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Shake Shack makes no bones about their food not being exactly a dieter’s delight but neither are they admitting that all of the food items on their menu will make you obese or give you a heart attack overnight. In fact, having come out with a set of Shake Shack nutrition facts was appreciated by customers even if it can be startling to find out that their popular ‘Shroom Burger has even more calories than a Big Mac.

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FoodServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)


'Shroom Burger1.00 serving4903091110930397918
Bacon1.00 serving70520102800005
Double Cheeseburger1.00 serving710432021751400253954
Double Hamburger1.00 serving57031122145720253746
Double ShackBurger®1.00 serving7705020218514902531054
Double SmokeShack®1.00 serving850562321951900263956
Lettuce1.00 serving0000000000
Onion1.00 serving5000001010
Pickle1.00 serving000001201000
Shock Stack®1.00 serving7705018219514804071041
Single Cheeseburger1.00 serving4302311190800253830
Single Hamburger1.00 serving360177175460253726
Single SmokeShack®1.00 serving5803614111015002641134
Tomato1.00 serving0000001000

Flat Top Dogs

Add Cheese Sauce1.00 serving901050301501003
Add Dapper Dog Style1.00 serving25021703524012115
Add Rick's Picks Shock Relish1.00 serving50000452020
Add Shack-cago® Dog Style1.00 serving1500002404030
Chicken Dog1.00 serving3001130100970324920
Plain Dog1.00 serving300155040700274716


Cheese Fries1.00 serving69041130701100646012
Regular Fries1.00 serving4702330068061606


Black & White Shake1.00 serving760432602004908217415
Caramel Shake1.00 serving750382302054909108414
Chocolate Shake1.00 serving740462702504207536115
Fair Shake1.00 serving650332101904807206514
Peanut Butter Shake1.00 serving870522401906808116921
Strawberry Shake1.00 serving660332101904807617014
Vanilla Shake1.00 serving640342101904807106614
Vitamin Creamsicle Shake1.00 serving660332101904807606514


Creamsicle Float1.00 serving51018110105270860836
Purple Cow Float1.00 serving51018110105270850826
Root Beer Float1.00 serving51018110105270860736

Cups & Cones

Cone1.00 serving250000155000
Double Chocolate Cup1.00 serving51032190180290532439
Double Vanilla Cup1.00 serving45023150140340510479
Single Chocolate Cup1.00 serving2601610090140271214
Single Vanilla Cup1.00 serving220127070170260244


Abita Root Beer Bottle1.00 bottle180000015480380
Abita Root Beer Large1.00 large size270000025720570
Abita Root Beer Regular1.00 regular size180000015480380
Coke Large1.00 large size220000020610610
Coke Regular1.00 regular size150000015400400
Coke Zero Large1.00 large size00000100000
Coke Zero Regular1.00 regular size0000050000
Diet Coke Large1.00 large size00000100000
Diet Coke Regular1.00 regular size0000050000
Dr. Pepper Large1.00 large size210000070590590
Dr. Pepper Regular1.00 regular size140000045390390
Fanta Grape Large1.00 large size260000020700700
Fanta Grape Regular1.00 regular size180000015470470
Fanta Orange Large1.00 large size270000020720720
Fanta Orange Regular1.00 regular size180000015480480
Fifty-Fifty Large1.00 large size12000000300290
Fifty-Fifty Regular1.00 regular size8000000200190
Malted Hot Chocolate1.00 serving39024150130230381349
Shack-made Lemonade Large1.00 large size240000010600590
Shack-made Lemonade Regular1.00 regular size16000005410390
Sprite Large1.00 large size220000050560500
Sprite Regular1.00 regular size150000035370330

Beer & Wines

Brooklyn Brewery ShackMeister Ale1.00 serving190000000000
Frog's Leap Merlot1.00 serving130000000000
Frog's Leap Sauvignon Blanc1.00 serving120000000000

Give Some Shack

Mast Brothers Chocolate Bar1.00 serving42030180<515338185

Concretes & Mix-Ins

Almonds0.50 concrete serving80710003213
Amarena Cherries0.50 concrete serving4500001510070
Bananas0.50 concrete serving15000004121
Belgian Waffles0.50 concrete serving70510<5705011
Cannoli Sheel0.50 concrete serving70420006001
Caramel Cocoa Nibs0.50 concrete serving5021001507101
Caramel Sauce0.50 concrete serving70310100120110
Cheesecake Blondie0.50 concrete serving6032015307051
Chocolate Covered Pretzels0.50 concrete serving7042007010161
Chocolate Fudge Brownie0.50 concrete serving402101556151
Chocolate Toffee0.50 concrete serving7043010508071
Chocolate Truffle Cookie Dough0.50 concrete serving4532015156141
Cinnamon Fudge Sauce0.50 concrete serving7063010156151
Cinnamon Sugar0.50 concrete serving10000002020
Cocoa Powder0.50 concrete serving4532001252514
Coffee Caramel Sauce0.50 concrete serving602101015110100
Crepe Crispies0.50 concrete serving60410005141
Crispy Crunchies0.50 concrete serving500000150120112
Doughnut Plant Donuts0.50 concrete serving603100558011
Early Bird Granola0.50 concrete serving705100406131
Fudge Sauce0.50 concrete serving60420<5255040
Guittard Chocolate Sprinkles0.50 concrete serving7022000130110
Guittard Milk Chocolate0.50 concrete serving80630<5157171
Half Concreation Foundation Chocolate0.50 concrete serving32020120115180342276
Half Concreation Foundation Vanilla0.50 concrete serving2801510090220320306
Hazelnut Brown Butter Streusel0.50 concrete serving703201008131
Lemon Ricotta0.50 concrete serving4021010104032
Malt0.50 concrete serving60110<57010072
Marshmallow Sauce0.50 concrete serving451000510080
Mast Brothers Cocoa Nibs0.50 concrete serving90850004302
Mast Brothers Shake Shack Blend Chocolate0.50 concrete serving80640007241
Minted Marshmallow Sauce0.50 concrete serving25000006050
Peanut Butter Sauce0.50 concrete serving160132001407135
Philly-style Soft Pretzel0.50 concrete serving7000006015002
Rainbow Sprinkles0.50 concrete serving7022000130110
Regular Concreation Foundation Chocolate0.50 concrete serving640402402253606735311
Regular Concreation Foundation Vanilla0.50 concrete serving560291901754306405911
Salted Peanuts0.50 concrete serving9071001153114
Sea Salt0.50 concrete serving000002000000
Strawberry Preserves0.50 concrete serving350000010050
Strawberry Puree0.50 concrete serving5000001010
Sugar Monkey Key Lime Pie0.50 concrete serving4521010257061
The Redhead's Bacon Peanut Brittle0.50 concrete serving8061001505133
Valrhona Chocolate Crunchies0.50 concrete serving705300257261
Valrhona Chocolate Pearls0.50 concrete serving805300157171
Walnuts0.50 concrete serving100910002112
Whipped Cream0.50 concrete serving404301551010

Like a vast majority of fast food restaurants, the food items on Shake Shack are variable. Some will be low calorie but high on sodium and, still others will have fats but no additives or artificial anything like the beef – Angus – used for their burger patties that are without antibiotics or genetically-modified hormones. Here are some helpful tips you can use to make wiser food choices at Shake Shack that are not necessarily going to kill you with calories:

  • Burgers: if you go for the hamburger single, you get tomato, onion, and lettuce only for 375 calories.
  • Frozen custard: ditch the cone and ask for a single scoop of vanilla ice cream. That’s just 240 calories even with a topping of fresh fruit.
  • Flat-Top Dogs: order the nitrate-free Shack-cago Dog sans the relish, celery salt or pickles for 290 calories or the Bird Dog with tomato, onion, and lettuce at only 250 calories.

To prevent major caloric disasters for your diet and for more Shake Shack nutrition information, visit their website at

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