Smoothie King Nutrition

Knowing the proper Smoothie King nutrition facts will be very useful especially if you are fond of drinking their specially prepared beverages. If you possess this very important knowledge, you will naturally choose beverages which are low in calories and fat whether it is a Gladiator or a Green Tea Tango.

Drinking smoothies may seem to be unhealthy because we assume that they have too much sugar. But being a healthy or an unhealthy drink also depends on the amount of calories and fat it contains. If the smoothies are not loaded with too much of these substances, you can still drink them for they will not endanger your health.

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FoodServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Nutritional Smoothie Meals

Banana Boat 20 oz20.00 oz480462032010167712
Banana Boat 32 oz32.00 oz7206930480152911618
Banana Boat 40 oz40.00 oz950812406402021215424
Gladiator varies with Fruit Choice 20 oz20.00 oz18000015010045
Gladiator varies with Fruit Choice 32 oz32.00 oz27000023020045
Gladiator varies with Fruit Choice 40 oz40.00 oz36000030020045
Green Tea Tango varies with Fruit Choice 20 oz20.00 oz28032151905224012
Green Tea Tango varies with Fruit Choice 32 oz32.00 oz4204.53252907836018
Green Tea Tango varies with Fruit Choice 40 oz40.00 oz560643038010448024
High Protein Smoothie - Almond Mocha 20 oz20.00 oz37091502004223730
High Protein Smoothie - Almond Mocha 32 oz32.00 oz550141.5752906335645
High Protein Smoothie - Almond Mocha 40 oz40.00 oz7301821003908447460
High Protein Smoothie - Banana 20 oz20.00 oz32091453003242327
High Protein Smoothie - Banana 32 oz32.00 oz480141.5704504863541
High Protein Smoothie - Banana 40 oz40.00 oz640182905906484654
High Protein Smoothie - Chocolate 20 oz20.00 oz37091501904223730
High Protein Smoothie - Chocolate 32 oz32.00 oz550141.5752906335645
High Protein Smoothie - Chocolate 40 oz40.00 oz7301821003908447460
High Protein Smoothie - Lemon 20 oz20.00 oz37091453004414026
High Protein Smoothie - Lemon 32 oz32.00 oz560141.5704506626039
High Protein Smoothie - Lemon 40 oz40.00 oz740182905908828052
High Protein Smoothie - Pineapple 20 oz20.00 oz31091453202922327
High Protein Smoothie - Pineapple 32 oz32.00 oz470141.5704704433541
High Protein Smoothie - Pineapple 40 oz40.00 oz630182906305844654
Lean1 Smoothie - Chocolate 20 oz20.00 oz290101<53202871822
Lean1 Smoothie - Chocolate 32 oz32.00 oz440151.5<548042112733
Lean1 Smoothie - Chocolate 40 oz40.00 oz590202563056143644
Lean1 Smoothie - Strawberry 20 oz20.00 oz28061<53203552820
Lean1 Smoothie - Strawberry 32 oz32.00 oz41091.5<54805384230
Lean1 Smoothie - Strawberry 40 oz40.00 oz550122563070105640
Lean1 Smoothie - Vanilla 20 oz20.00 oz27091<53202651722
Lean1 Smoothie - Vanilla 32 oz32.00 oz410141.5<54803982633
Lean1 Smoothie - Vanilla 40 oz40.00 oz540182563052103444
Peanut Power Plus Chocolate 20 oz20.00 oz700263254909866324
Peanut Power Plus Chocolate 32 oz32.00 oz1050394.54074014799536
Peanut Power Plus Chocolate 40 oz40.00 oz1400526509801961212648
Peanut Power Plus Strawberry 20 oz20.00 oz680213018011299415
Peanut Power Plus Strawberry 32 oz32.00 oz1020324.502701681414123
Peanut Power Plus Strawberry 40 oz40.00 oz1360426<53602241818830
Power Punch Plus 20 oz20.00 oz4501010609768611
Power Punch Plus 32 oz32.00 oz6701.501590146912917
Power Punch Plus 40 oz40.00 oz90020201201941217222
Slim-N-Trim - Chocolate 20 oz20.00 oz30020401705734815
Slim-N-Trim - Chocolate 32 oz32.00 oz45030602508657223
Slim-N-Trim - Chocolate 40 oz40.00 oz590408033011469630
Slim-N-Trim - Strawberry 20 oz20.00 oz3801010260845728
Slim-N-Trim - Strawberry 32 oz32.00 oz5601.5015390126810812
Slim-N-Trim - Strawberry 40 oz40.00 oz75020205201681014416
Slim-N-Trim - Vanilla 20 oz20.00 oz2501010260533427
Slim-N-Trim - Vanilla 32 oz32.00 oz3801.50153908056311
Slim-N-Trim - Vanilla 40 oz40.00 oz510202052010668414
Slim-N-Trim -Orange-Vanilla 20 oz20.00 oz2101010260460367
Slim-N-Trim -Orange-Vanilla 32 oz32.00 oz3101.50153906905411
Slim-N-Trim -Orange-Vanilla 40 oz40.00 oz42020205209207214
The Activator - Chocolate 20 oz20.00 oz34010101206755519
The Activator - Chocolate 32 oz32.00 oz5101.501518010188329
The Activator - Chocolate 40 oz40.00 oz68020202401341011038
The Activator - Strawberry 20 oz20.00 oz49010521010588919
The Activator - Strawberry 32 oz32.00 oz7401.50103101581213429
The Activator - Strawberry 40 oz40.00 oz99020154202101617838
The Activator - Vanilla 20 oz20.00 oz3401052106755418
The Activator - Vanilla 32 oz32.00 oz5101.501031010188127
The Activator - Vanilla 40 oz40.00 oz69020154201341010836
The Hulk - Chocolate 20 oz20.00 oz80031128526010869024
The Hulk - Chocolate 32 oz32.00 oz12004718125390162913536
The Hulk - Chocolate 40 oz40.00 oz160062241705302161218048
The Hulk - Strawberry 20 oz20.00 oz960321385290145812525
The Hulk - Strawberry 32 oz32.00 oz145048201304302181218838
The Hulk - Strawberry 40 oz40.00 oz193064261755802901625050
The Hulk - Vanilla 20 oz20.00 oz80032139026010558823
The Hulk - Vanilla 32 oz32.00 oz12004820135390158813235
The Hulk - Vanilla 40 oz40.00 oz160064261805202101017646
The Shredder - Chocolate 20 oz20.00 oz31030453203611939
The Shredder - Chocolate 32 oz32.00 oz4704.50704705422959
The Shredder - Chocolate 40 oz40.00 oz62060906307223878
The Shredder - Strawberry 20 oz20.00 oz36010103305634130
The Shredder - Strawberry 32 oz32.00 oz5301.50154908456245
The Shredder - Strawberry 40 oz40.00 oz710202066011268260
The Shredder - Vanilla 20 oz20.00 oz28020205903001236
The Shredder - Vanilla 32 oz32.00 oz42030358904501854
The Shredder - Vanilla 40 oz40.00 oz570404511806002472
Yogurt Delight varies with Fruit Choice 20 oz20.00 oz28042203804603413
Yogurt Delight varies with Fruit Choice 32 oz32.00 oz41063355606905120
Yogurt Delight varies with Fruit Choice 40 oz40.00 oz55084457509206826

Refreshing Fruit Smoothies

Angel Food 20 oz20.00 oz35000050846754
Angel Food 32 oz32.00 oz5300007512691136
Angel Food 40 oz40.00 oz71000<5100168121508
Banana Berry Treat 20 oz20.00 oz360005130865754
Banana Berry Treat 32 oz32.00 oz550001019012981136
Banana Berry Treat 40 oz40.00 oz7300010260172101508
Berry Punch 20 oz20.00 oz36000095914840
Berry Punch 32 oz32.00 oz54000014013761260
Berry Punch 40 oz40.00 oz72000019018281680
Blueberry Heaven 20 oz20.00 oz3301010260732647
Blueberry Heaven 32 oz32.00 oz4901.501539011039611
Blueberry Heaven 40 oz40.00 oz6502020520146412814
Caribbean Way 20 oz20.00 oz4000000976891
Caribbean Way 32 oz32.00 oz590000514691342
Caribbean Way 40 oz40.00 oz79000010194121782
Fruit Fusion 20 oz20.00 oz3601010300760669
Fruit Fusion 32 oz32.00 oz5301.502045011409914
Fruit Fusion 40 oz40.00 oz7102025600152013218
Immune Builder 20 oz20.00 oz38010055896775
Immune Builder 32 oz32.00 oz5701.5008513491168
Immune Builder 40 oz40.00 oz7602001151781215410
Island Impact 20 oz20.00 oz310105140731653
Island Impact 32 oz32.00 oz4701.50102101102985
Island Impact 40 oz40.00 oz620201028014621306
Light & Fluffy 20 oz20.00 oz4000000996891
Light & Fluffy 32 oz32.00 oz590000014991342
Light & Fluffy 40 oz40.00 oz7900000198121782
Mangofest 20 oz20.00 oz29000010721690
Mangofest 32 oz32.00 oz4300001510821040
Mangofest 40 oz40.00 oz5700002014421380
Mangosteen Madness 20 oz20.00 oz38000030942921
Mangosteen Madness 32 oz32.00 oz5700004514131382
Mangosteen Madness 40 oz40.00 oz7700006018841842
Passion Passport 20 oz20.00 oz40000015962931
Passion Passport 32 oz32.00 oz5900002014431402
Passion Passport 40 oz40.00 oz7900002519241862
Pomegranate Punch 20 oz20.00 oz4000000951930
Pomegranate Punch 32 oz32.00 oz590000014321400
Pomegranate Punch 40 oz40.00 oz790000019021860
Strawberry Kiwi Breeze 20 oz20.00 oz380005130903844
Strawberry Kiwi Breeze 32 oz32.00 oz560001020013551266
Strawberry Kiwi Breeze 40 oz40.00 oz750001026018061688
Strawberry X-Treme 20 oz20.00 oz32000010826761
Strawberry X-Treme 32 oz32.00 oz4800001512391142
Strawberry X-Treme 40 oz40.00 oz64000020164121522

Local Selections

Acai Adventure 20 oz20.00 oz440515160924755
Acai Adventure 32 oz32.00 oz65081.51024013861138
Acai Adventure 40 oz40.00 oz87010210330184815010
Celestial Cherry High 20 oz20.00 oz26000010643551
Celestial Cherry High 32 oz32.00 oz39000015965832
Celestial Cherry High 40 oz40.00 oz5100002012861102
Cherry Picker 20 oz20.00 oz270105240662544
Cherry Picker 32 oz32.00 oz4101.5010360993816
Cherry Picker 40 oz40.00 oz550201047013241088
Coconut Surprise 20 oz20.00 oz46076<5150903837
Coconut Surprise 32 oz32.00 oz690119<5220135512511
Coconut Surprise 40 oz40.00 oz92014125290180616614
Hearty Apple 20 oz20.00 oz4101015270862759
Hearty Apple 32 oz32.00 oz6101.5025410129311314
Hearty Apple 40 oz40.00 oz8102030540172415018
Lemon Twist Strawberry 20 oz20.00 oz40000010973941
Lemon Twist Strawberry 32 oz32.00 oz6000001514651412
Lemon Twist Strawberry 40 oz40.00 oz8000002019461882
Muscle Punch 20 oz20.00 oz36010050846755
Muscle Punch 32 oz32.00 oz5501.5007512691138
Muscle Punch 40 oz40.00 oz73020<51001681215010
Orange Ka-BAM 20 oz20.00 oz47000019011731081
Orange Ka-BAM 32 oz32.00 oz70000029017651622
Orange Ka-BAM 40 oz40.00 oz93000038023462162
Peach Slice Plus 20 oz20.00 oz40000065944904
Peach Slice Plus 32 oz32.00 oz60000010014161356
Peach Slice Plus 40 oz40.00 oz80000<513018881808
Pep Upper 20 oz20.00 oz410005130973854
Pep Upper 32 oz32.00 oz620001020014651286
Pep Upper 40 oz40.00 oz820001026019461708
Pina Colada Island 20 oz20.00 oz6001081544011039813
Pina Colada Island 32 oz32.00 oz900151220660165514720
Pina Colada Island 40 oz40.00 oz1200201630880220619626
Pineapple Pleasure 20 oz20.00 oz28000025673621
Pineapple Pleasure 32 oz32.00 oz420000401015932
Pineapple Pleasure 40 oz40.00 oz5600005013461242
Pineapple Surf 20 oz20.00 oz46010102801044927
Pineapple Surf 32 oz32.00 oz6901.5015420156613811
Pineapple Surf 40 oz40.00 oz9202020560208818414
Raspberry Collider 20 oz20.00 oz340000100864741
Raspberry Collider 32 oz32.00 oz51000015012961112
Raspberry Collider 40 oz40.00 oz68000020017281482
Raspberry Sunrise 20 oz20.00 oz33000020792732
Raspberry Sunrise 32 oz32.00 oz4900003511931103
Raspberry Sunrise 40 oz40.00 oz6600004515841464
Super Punch Plus 20 oz20.00 oz4000001901006901
Super Punch Plus 32 oz32.00 oz59000029015091352
Super Punch Plus 40 oz40.00 oz790000390200121802

Kids Cups

Berry Interesting 20 oz20.00 oz26000010653581
Berry Interesting 32 oz32.00 oz39000015985872
Berry Interesting 40 oz40.00 oz5200002013061162
CW Jr. 20 oz20.00 oz2600000645551
CW Jr. 32 oz32.00 oz3800000968832
CW Jr. 40 oz40.00 oz5100005128101102
Choc-A-Laka 20 oz20.00 oz21012352603211513
Choc-A-Laka 32 oz32.00 oz3201.53503804822320
Choc-A-Laka 40 oz40.00 oz42024705106423026
Lil' Angel 20 oz20.00 oz2100005525431
Lil' Angel 32 oz32.00 oz32000010788652
Lil' Angel 40 oz40.00 oz4200001510410862

Let us take their Gladiator smoothie as an example. You can order this smoothie with the fruit of your choice. It will give you only 180 calories, zero amount of saturated fat and just 150 milligrams of sodium.

High Protein Smoothie with Banana is another drink that you may want to try. But it has higher amounts of calories, at 320, 9 grams of saturated fat and 300 milligrams of sodium. So, you can only drink this smoothie once in a while if you’re watching your weight. For a list of their menu, and for their respective Smoothie King nutrition facts, just check their website at

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