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Eating pizza will make you feel as good while eating it and just as bad after eating it. Why? Because of all that guilt associated with pizza’s high content of fat and sodium as well as the sky-high number of calories you just accumulated. Luckily, there’s a pizza chain that, like others before it, offers valuation on food items a.k.a. the Sbarro nutrition guide.

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FoodServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Protein (g)

New Sbarro Pizzas

Chicken Bacon Ranch1.00 Slice5202055126058227
Margherita 17'' Pizza1.00 Slice340122592043117
New Cheese pizza1.00 Slice410144579053218
Skinny Pizza - 183g1.00 Slice27081572042110

16 Inch Pizza

Cheese Pizza1.00 Slice410154099049217
Chicken & Broccoli Pizza1.00 Slice610251092050346
Chicken & Vegetable Pizza - 16''1.00 Slice57017130101051252
Fresh Tomato & Mozzarella1.00 Slice380133094049215
Mushroom Pizza - 220g1.00 Slice4201730104051216
Pepperoni Pizza1.00 Slice4702155127050219
Sausage Pizza1.00 Slice5402670136050224
Supreme Pizza - 225g1.00 Slice4702050119052220
White Pizza1.00 Slice450195084048220

Specialty Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza1.00 Slice4701150134065223
Buffalo Ranch Pizza1.00 Slice5502850114048223
Chicken Ranch Pizza1.00 Slice6103455109048225


Cheese Calzone1.00 Calzone82035120135086339
Ham & Cheese Calzone1.00 Calzone86037130166086343
Spinach Calzone1.00 Calzone81038105129086431


Chicken & Broccoli Stromboli1.00 Slice100047145185096547
Chicken Broccoli & Tomato Stromboli1.00 Slice97044145182096447
Ham & Cheese Stromboli1.00 Slice87036130214093441
Mini Meatball Stromboli1.00 Slice930341051680115538
Pepperoni Stromboli1.00 Slice110059175260095544
Philly Cheese Steak Stromboli1.00 Slice106055150171097444
Sausage & Pepper Stromboli1.00 Slice1050531452160100542
Sausage & Pepperoni Stromboli1.00 Slice111057175285095451
Sausage Stromboli1.00 Slice104053160211094445
Spinach Stromboli1.00 Slice90041100164096533
Tomato Broccoli & Spinach Stromboli1.00 Stromboli6402035119094420


Chicken Parm334.00 g58011140101057359
Garlic Breadsticks1.00 Breadstick220603703515
Meatball Parm369.00 g6708251490116830
Sausage & Peppers1.00 Serving6002570158064527

Stuffed Pizza

Mini Meatball & Pepperoni Stuffed Pizza1.00 Slice6702365150087627
Mini Meatball Stuffed Pizza1.00 Slice6301955132088625
Philly Steak Stuffed Pizza1.00 Slice7403785111074428
Sausage & Pepperoni Stuffed Pizza1.00 Slice81040120218073336
Spinach & Broccoli Stuffed Pizza1.00 Slice6603060122073424

Pan Pizza

Broccoli & Chicken Pan Pizza1.00 Slice6603050140070326
Broccoli & Chicken Pan Pizza with Ricotta Sauce1.00 Slice7103565122068329
Broccoli Spinach & Tomato Pan Pizza1.00 Slice6403030130071319
Cheese Pan Pizza1.00 Slice5902540124069220
Chicken & Vegetable Pan Pizza1.00 Slice6402755140070329
Fresh Spinach & Yellow Peppers Pan Pizza1.00 Slice6002730127070319
Green Chile Pan Pizza1.00 Slice5702330118070318
Ham Pineapple & Bacon Pan Pizza1.00 Slice6102545153072323
Ham Pineapple & Bacon Pan Pizza with Ricotta Sauce1.00 Slice6603060135070326
Jalapeno & Pepperoni Pan Pizza1.00 Slice6202845139070321
Jalapeno & Sausage Chunks Pan Pizza1.00 Slice6703255148069324
Jalapeno Pan Pizza1.00 Slice5702330118070318
Meat Delight Pan Pizza1.00 Slice7003365196069229
Mushroom Pan Pizza1.00 Slice6102830130070219
Pepperoni & Black Olives Pan Pizza1.00 Slice6403045159070321
Pepperoni & Mushroom Pan Pizza1.00 Slice6202940138070220
Pepperoni Pan Pizza1.00 Slice6503155152069322
Sausage & Pepperoni Pan Pizza1.00 Slice7604080178069229
Spinach & Mushroom Pan Pizza1.00 Slice6303030134071319
Spinach & Mushroom Pan Pizza with Ricotta Sauce1.00 Slice6803450115068322
Supreme Pan Pizza1.00 Slice6503050143070322
Tomato & Mozzarella Pan Pizza1.00 Slice5902530123071319
Vegetable Pan Pizza1.00 Slice6202830128072319

8 Inch Pizzas

Baked Lasagna17.00 oz105057155247080555
Baked Ziti14.00 oz84031901250101540
Chicken & Vegetable Pizza1.00 Pizza6201755179084333
Chicken Francese11.30 oz640381755908263
Chicken Parmigiana11.00 oz5202217575016264
Fish Fillets Francese446.00 g132012332088011245
Grilled Chicken & Penne14.00 oz7304660149046333
Ham & Pineapple Pizza1.00 Pizza5701545195083327
Ham Pineapple & Bacon Pizza1.00 Pizza5701545195080329
Ham Pineapple Bacon & Ricotta Pizza1.00 Pizza6302170173078333
Individual Meat Lasagna263.00 g6802370109084432
Individual Spinach Lasagna347.00 g9302665640136741
Margherita Pizza1.00 Pizza5501735145075224
Meat Delight Pizza1.00 Pizza7002780224076336
Mixed Vegetables - 10 oz10.00 oz2401804201764
Mixed Vegetables - 16 oz16.00 oz3902906802796
Mixed Vegetables - 7 oz7.00 oz1701303001243
Mushroom Pizza1.00 Pizza5902035178079425
Pasta Primavera20.00 oz100052601670105932
Pasta Rustica with Chicken14.00 oz9004275387094738
Pasta Rustica without Chicken14.00 oz104052304500122922
Penne in Vodka Sauce14.00 oz10202775890153639
Penne Sausage & Peppers14.00 oz101074110218051337
Pepperoni & Black Olives Pizza1.00 Pizza6102250175076325
Pepperoni & Jalapeno Pizza1.00 Pizza6002150169076325
Pepperoni / Mushroom Pizza1.00 Pizza6002250173076326
Pepperoni / Sausage Pizza1.00 Pizza73031100193075336
Pepperoni Pizza - 8''1.00 Pizza6402455178076329
Pollack Fish Fillets347.00 g420281807707234
Roasted Chicken with Veg & Potatoes822.00 g125041505940297181
Roasted Potatoes - 10 oz10.00 oz37021205404255
Roasted Potatoes - 16 oz16.00 oz59034358706789
Salmon Livornese362.00 g680541808704040
Sausage Pizza - 8''1.00 Pizza6902790176076335
Skinny Pizza1.00 Pizza5001315148079418
Spaghetti - Hot14.00 oz61023014086415
Spaghetti with Chicken Parmagiana25.00 oz1010411003580105755
Spaghetti with Eggplant Parmagiana24.00 oz108057602420108934
Spaghetti with Meatballs21.00 oz1130371520701611035
Spaghetti with Pasta Sauce20.00 oz89034<51640122723
Spicy Italian1.00 Pizza7102990232076335
Spinach & Cheese Rolls Florentina9.00 oz28012<58803239
Spinach & Mushroom Pizza1.00 Pizza5902025171079423
Spinach Broccoli & Tomato Pizza1.00 Pizza6002125157081522
Supreme Pizza1.00 Pizza6202155169079428
Three Cheese Pizza1.00 Pizza5601740144075324
Tomato Pizza1.00 Pizza5701735151080325
Tortellini with Chicken14.00 oz80045140168067432
Vegetable Pizza1.00 Pizza5801925150080422


Black Forest Cake1.00 Slice45024503305604
Caesar Salad with Dressing - 10 oz10.00 oz480352594032611
Caesar Salad with Dressing - 16 oz16.00 oz7605645151051917
Caesar Salad without Dressing - 10 oz10.00 oz260111567033711
Caesar Salad without Dressing - 16 oz16.00 oz42017201070521118
Cheesecake1.00 Slice590411904604718
Chocolate Cake1.00 Slice43020403105905
Deluxe Carrot Cake1.00 Slice54032654506315
Fruit Salad - 10 oz10.00 oz10000202632
Fruit Salad - 16 oz16.00 oz17010354243
Garden Salad - 10 oz10.00 oz5000251143
Garden Salad - 16 oz16.00 oz8010401764
Garden Salad - 8 oz8.00 oz350015732
Gorgonzola Salad with Dressing - 3 oz3.00 oz2102010190425
Gorgonzola Salad with Dressing - 6 oz6.00 oz41039253709410
Gorgonzola Salad without Dressing - 3 oz3.00 oz1501315220426
Gorgonzola Salad without Dressing - 6 oz6.00 oz3002630440953
Greek Salad with Dressing - 10 oz10.00 oz22018304901147
Greek Salad with Dressing - 16 oz16.00 oz350285078017612
Greek Salad without Dressing - 10 oz10.00 oz1509355201048
Greek Salad without Dressing - 16 oz16.00 oz240155584016712
IW Oreo Brownie1.50 oz170830552402
Linguini with Vegetables - 10 oz10.00 oz6501401670108521
Linguini with Vegetables - 16 oz16.00 oz10402202670173833
Mushroom and Three Bean Salad - 10 oz10.00 oz1701105001755
Mushroom and Three Bean Salad - 16 oz16.00 oz2701707902788
Pasta Primavera Salad - 10 oz10.00 oz54080900102718
Pasta Primavera Salad - 16 oz16.00 oz87013014501631129
Penne Black Olives Pease & Red Peppers - 10 oz10.00 oz7502802500107820
Penne Black Olives Pease & Red Peppers - 16 oz16.00 oz120045040001711333
Seafood Salad - 10 oz10.00 oz560204038072525
Seafood Salad - 16 oz16.00 oz9003265610115840
Tomato & Cucumber Salad with Dressing - 10 oz10.00 oz60105201232
Tomato & Cucumber Salad with Dressing - 16 oz16.00 oz100208301953
Tomato & Cucumber Salad without Dressing - 10 oz10.00 oz500.501601032
Tomato & Cucumber Salad without Dressing - 16 oz16.00 oz80102601754


Balsamic Dressing1.50 oz150140530600
Caesar Dressing2.00 tbsp1601610240301
Caesar Dressing Pouch1.50 oz2302310340502
Chipotle Pub Sauce Cup1.50 oz18018<5310400
Citrus Sauce2.00 tbsp60002101500
French Creamy Dressing2.00 tbsp100100360400
Garlic Sauce2.00 tbsp170190270000
Garlic Sauce Cup1.50 oz220240410310
Golden Italian Dressing PC1.50 oz200200430400
Gourmet Greek Dressing2.00 tbsp150160220000
Kitchen Recipe Mayonnaise1.00 tbsp100111050100
Lite Italian Dressing PC1.50 oz3010760400
Lite Olive Oil & Balsamic1.50 oz9090350400
Mayonnaise PC12.00 g90101075000
Ranch Dressing2.00 tbsp1401510230100
Ranch Dressing Cup1.50 oz2002215330100
Ranch Dressing PC1.50 oz2002215320100
Separating Italian Dressing2.00 tbsp10090830300
Soybean Oil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend 90/101.00 tbsp1201400<100
Thousand Island Dressing1.50 oz1701615400900


7Up100.00 ml280006567640
Country Time Lemonade8.00 oz100007027270
Diet Dr. Pepper8.00 oz00050000
Diet Pepsi32.00 oz00090000
Dr. Pepper8.00 oz100003026250
Mountain Dew32.00 oz390001251021020
Mug Root Beer32.00 oz350005591910
Pepsi32.00 oz350007098980
Pepsi Wild Cheey32.00 oz350007098980
Sierra Mist32.00 oz350007095950


Bacon2.00 oz80710260004
Bagel1.00 oz32030061210
Banana Nut Muffin3.20 Per Muffin200802202713
Blueberry Muffin3.20 Per Muffin160701102402
Breakfast Croissant Sandwich with Bacon1.00 Sandwich77044190172055338
Breakfast Croissant Sandwich with Sausage1.00 Sandwich81049205145054338
Cranberry Orange Muffin3.20 Per Muffin1605151602612
Cream Cheese2.00 oz100103090102
Croissant1.00 pc3201860853316
Meat Breakfast Stromboli1.00 Slice70033110176063236
Roasted Potatoes5.00 oz19011102502233
Sausage2.00 oz2702010054000198
Sbarro Breakfast Combo 11.00 Combo90055220203054345
Sbarro Breakfast Combo 21.00 Combo106055220205091649
Scrambled Egg Pizza with Ham & Bacon1.00 Slice4702075119046124
Scrambled Eggs3.00 oz2001524002102013
Vanilla Chocolate Chip Muffing3.20 Per Muffin2109101003133
Vegetable Breakfast Stromboli1.00 Slice5502070100066325
Vegetarian Scrambled Egg Pizza1.00 Slice5102465173058218

Cheese Pizza: with 460 calories, the Cheese Pizza has 24g protein, 60g carbohydrates, 13g fat and 1,080mg sodium. Before you have that second Cheese Pizza slice, remember that the Recommended Daily Allowance for sodium is 2,400mg.

Chicken Parmesan Dinner: 520 calories with 64g protein is way too much just for a single meal but it’s even worse if it has 22g fat. While the 52g of carbohydrates is sufficient, the 350mg of sodium isn’t. Have the chicken grilled and the amount in cheese halved if you want to eat this.

Stromboli: you can have the broccoli, tomato or spinach variant but eat only half and bring the one half home to eat on another day because any of three will have 640 calories, 25g of which are fat.

Pasta Rustica: at 600 calories it would have been SO good except that 450 of these calories are FAT and over 2,300mg sodium, the recipe for a heart attack or an aneurisym.

Check out Sbarro nutrition facts on their website at for more information on what to eat and what not to eat at this pizza joint.

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