Secret Addictions to Fast Food Chains Finally Revealed

There’s more to your weekly fast food fix than you know. This is because we are simply hooked to a Big Mac, or a tub of fries, or layers and layers of pastrami and ham. But did you ever wonder why it’s so addicting?

Addiction, or a compulsion to do something repeatedly, gives our brains a weird type of satisfaction. When we are addicted, we become compulsive and we engage in weird behavior that disrupts our daily routine. Addiction usually has a negative impact, because our attitudes change and the compulsion build up inside and makes us do things which our out of the ordinary – and most of the time, it isn’t healthy.

What’s Up with Fast Food Anyway?

Food addictionWe all know what fast food is, and we all know the routine. We line up for a couple of minutes at McDonlad’s and viola! The 1500 calorie Big Mac meal with large fries and a large drink is waiting to be gorged by you. Or you can drive through Carl’s Jr., and order a large milkshake with a large tub of onion rings. By the time you take the turn, your 1800 calorie take out is wrapped nicely in a paper bag. On a lazy Friday night, call Domino’s and get your extra mozzarella on pepperoni pizza in 15 minutes.

We are in the age of fast food, fast service, and instant gratification. And we get our fix.

Healthy addictions?

Since the birth of the fast food in the 50s, fast food has changed the way we live. People are getting more aware of healthy meal planning, and low fat and low sodium munching that fast foods are getting into this changing trend. That is why there are fast foods now that offer a different menu philosophy – responsible and health conscious fast service cuisine.

Establishments like Chik-Fil-A and Chipotle are now using fresh meat instead of processed meat. They are now getting meat from sources which are antibioitic-free and organic. Most health-conscious joints are grilling and not frying. You can even get the calorie count.

The secret’s out!

Now, consumers are starting to turn the other cheek when it comes to fast food. They are now starting to realize how healthy food can also be served quickly and conveniently without sacrificing the customer’s cholesterol levels. There is, at present, a new wave of healthy eaters who are looking for a meal that can be flavorful, cheap and fresh.

This is what drives people to the fast food. There is actually a trend of people who aren’t even looking for the nearest place to eat a quick bite. Even if the fast food joint is out of the way, they would still drive by and buy a healthy sandwich, than go to the Wendy’s a couple of meters from their home.

Intelligent Buyers, Smarter Food

Food establishments are now getting smarter, leaner and are more observant of the consumer’s growing preference for leaner meals. The fact is, with the rising rate of heart disease and obesity, many consumers are re-evaluating their eating plans and are now more responsible.

Especially with social media, reviews are becoming viral. People are more vocal about what they eat. And the consciousness is spreading like wildfire. A rotten piece of lettuce can cause an online outrage, while a fresh slice of grilled Angus beef patty can pull in more customers. This is why fast food chains are also getting more conscious about service and quality. There is just so little breathing room now.

What’s Next?

There is a lot of promise out there for us. And the options are getting more and more. In the information age where all of us are more connected closely together, and the world seemingly is getting smaller with the rapid exchange of experiences, fast food restaurants are now keeping up.

Sure, there is still a rise in demand for fast service and instant gratification, but the real story about out addiction to fast food is also shaping into something different. The secret in fast food is revealed: healthy buyers will force healthier options from franchisers.

If we need to get our chicken sandwich fix, and this is getting addicting, most probably the addiction is a good thing.

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