White Castle Nutrition

Since you are what you eat, you can never ignore the nutritional values of the food items that you are putting inside your mouth. Possessing the right knowledge of the White Castle nutrition facts will help you in choosing the meals that you are going to eat if you happen to be inside one of their restaurants.

Are there any healthy options in White Castle? Thankfully, you have a lot of meal choices that have good nutritional values in this restaurant. One example is their White Castle Double Cheeseburger. One serving will give you 285 calories, 18 grams of fat and 16 grams of carbohydrates.

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FoodServing Size (g)CaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)


American Cheese slice8.00 g30220<51400002
Bacon1.00 strip60520101900003
Bacon Cheese Slider71.00 g2201460.525690151311
Bacon Jalapeno Cheese Slider71.00 g2201460.525700151311
Bacon topping9.00 g402.510101800001
Cheese Slider67.00 g170940.51555015138
Chicken Breast Slider103.00 g330225025650201213
Chicken Ring Slider81.00 g270194.5045460161210
Double Bacon Cheese Slider130.00 g41027121551320231521
Double Bacon Jalapeno Cheese Slider130.00 g40027121551330231521
Double Cheese Slider122.00 g3001781301040241515
Double Fish Slider161.00 g580449045700251219
Double Jalapeno Cheese Slider116.00 g290178130960231515
Double Original Slider1 Serving240125120660211212
Fish Slider93.00 g320225020410181211
Jalapeno Cheese Slider64.00 g160940.51551015138
Jalapeno Cheese slice8.00 g20320<51401001
Ketchup5.00 g50000501010
Ranch Dressing14.00 g9091.5001401010
Savory Grilled Chicken Slider - Cheddar Bacon105.00 g240123050880151316
Savory Grilled Chicken Slider - Plain88.00 g18071.5040570131215
Savory Grilled Chicken Slider - Western BBQ137.00 g290132.5040820291915
Surf & Turf Slider157.00 g470328135780282319
Surf & Turf Slider w/ Cheese172.00 g53036111451060282422
The Original Slider®60.00 g14062.50.51041015137
Traditional Bun25.00 g70100012012112
Traditional Bun with Cheese33.00 g9031.50<526012124

Breakfast Sliders

Breakfast Toast Sandwich w/ Bacon Egg, Cheese1 Serving3401970190880292417
Breakfast Toast Sandwich w/ Egg, Cheese1 Serving230930170500292411
Breakfast Toast Sandwich w/ Sausage, Egg, Cheese1 Serving3802380200810292416
Breakfast slider w/ Bacon, Egg, Cheese1 Serving2101250180510131212
Breakfast slider w/ Egg, Cheese1 Serving16073017032013129
Breakfast slider w/ Hamburger, Egg1 Serving1901140.5175200121212
Breakfast slider w/ Hamburger, Egg, Cheese1 Serving2201360.5180340131213
Breakfast slider w/ Sausage, Egg, Cheese1 Serving3102280200630131215
Butter1 Serving303.52.5010300000
Cloverhill Big Texas Cinnamon Danish1 Serving4602010010420632336
French Toast Sticks1 Serving46031500410392105
Hash Round Nibblers - Medium1 Serving5604290064039404
Hash Round Nibblers - Sack1 Serving1,33010122001,52092909
Hash Round Nibblers - Small1 Serving3402560038023202
Hash Round Nibblers - Wheat Toast1 Serving140200030028244
Maple Syrup1 Serving12000000310190
Mini Donuts - Chocolate1 Serving1609600150211122
Mini Donuts - Plain1 Serving1508400160221102
Mini Donuts - Powdered Sugar1 Serving1508400160221102


BBQ Sauce -1 Container1 Serving350.50003908080
Cheese Fries - Small1 Serving4102850035035324
Cheese Sauce (Nacho)1 Serving4031003001011
Chicken Rings - 20 Rings1 Serving1,7901583103552,940472259
Chicken Rings - 3 Rings1 Serving260244.50553006009
Chicken Rings - 6 Rings1 Serving5304790105610120018
Chicken Rings - 9 Rings1 Serving79071140160910181026
Clam Strips - Medium1 Serving4103460351,25090216
Clam Strips - Sack1 Serving6205180501,870140324
Clam Strips - Small1 Serving210172.50156205018
Fat Free Honey Mustard Sauce - 1 Container1 Serving50000012013070
Fish Nibblers - Medium1 Serving5902950201,300512230
Fish Nibblers - Sack1 Serving1,10053100352,390953355
Fish Nibblers - Small1 Serving320163010700281116
French Fries - Medium1 Serving600397008557636
French Fries - Sack1 Serving81049110095818412
French Fries - Small1 Serving350215004034315
Fully Loaded Cheese Fries - Small1 Serving46038802090020234
Marinara Sauce1 Serving1500002604020
Mott's® Snack and Go Natural Applesauce Pouch1 Serving400000510180
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks - 10 Sticks1 Serving1,4701113111002,850734441
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks - 3 Sticks1 Serving440339030850221112
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks - 5 Sticks1 Serving74055150.5501,420362221
Onion Rings - Sack1 Serving6604270058062694
Onion Rings - Small1 Serving3402240031033352
Potato Bacon Chowder - Bowl1 Serving2701760251,14026145
Potato Bacon Chowder - Cup1 Serving170113.501573017133
Potato Bacon Chowder - Family1 Serving74046160703,1207141114
Ranch Chicken Rings - 20 Rings1 Serving1,7901593103602,760462360
Ranch Chicken Rings - 3 Rings1 Serving270244.50554107009
Ranch Chicken Rings - 6 Rings1 Serving5404890110820141118
Ranch Chicken Rings - 9 Rings1 Serving810711401601,300211127
Ranch Dressing - 1 Container1 Serving150172.50102101010
Seafood Cocktail Sauce1 Serving3000003007040
Seafood Sauce1 Serving3000003407030
Shrimp Nibblers - Medium1 Serving67044701301,440502219
Shrimp Nibblers - Sack1 Serving1,340901302602,9001005538
Shrimp Nibblers - Small1 Serving400284.5075820281111
Tartar Sauce - 1 Container1 Serving90810102204020
White Castle Zesty Zing Sauce1 Serving120111.50151904030


BBQ Sauce - 1 Packet1 Serving1000001303020
Fat Free Honey Mustard Sauce - 1 Packet1 Serving200000505030
Hot Sauce1 Serving500001701100
Ketchup - 1 Packet1 Serving1000001002020
Lemon Juice1 Serving5000001000
Mayonnaise1 Serving60710<5550000
Mustard1 Serving5000085<100<1
Tartar Sauce - 1 Packet1 Serving251.5000851010
half & half1 Serving151.5000150000


Apple Turnover1 Serving340224.50025031283
Fudge Dipped Brownie on a Stick1 Serving25012703595331262
Fudge Dipped Cheesecake On A Stick1 Serving180107040110211103

If you want a healthier option, you can try their White Castel Chicken Sandwich. One piece will only give you 190 calories, 8 grams of fat and 21 grams of carbohydrates. This can be good for your kids too.

They also serve drinks and beverages. Their White Castle Iced Tea which is approximately 14 ounces contains only 45 calories, no amount of fat, and just 12 grams of carbohydrates.

You can get more detailed information about all the food items in their menu list and their respective White Castle nutrition facts at their website at http://www.whitecastle.com.


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