Raising Cane’s Nutrition

KFC might be Kentucky’s pride but you can’t get any more Southern than Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s Raising Cane Chicken Fingers. Although as of this writing the fast food restaurant is still performing valuation testing on the food they serve, there are still several points favorable to Raising Cane’s nutrition facts. The most significant may be that the chain doesn’t use any milk in their ingredients for sides like coleslaw or their own signature Cane’s Sauce.

Raising Cane’s uses soybean oil that is free from any trans fat for their cooking methods such as deep frying. And since they believe that food portion sizes play an important role in maintaining a healthy diet, they have three menu options: The Sandwich, The Box, and The Plate. There are also standardized combo meals such as The 3-Finger Combo, The Sandwich Combo, and The Caniac Combo as well as a Kid’s Meal and some tailgate options.

View Raising Cane’s prices here.

This fast food chicken restaurant specializes in chicken fingers – which some might find limiting in terms of menus – but they also serve crinkle cut-fries, tea, lemonade, Texas toast, coleslaw, and Kaiser rolls. View their website at http://www.raisingcanes.com for additional information on their food items. You can also follow up on Raising Cane’s nutrition facts by checking their website for any developments from time to time.




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