The Skinny Guide to Ordering Fast Food

She lines up at the local fast food chain in front of you. She seems to be about a size 0 or 2. The skinny girl you wish you were orders a burger and fries to go with it. You can’t help but flinch because you were lining up for a salad with no dressing. You can’t help but hate skinny girls sometimes, especially when you see them eating fattening food.

Most people think that a trip to their local fast food chain is detrimental to their figures. This is far from the truth. If you have ever envied a friend’s slim physique, you might wonder why this person can afford to eat out without gaining weight. Here is a guide that will allow you to indulge without turning into a ravenous whale.

Understand The Importance of Portioning

Portions are what separates obese people from average-sized individuals. Oh, I ordered a large burger with fries. Promise. That’s all I had. This is where many of us go wrong. We think that since we only had two variants, we are fine. We fail to consider that size does matter in this case. So when you eat out, you might want to eat more than two variants. Go right ahead, as long as you order smaller servings.

If you go to a restaurant that has one set portion size, you might want to share with a friend. This will allow you to enjoy smaller portions without having to run an extra mile in the morning out of guilt.

Start With A Salad

saladsSalads are important, as they contain vitamins that you need to thrive and they help you curb your urge to binge as well. At least half of your meal should be vegetables. If you start with a salad, you can enjoy a filling meal that incorporates smaller servings of your favorites without having to suffer from hunger pangs. Here are a few of our favorites from various fast food chains.

  • Boston Market’s Caesar Salad
    With just 440 calories of healthy goodness, it contains 30 grams of protein and no trans fat.
  • Burger King’s Chicken Apple & Cranberry Garden Fresh Salad with TENDERGRILL and Dressing
    A tangy treat at only 450 calories. This tasty salad has 28 grams of protein and no trans fat.

You Must Have Some Soup

Soup is filling and is great if you want comfort food. If you don’t want to eat a salad, you should have some soup to help you fight away the urge to binge. Most nutritionists say that having a soup before a meal is the best way to sabotage any unconscious plan to binge. So before you order a large burger and fries, please have a bit of soup. Wait a few minutes after to allow it to settle, and we guarantee that you will feel like having smaller portions instead. Here are our favorite soup options.

Ditch The Bun

Burgers are sinfully delicious. However, please note that portions matter. You can always eat the patty on its own, with the condiments of course. However, please don’t eat the bun if you don’t plan to work out later. Eating carbohydrates without exercise can cause a spike in blood sugar levels, which you do not need if you do not plan to work it off in the next few hours.

Do Not Deprive Yourself

Each time you deprive yourself, you increase your cravings. Thus, depriving yourself of the “good stiff” is actually a surefire way to pack on the pounds once you throw caution to the wind and binge. Therefore, condition your palate. Let it have what it craves, in small portions of course. This will allow you to go about your day without subconsciously planning to sabotage your diet.

Eating out is a fun experience. It allows you to enjoy different types of food without having to deal with the aftermath, like washing dishes, pots, pans and cutlery. You can eat out everyday without having to worry about gaining weight, as long as you learn how to practice self-control.

Please note that our weight is also genetically predisposed. Thus, it would be impossible for a person with a large bone structure to fit into petite clothing. Before you begin your diet, make sure you understand that you can lose weight, but you will never be able to change your structure.

Body dysmorphic disorder is a condition that is hard to treat. Therefore, you should have realistic goals, with regard to losing weight. Once you learn to understand your limits and love yourself, you will be far happier.

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