-fatThe best way of testing who’s the real culprit is by taking a look at what’s happening in a Subway restaurant.

Here you can’t complain about what the fast food personnel is putting into your food because you are very much in control of what you’ll have at Subway.

Then again, you should not be observing yourself because your choices and action will already be tainted with the objective of the test. It’s best you look at someone else’s concoction.

  1. What size? Is it 6 or 12 inches long?
  2. See what choice of bread he’ll be making is it white or wheat.
  3. See how much greens he is putting. Is he leaving a lot of room for the meat?
  4. What kind of cheese? Or, will there be any cheese at all?
  5. What meats will he opt for? Will it be beef or turkey?
  6. What condiments? What oils? Is there going to a lot of mayo or mustard?

People Love Fat, Salt and Sugar

You will be very much disappointed with what most people will select. The results will make you think that the human race is hopeless and it’s in our nature to start killing ourselves the moment we are born.

People are definitely going to fast food restaurants to enjoy eating fats, salt and sugar. Going to fast food restaurants is everyone’s time off; it’s the cheat day of the week.

If people would like to eat healthy, they will eat at home because that’s so dull. You can’t pick up girls or be picked up if you’re that dull. Act out those boring moments of your life in the privacy of your house where no one can see that part of your life and create a generalized impression of who you are.

Fast Food and Overeating

People definitely go to fast food restaurants to have fun that is why they don’t go often.

There are a few people whom you will notice frequenting every fast food chain and they occupy a large portion of the fast food eating space but, they are a minority. The unfamiliar faces that occupy 25% of the fast food places are the majority who take long turns in coming back for the same imperfectly healthy orders.

Most Americans still eat most of their meals at home with only a small fraction of their total meals out. But why are there so many overweights and heavyweights among us?

It’s our choice to overeat. A lot of us overeat at the fast food restaurants. A lot of us overeat at fancy buffets, definitely. And, a lot of us are still overeating at home.

Fast Foods are perfect places to overeat and yes, a lot of people overeat at fast food restaurants because the food is cheap. But, these are also the same people who are going to overeat everywhere they get the chance to eat.

Fast Food and Bars

Fast food chains are like bars. Bars don’t turn people into alcoholics. The factors outside the bar are the ones contributing to a person’s alcoholism. Alcoholics usually go to bars because huge volume of liquor is available there.

The funny thing is that there is not much talk about making whiskey or vodka healthier. Nobody is rallying against bars

The same is the case with fast foods. Fast foods don’t make people overeat. People who love to overeat go to fastfoods.

If society can accept the fact that some people would like to go to a bar to have some drinks, why can’t we accept the fact that from time to time, some of us may want to eat in fast food restaurant to enjoy salt, fat and sugar.

Real Issue

If society would like to solve the problem of obesity then, we should start taking care of the roots of overeating and overindulgence.

Let’s stop bullying the fast food chains and face the harder challenge of dealing with the culprit who is the victim himself.

Psychologists would have the “know how” to deal with obesity problem properly. But maybe, they are waiting for society to schedule an appointment. Hey! You are the best guys to know that society is barking at the wrong tree so speak up please!

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