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If you want to take control of your health, you cannot just eat any dish in Subway unless you get to know the Subway nutrition facts that you need to know. Only by doing this could you avoid food items on their menu list that are high in calories and saturated fat. They are not good for your health.

You may think that avoiding pork and beef and choosing chicken is better. That depends on how they are cooked. Chicken that is cooked using too much oil, salts and spices will have the same effect as fatty pork and steak.

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FoodServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Footlong Sandwiches

Footlong B.L.T.1.00 Sandwich640188040130086101630
Footlong Bacon Egg & Cheese183.00 g41016602401050455623
Footlong Black Forest Ham1.00 Sandwich58092050160092101636
Footlong Black Forest Ham Egg & Cheese202.00 g39013502401120455724
Footlong Breakfast B.M.T® Melt226.00 g49022802651600465828
Footlong Buffalo Chicken266.00 g4201530551100465825
Footlong Cold Cut Combo1.00 Sandwich7202480100206092101634
Footlong Egg & Cheese174.00 g360124.50230860445619
Footlong Italian B.M.T®1.00 Sandwich8203212090252092101440
Footlong Meatball Marinara1.00 Sandwich96036141601840118161642
Footlong Oven Roasted Chicken1.00 Sandwich640103090122094101646
Footlong Roast Beef1.00 Sandwich640103090132090101448
Footlong Spicy Italian1.00 Sandwich96048181100298092102440
Footlong Steak Egg & Cheese216.00 g43015502551190475728
Footlong Subway Club®1.00 Sandwich62093080170092101446
Footlong Subway Melt®1.00 Sandwich7402210090236094101646
Footlong Sunrise Subway Melt®1.00 Sandwich47017702601500485832
Footlong Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki1.00 Sandwich7409201001680118103252
Footlong Tuna1.00 Sandwich960508070120088101240
Footlong Turkey Breast1.00 Sandwich56072040156092101436
Footlong Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham1.00 Sandwich56082040158092101636
Footlong Veggie Delite®1.00 Sandwich460510056088101216

6'' Low Fat Sandwiches With 6 Grams Of Fat Or Less

6'' Black Forest Ham1.00 Sandwich2904.51025800465818
6'' Oven Roasted Chicken1.00 Sandwich32051.5045610475823
6'' Roast Beef1.00 Sandwich32051.5045660455724
6'' Subway Club®1.00 Sandwich3104.51.5040850465723
6'' Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki1.00 Sandwich3704.510508405951626
6'' Turkey Breast1.00 Sandwich2803.51020780465718
6'' Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham1.00 Sandwich28041020790465818
6'' Veggie Delite®1.00 Sandwich2302.50.50028044568

6'' Sandwiches

6'' B.L.T.1.00 Sandwich32094020650435815
6'' Big Philly Cheesesteak1.00 Sandwich5001791851280516838
6'' Buffalo Chicken with Regular Ranch Dressing1.00 Sandwich4201630551100466625
6'' Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt1.00 Sandwich57028100.5951050475835
6'' Cold Cut Combo1.00 Sandwich3601240501030465817
6'' Italian B.M.T®1.00 Sandwich4101660451260465720
6'' Meatball Marinara1.00 Sandwich4801870.530920598821
6'' Spicy Italian1.00 Sandwich4802490.55014904651220
6'' Steak & Cheese1.00 Sandwich380104.50501030485826
6'' Subway Melt®1.00 Sandwich3701150451180475823
6'' Tuna1.00 Sandwich480254035600445620

Flatbread Sandwiches

B.L.T. on Flatbread161.00 g320124.5020720412315
Big Philly Cheesesteak on Flatbread305.00 g5101991851350494537
Buffalo Chicken on Flatbread277.00 g4301830551160443524
Chicken & Bacon Ranch on Flatbread301.00 g58030100.5951120453535
Cold Cut Combo on Flatbread235.00 g360144.50451090443417
Italian B.M.T® on Flatbread235.00 g4201960451330443519
Meatball Marinara on Flatbread310.00 g4902070.530990575920
Spicy Italian on Flatbread230.00 g4902790.5551550433519
Steak & Cheese253.00 g390124.50501100463525
Subway Melt® on Flatbread248.00 g3801350451190453523
Tuna on Flatbread245.00 g490274.5035660423420

Kids Meal Sandwiches

Black Forest Ham - Kids Meal Sandwiches1.00 Sandwich1802.50.5010470303510
Roast Beef - Kids Meal Sandwiches1.00 Sandwich20031025410304514
Turkey Breast - Kids Meal Sandwiches1.00 Sandwich18020.5010460303510
Veggie Delite® - Kids Meal Sandwiches1.00 Sandwich1501.500021029346

6'' Limited Time Offer/Regional Subs

6'' Barbecue Rib Patty1.00 Sandwich430186050590475819
6'' Chicken Pizziola Melt1.00 Sandwich4601660801140496932
6'' Pastrami Melt Big Hot1.00 Sandwich58031100601330485727
6'' Subway Seafood SensationTM1.00 Sandwich410193015710505813
6'' Turkey & Bacon Avocado1.00 Sandwich390133.5030970497722
6'' Veggie Patty1.00 Sandwich39071010800568823

Chopped Salads With 6 G Of Fat Or Less

Black Forest Ham - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad11031025600124612
Double Chicken - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad2204.51.50100490104436
Oven Roasted Chicken Breast - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad1302.50.5050280104419
Roast Beef - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad1403.51045460114519
Subway Club® - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad1403.51040650124518
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Includes Sweet Onion Dressing - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad240310507203442220
Turkey Breast & Ham - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad1102.50.5020590124512
Turkey Breast - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad11020.5020580124512
Veggie Delite® - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad501000809443

Chopped Salads

B.L.T. - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad15084020450104510
Big Philly Cheesesteak - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad3301681851080175632
Buffalo Chicken Includes Ranch Dressing - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad3602640601100134620
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt Includes Ranch Dressing - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad510381211001050144730
Cold Cut Combo - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad180114045820124512
Italian B.M.T® - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad2301560451060124614
Meatball Marinara - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad3101771307202561016
Spicy Italian - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad3102391501280114615
Steak & Cheese - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad21084050830144620
Subway Melt® - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad200105045980134618
Tuna - Chopped Salad1.00 Salad310244035400104415

Salad Dressings

Chipotle Southwest Salad Dressing57.00 g260274.50205802111
Honey Mustard Salad Dressings57.00 g801000320180151
Oil & Vinegar Salad Dressings57.00 g260281.50000000
Ranch Salad Dressings57.00 g290304.51155403031
Sweet Onion Salad Dressings57.00 g1000000230240210

Egg White On 3'' Flatbreads

Bacon Egg White & Cheese1.00 Sandwich19072.5010580211111
Breakfast B.M.T® Melt1.00 Sandwich230103.5020860221214
Egg White & Cheese1.00 Sandwich17051.50<549021119
Egg White & Cheese with ham1.00 Sandwich18052010620221112
Mega Melt1.00 Sandwich260124.5025840221116
Sausage Egg White & Cheese1.00 Sandwich240104020740221114
Steak Egg White & Cheese1.00 Sandwich19062015620221113
Sunrise Subway Melt®1.00 Sandwich22083020840231216

Regular Egg On 3'' Flatbreads

Bacon Egg & Cheese - Regular Egg on 3'' Flatbreads1.00 Sandwich21093.50120560211211
Breakfast B.M.T® Melt - Regular Egg on 3'' Flatbreads1.00 Sandwich2501240130830221314
Egg & Cheese - Regular Egg on 3'' Flatbreads1.00 Sandwich19072.5011546021129
Egg & Cheese with ham - Regular Egg on 3'' Flatbreads1.00 Sandwich20082.50120590221212
Mega Melt - Regular Egg on 3'' Flatbreads1.00 Sandwich3301460135810221216
Sausage Egg & Cheese - Regular Egg on 3'' Flatbreads1.00 Sandwich310134.50130720221214
Steak Egg & Cheese - Regular Egg on 3'' Flatbreads1.00 Sandwich210830125590221213
Sunrise Subway Melt® - Regular Egg on 3'' Flatbreads1.00 Sandwich240103.50130810231316

6'' Omelet Sandwich (With Egg White)

6'' Bacon Egg White & Cheese1.00 Sandwich370114.50201090454523
6'' Breakfast B.M.T® Melt1.00 Sandwich4601770451650485729
6'' Egg White & Cheese1.00 Sandwich32083010910444519
6'' Egg White & Cheese with Ham1.00 Sandwich35093.50251170454624
6'' Mega Melt1.00 Sandwich5102290551610464632
6'' Sausage Egg White & Cheese1.00 Sandwich4601970451430454529
6'' Steak Egg White & Cheese1.00 Sandwich3901040351240474628
6'' Sunrise Subway Melt1.00 Sandwich4301350451610484732

6'' Omelet Sandwich (With Regular Egg)

6'' Bacon Egg & Cheese1.00 Sandwich41016602401050455623
6'' Breakfast B.M.T® Melt with Regular Egg1.00 Sandwich50022802651610475929
6'' Egg & Cheese with Ham1.00 Sandwich39013502401120455724
6'' Egg & Cheese with Regular Egg1.00 Sandwich360124.50230860445619
6'' Mega Melt with Regular Egg1.00 Sandwich550271002751560465732
6'' Sausage Egg & Cheese with Regular Egg1.00 Sandwich50023902651380455729
6'' Steak Egg & Cheese with Regular Egg1.00 Sandwich43015502551190475728
6'' Sunrise Subway Melt with Regular Egg1.00 Sandwich47017702601560485832

Omelet On 6'' Flatbread (With Egg White)

Bacon Egg White & Cheese on 6'' Flatbread1.00 Sandwich3801350201270432222
Breakfast B.M.T® Melt on 6'' Flatbread - Egg White1.00 Sandwich4702070451830452428
Egg White & Cheese on 6'' Flatbread1.00 Sandwich330103.5010970422219
Egg White & Cheese with ham on 6'' Flatbread1.00 Sandwich360113.50251340432323
Mega Melt on 6'' Flatbread - Egg White1.00 Sandwich6202490601790442332
Sausage Egg White & Cheese on 6'' Flatbread1.00 Sandwich5702180451600432228
Steak Egg White & Cheese on 6'' Flatbread1.00 Sandwich400124.50351450452328
Sunrise Subway Melt® on 6'' Flatbread - Egg White1.00 Sandwich4401560451780462431

Breakfast Side

Hash Browns102.00 g210102.50061028302

8'' Pizza

Cheese & Veggies Pizza1.00 Pizza740251105012701005936
Cheese Pizza1.00 Pizza6802290401070964732
Pepperoni Pizza1.00 Pizza79032130601350964838
Sausage Pizza1.00 Pizza82034140701420974839


9-Grain Wheat Bread78.00 g21020.50027040458
Flatbread87.00 g2204.510034038227
Hearty Italian Bread75.00 g2102.50.50027041257
Honey Oat Bread89.00 g26030.50029048599
Italian Herbs & Cheese Bread82.00 g25052.501047040259
Italian White Bread71.00 g20020.50027038157
Mini Italian Bread47.00 g1301.50.50018025135
Mini Wheat Bread52.00 g1401.50.50018027335
Monterey Cheddar Bread82.00 g24062.5010340382510
Parmesan Oregano Bread75.00 g2202.510042040258
Roasted Garlic Breads82.00 g2302.50.500124045278
Wrap103.00 g31082.50061051108


Bacon (2 strips)9.00 g453.51.50101900003
Balsamic Vinaigrette Low Fat21.00 g2500002106040
Buffalo Sauce14.00 g500004101000
Chipotle Southwest Sauce21.00 g100101.50102201000
Honey Mustard Sauce Fat Free21.00 g3000001207060
Light Mayonnaise15.00 g50510<5100<1000
Mayonnaise15.00 g110122010800000
Mustard yellow or deli brown10.00 g50000115<1000
Olive Oil Blend5.00 g45500000000
Pepperoni 3 slices17.70 g8072.50154001014
Ranch Dressing21.00 g110111.50<52001010
Red Wine Vinaigrette Fat Free21.00 g3000003406030
Sweet Onion Sauce Fat Free21.00 g400000859080


Avocado35.00 g60510053200
Banana Peppers4.00 g00000600000
Cucumbers17.00 g000000<1000
Jalapeno Peppers4.00 g00000700000
Lettuce21.00 g0000000000
Olives3.00 g00000250000
Onions7.00 g0000001000
Pickles9.00 g000001150000
Spinach7.00 g00000150000
Tomatoes34.00 g5000002000


American Processed Cheese11.00 g403.520102001002
Monterey Cheddar Shredded14.00 g504.53015901003
Mozzarella Shredded14.00 g40320101000003
Natural Cheddar Cheese15.00 g60530151000004
Pepperjack Cheese14.00 g5042.50151400003
Provolone Cheese14.00 g50420101250004
Swiss Cheese14.00 g504.52.5015300004


Chicken Patty Roasted71.00 g902.50.502533040215
Chicken Strips71.00 g801.50.505021000016
Chicken Strips Teriyaki Glazed85.00 g10020.505040050216
Cold Cut Combo Meats71.00 g140113.505083020110
Egg Patty (regular)85.00 g1107202203803119
Egg White Patty85.00 g7020.5004303009
Ham57.00 g6020.50255202029
Italian B.M.T® Meats64.00 g18014504599020211
Meatballs139.00 g2601660.530640163613
Roast Beef71.00 g902.5104539010116
Sausage Breakfast57.00 g140114.503552010110
Seafood Sensation71.00 g190162.50154307015
Steak (no cheese)71.00 g11041.504055040115
Subway Club® Meats78.00 g902.5104057020115
Tuna71.00 g26024403531000010
Turkey Breast57.00 g50100205002019
Veggie Patty85.00 g16050.5010520123215

Cookies & Desserts

Apple Slices71.00 g35000009270
Birthday Berry Cookie45.00 g2008401013032<1192
Chocolate Chip Cookie45.00 g220105015130301182
Chocolate Chunk Cookie45.00 g22010501010030<1172
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie45.00 g21095015130301202
Gingerbread45.00 g2007301514032<1172
M & M Cookie45.00 g21010501510032<1182
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie45.00 g20084015130301163
Peanut Butter Cookie45.00 g220125010130261164
Raspberry Cheesecake45.00 g20094.5015120290162
Sugar Cookie45.00 g22012601513028<1142
White Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie45.00 g22011501513029<1182
Yogurt Parfait170.00 g1902.5001011537<1280


Baked Lays®32.00 g130200020023222
Baked Lays® Sour Cream & Onion32.00 g1403.50.50024024233
Chips57.00 g340224.503594036397
Doritos Nacho50.00 g250132.50<531030224
Lays® Classic43.00 g230151.50027023203
Sunchips Harvest Cheddar43.00 g21091.50024029334


Bottled Juice/Drink15.00 oz3000000160680640
Coca Cola®21.00 oz260000015710710
Diet Coke®21.00 oz00000250000
FUZE Brewed Black Tea Lemon Sweet21.00 oz17000000430430
FUZE Brewed Green Tea Sweet21.00 oz14000000370360
FUZE Brewed Raspberry Tea Sweet21.00 oz15000000580580
FUZE Brewed Sweet Tea21.00 oz17000000440440
FUZE Brewed Tea Unsweetened21.00 oz0000001000
Fountain Drink Diet/Unsweetened Tea - 16 oz16.00 oz100000600000
Fountain Drink Diet/Unsweetened Tea - 21 oz21.00 oz150000800000
Fountain Drink Diet/Unsweetened Tea - 30 oz30.00 oz250000600000
Fountain Drink Diet/Unsweetened Tea - 40 oz40.00 oz3000001000000
Fountain Drink/Sweetened Tea Regular - 16 oz16.00 oz2400000110660660
Fountain Drink/Sweetened Tea Regular - 21 oz21.00 oz3200000140870870
Fountain Drink/Sweetened Tea Regular - 30 oz30.00 oz460000020012001200
Fountain Drink/Sweetened Tea Regular - 40 oz40.00 oz620000026016001600
Juice Box6.00 oz100000015240210
Milk Chocolate Flavored Reduced Fat12.00 oz3008503530043<14315
Milk Low Fat12.00 oz1603.52.50201801901712
Milk Strawberry Flavored Reduced Fat12.00 oz30074.50352204404215
Minute Maid® Light Lemonade21.00 oz150000153030
Sprite®21.00 oz260000060680680

Soup - 8 Oz Bowl

Beef Chili8.00 oz35024101.580730174715
Chicken & Dumpling Soup8.00 oz1504.5203574020338
Chicken Noodle Soup8.00 oz10010.5015720121110
Clam Chowder8.00 oz2001170.53085020235
Creamy Broccoli & Cheese Soup8.00 oz15074.50.52571015165
Creamy Wild and Brown Rice Soup8.00 oz1801040.53582016246
Green Chili and Tomato Soup8.00 oz9020.50<568014352
Loaded Baked Potato Soup8.00 oz2201160.54084023247
Minestrone Soup8.00 oz9010.50<574017544
Poblano Corn Chowder8.00 oz150740.52056018275
Vegetable Beef Soup8.00 oz9020.50<573015334

Thankfully, Subway has food items that are nutritionally good. Take their 6 inches Roast Beef for example. It contains only 290 calories, 4.5 grams of total fat, 20 milligrams of cholesterol and 680 milligrams of sodium.

Kid’s meals are even better because their 4 inches Black Forest Ham contains only 180 calories, 2.5 grams of total fat, 5 milligrams of cholesterol and 400 milligrams of sodium. You can certainly let your kids eat this meal without risking their health. If you want to know more about Subway nutrition facts and how you can order their food items, just visit their website at

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