Quiznos Nutrition

The calories in some sub sandwiches can go over 500 calories but luckily at Quiznos – where they can be ordered in smaller, folded sizes using flatbread —  they can be limited to, more or less, 300. When you’re familiar with the Quiznos nutrition guide, you can have healthier meals by knowing which food items have more or less calories.

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FoodServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Steak Subs

Black Angus Steak - Large1 Serving119044201170308011952980
Black Angus Steak - Regular1 Serving86032140.513022308342059
Black Angus Steak - Small1 Serving55021908514305221239
Bourbon Steak Sub - Large1 Serving138054181170432013653087
Bourbon Steak Sub - Regular1 Serving101040130.512531309742165
Bourbon Steak Sub - Small1 Serving66028908520106121342
Double Swiss Prime Rib - Large1 Serving115052221.5125389011141361
Double Swiss Prime Rib - Regular1 Serving830381619528307831044
Double Swiss Prime Rib - Small1 Serving53025100.5601820482629
French Dip - Large1 Serving126067191.5115416011251354
French Dip - Regular1 Serving91048141853180803939
French Dip - Small1 Serving5803090.5552250522626
Peppercorn Prime Rib - Large1 Serving123067191.5115359010751253
Peppercorn Prime Rib - Regular1 Serving88048141852610753939
Peppercorn Prime Rib - Small1 Serving5503090.5551680472625
Roast Beef & Horseradish - Large1 Serving118049180.5180286011172073
Roast Beef & Horseradish - Regular1 Serving8503613013520607751454
Roast Beef & Horseradish - Small1 Serving640259085133065141039

Chicken Subs

Baja - Large1 Serving123052300.575354010741881
Baja - Regular1 Serving860382105524807431256
Baja - Small1 Serving52023130351470452832
Carbonara - Large1 Serving13506631175334010341284
Carbonara - Regular1 Serving95048221552340713958
Carbonara - Small1 Serving58030130.5351390442533
Honey Bourbon Chicken - Large1 Serving8801618010255012163063
Honey Bourbon Chicken - Regular1 Serving61011120<517508442143
Honey Bourbon Chicken - Small1 Serving360660<510005121323
Honey Mustard - Large1 Serving13005730180306011252082
Honey Mustard - Regular1 Serving91041210.56021307731457
Honey Mustard - Small1 Serving55026120401260482933
Mesquite - Large1 Serving129060320.575326010361382
Mesquite - Regular1 Serving91043220.5552280724957
Mesquite - Small1 Serving55027130351350442632
Pesto Caesar - Large1 Serving107046251552690866977
Pesto Caesar - Regular1 Serving78033180.5351950624756
Pesto Caesar - Small1 Serving49020120201220393436

Turkey Subs

Turkey Bacon Guacamole - Large1 Serving130069201115387010991463
Turkey Bacon Guacamole - Regular1 Serving94051150.58528207771047
Turkey Bacon Guacamole - Small1 Serving5903290551820484630
Turkey Lite - Large1 Serving7701530552680122242546
Turkey Lite - Regular1 Serving4909204019607691831
Turkey Lite - Small1 Serving31061.502512704861120
Turkey Ranch & Swiss - Large1 Serving105049150.5100304010361351
Turkey Ranch & Swiss - Regular1 Serving75036110.5702200724937
Turkey Ranch & Swiss - Small1 Serving4702270451410453624
Ultimate Club - Large1 Serving110050190130582010351262
Ultimate Club - Regular1 Serving790371401002780724945
Ultimate Club - Small1 Serving5002490651790453530

Deli Subs

Classic Italian - Large1 Serving121064221115337010661751
Classic Italian - Regular1 Serving870471618524407441237
Classic Italian - Small1 Serving55030100.5551560463724
Honey Bacon Club - Large1 Serving120053190.5110340012153161
Honey Bacon Club - Regular1 Serving86039140.58024708542244
Honey Bacon Club - Small1 Serving54025905515905321429
Meatball - Regular1 Serving10105924113526508291243
Mesquite - Large1 Serving129060320.575326010361382
Mesquite - Small1 Serving55027130351350442632
Spicy Monterey - Large1 Serving88028110.580322011262149
Spicy Monterey - Regular1 Serving63020806023207841536
Spicy Monterey - Small1 Serving4001350401480483923
The Traditional - Large1 Serving107051170105289010461450
The Traditional - Regular1 Serving760371207520807341036
The Traditional - Small1 Serving4802380501330453624
Tuna - Large1 Serving110051160.595274010851557
Tuna - Regular1 Serving790371207019707431041
Tuna - Small1 Serving5002380451250462627
Veggie Guacamole - Large1 Serving10605920155221010261234
Veggie Guacamole - Regular1 Serving76043140.5401570715924
Veggie Guacamole - Small1 Serving450258020940443513

Create Your Own Subs - Small - Choose Your Bread

Artisan Wheat - Small1 Serving1902.500041035257
Garlic Focaccia - Small1 Serving2103.50.50039038137
Italian White - Small1 Serving20031.50038036137
Jalapeno Cheddar - Small1 Serving220420<550038138
Rosemary Parmesan - Small1 Serving190310037033127

Create Your Own Subs - Small - Pick Your Dressing

Fat-Free Balsamic - Small1 Serving3000001908050
Mayo - Small1 Serving50510<52002010
Red Wine Vinaigrette - Small1 Serving9091.5002202010
Yellow Mustard - Small1 Serving1510002201101

Create Your Own Subs - Small - Pick Your Meat

Honey Ham - Small1 Serving803102049030210
Turkey Breast - Small1 Serving701.50.503544020212

Create Your Own Subs - Small - Pick Your Cheese

Cheddar - Small1 Serving604.53015900004
Mozzarella - Small1 Serving4032010600004
Swiss - Small1 Serving5040.50<5101004

Create Your Own Subs - Small - Pick Your Veggies

Banana Peppers - Small1 Serving500002801000
Black Olives - Small1 Serving101000750000
Fresh Green Peppers1 Serving5000001000
Fresh Mushrooms - Smalls1 Serving5000000000
Guacamole - Small1 Serving6051001053201
Jalapeno - Small1 Serving000001600000
Lettuce - Small1 Serving5000001000
Pickles - Small1 Serving000001600000
Red Onions - Small1 Serving5000001000
Sauteed Green Peppers - Small1 Serving202.500001000
Sauteed Mushrooms - Small1 Serving202.500000000
Sauteed Onion - Small1 Serving252.500001010
Tomatoes - Small1 Serving5000002010
Yellow Onions - Small1 Serving5000001000

Create Your Own Subs - Regular - Choose Your Bread

Artisan Wheat - Regular1 Serving29040.500640553811
Garlic Focaccia - Regular1 Serving3305100620612511
Italian White - Regular1 Serving3104.5200600572411
Jalapeno Cheddar - Regular1 Serving35063.50<5800612512
Rosemary Parmesan - Regular1 Serving2904.51.50<5580532411

Create Your Own Subs - Regular - Pick Your Dressing

Fat-Free Balsamic - Regular1 Serving50000031013080
Mayo - Regular1 Serving9091.50103403010
Red Wine Vinaigrette - Regular1 Serving150152.5003603020
Yellow Mustard - Regular1 Serving251.50003602101

Create Your Own Subs - Regular - Pick Your Meat

Honey Ham - Regular1 Serving1204.51.503074050315
Turkey Breast - Regular1 Serving1102.5105066030217

Create Your Own Subs - Regular - Pick Your Cheese

Cheddar - Regular1 Serving9074.50201300005
Mozzarella - Regular1 Serving604.52.5015901005
Swiss - Regular1 Serving80610<5151006

Create Your Own Subs - Regular - Pick Your Veggies

Banana Peppers - Regular1 Serving500004501100
Black Olives - Regular1 Serving151.50001250000
Fresh Green Peppers1 Serving5000001000
Fresh Mushrooms1 Serving5000001001
Guacamole - Regular1 Serving9081.5001505211
Jalapeno - Regular1 Serving500002601000
Lettuce - Regular1 Serving5000001110
Pickles - Regular1 Serving500002501000
Red Onions - Regular1 Serving5000001010
Sauteed Green Peppers - Regular1 Serving353.500001000
Sauteed Mushrooms - Regular1 Serving353.500001001
Sauteed Onion - Regular1 Serving353.500002010
Tomatoes - Regular1 Serving10000002121
Yellow Onions - Regular1 Serving5000001010

Create Your Own Subs - Large - Choose Your Bread

Artisan Wheat - Large1 Serving41051009007641115
Garlic Focaccia - Large1 Serving48071.500850843715
Italian White - Large1 Serving4306300840793615
Jalapeno Cheddar - Large1 Serving50094.50<51160893718
Rosemary Parmesan - Large1 Serving410620<5810733516

Create Your Own Subs - Large - Pick Your Dressing

Fat-Free Balsamic - Large1 Serving700000440190110
Mayo - Large1 Serving1301220154804020
Red Wine Vinaigrette - Large1 Serving210213.5005104030
Yellow Mustard - Large1 Serving3520005003202

Create Your Own Subs - Large - Pick Your Meat

Honey Ham - Large1 Serving1606204099070421
Turkey Breast - Large1 Serving1403107088040323

Create Your Own Subs - Large - Pick Your Cheese

Cheddar - Large1 Serving110960301800007
Mozzarella - Large1 Serving8063.50201201007
Swiss - Large1 Serving11081.50<5152008

Create Your Own Subs - Large - Pick Your Veggies

Banana Peppers - Large1 Serving500006201100
Black Olives - Large1 Serving2020001700000
Fresh Green Peppers1 Serving5000001000
Fresh Mushrooms1 Serving5000001001
Guacamole - Large1 Serving110101.5002106311
Jalapeno - Large1 Serving500003601010
Lettuce - Large1 Serving10000002111
Pickles - Large1 Serving500003501000
Red Onions - Large1 Serving10000002010
Sauteed Green Peppers - Large1 Serving454.50.50001010
Sauteed Mushrooms - Large1 Serving454.50.50001001
Sauteed Onion - Large1 Serving504.50.50002010
Tomatoes - Large1 Serving15000003121
Yellow Onions - Large1 Serving10000002010

Grilled Flatbreads

Basil Pesto Chicken - Small1 Serving3701570101010363524
Chicken Bacon Ranch - Small1 Serving4802490251140362530
Greek Chicken - Small1 Serving4201990201250373525
Honey Bourbon Chicken - Small Grilled Flatbread1 Serving29055007804321320
Sonoma Turkey - Small1 Serving4402570551380353521

Salads & Wraps

Black & Blue - Large1 Serving47014609519505032837
Black & Blue - Small1 Serving240730459802521419
Cobb - Large1 Serving76067181751680112627
Cobb - Small1 Serving3803390.54084051313
Harvest Chicken - Large1 Serving6003890<59604743818
Harvest Chicken - Small1 Serving300194.50<5480242199
Honey Mustard - Salads & Wraps Large1 Serving800621816013302922229
Honey Mustard - Salads & Wraps Small1 Serving4003190306701511114
Peppercorn Caesar - Large1 Serving82070201601830152733
Peppercorn Caesar - Small1 Serving41035100.53092071316

Savory Soups

Broccoli Cheese - Large1 Serving2701470.5352460242411
Broccoli Cheese - Regular1 Serving18094.5025161017127
Broccoli Cheese - Small1 Serving11052.501593012114
Chicken Noodle - Large1 Serving21071.50352350261310
Chicken Noodle - Regular1 Serving1404.51025154019127
Chicken Noodle - Small1 Serving9030.501589012114
Chicken Tortilla - Large1 Serving2901660451390273712
Chicken Tortilla - Regular1 Serving20010403092019248
Chicken Tortilla - Small1 Serving12062.501555012125
Chili - Large1 Serving430174.5011516004081123
Chili - Regular1 Serving2801130701060275715
Chili - Small1 Serving17061.504062017348
Clam Chowder - Large1 Serving4202513055224042288
Clam Chowder - Regular1 Serving280168035147029155
Clam Chowder - Small1 Serving17094.502085018133
Tomato Bisque - Large1 Serving32020110601650374147
Tomato Bisque - Regular1 Serving210137040109025295
Tomato Bisque - Small1 Serving1308402064016153


Chocolate Brownie1 Serving310163.5015150402244
Chocolate Chunk Cookie1 Serving3901911055170541314
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie1 Serving4001711050290581334
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie1 Serving360127050200583345


Bacon & Egg Biscuit1 Serving510311501701650381623
Bacon & Egg Sub1 Serving47024901701170381525
Egg & Cheddar Biscuit1 Serving420241202701240381615
Egg & Cheddar Sub1 Serving3701660270760391418
Flatbread - Bacon & Egg Grilled1 Serving42023901701070311424
Flatbread - Egg & Cheddar1 Serving3301560275660311516
Flatbread - Ham & Egg Grilled1 Serving3001250155760321517
Flatbread - Sausage & Egg Grilled1 Serving45027110180870321418
Ham & Egg Biscuit1 Serving400211201551340391617
Ham & Egg Sub1 Serving3601350155860391519
SW Steak & Egg Biscuit1 Serving540361401651790401618
SW Steak & Egg Grilled1 Serving45027801701200332519
SW Steak & Egg Sub1 Serving50028801651300401521
Sausage & Egg Biscuit1 Serving530361701751450391618
Sausage & Egg Sub1 Serving49028110175970391520

Kids Meals

Artisan Wheat - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving1101.500025021134
Banana Peppers - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving000001700000
Black Olives - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving50000350000
Cheddar - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving302.51.5010450002
Chocolate Chunk Cookie - Kids Meal1 Serving190950258026192
Fat-Free Balsamic - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving150000954030
Guacamole - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving302.5000502100
Ham - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving401.50.50102502015
Italian White - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving120210023022<124
Jalapeno - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving000001000000
Jalapeno Cheddar - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving1302.510<530023<125
Marinara Melt1 Serving260104.5020500311512
Mayo - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving252.50.50<510010<10
Monster Meatball Kid's Sub1 Serving350208045820293414
Mozzarella - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving201.510<5300002
Pickles - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving00000950000
Red Wine Vinaigrette - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving454.510011010<10
Rosemary Parmesan - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving11020.50022020<114
Sauteed Green Peppers - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving10100000000
Sauteed Mushrooms - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving10100000000
Sauteed Onion - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving10100001000
Swiss - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving25200<55<1002
Tomatoes - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving5000001010
Triple Play Cheese Melt1 Serving260114.5020400291312
Turkey Breast - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving35100202201016
Yellow Mustard - Kids Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sub1 Serving100.5000110<1<10<1

Kids Meals - Create Your Own Flatbread

3 Cheese Blend1 Serving25210<5950002
Bacon1 Serving60520101900004
Banana Peppers - Kids1 Serving500002801000
Black Olives - Kids1 Serving101000750000
Blue Cheese1 Serving352.51.50101250002
Cheddar - Kids1 Serving604.53015900004
Fat-Free Balsamic - Kids1 Serving3000001908050
Flatbread1 Serving1603.50.50029028135
Fresh Green Peppers1 Serving5000001000
Fresh Mushrooms - Kids1 Serving5000000000
Guacamole - Kids1 Serving6051001053201
Ham1 Serving801.50.503549020213
Jalapeno - Kids1 Serving000001600000
Lettuce - Kids1 Serving5000001000
Mayo - Kids1 Serving50510<52002010
Mozzarella - Kids1 Serving4032010600004
Pickles - Kids1 Serving000001600000
Red Onions - Kids1 Serving5000001000
Red Wine Vinaigrette - Kids1 Serving9091.5002202010
Roast Beef1 Serving8031.504057020012
Sauteed Green Peppers - Kids1 Serving202.500001000
Sauteed Mushrooms - Kids1 Serving202.500000000
Sauteed Onion - Kids1 Serving252.500001010
Swiss - Kids1 Serving5040.50<5101004
Tomatoes - Kids1 Serving5000002010
Turkey Breast - Kids1 Serving701.50.503544020212
Yellow Mustard - Kids1 Serving1510002201101
Yellow Onions - Kids1 Serving5000001000

Small Fountain Drink

Max1 Serving290000015570570

Classic Italian Sandwich: a truly classic calorie bomb with 68g fat, 24.5 saturated fat, 3,760mg sodium, and 135mg cholesterol all in 1,330 calories! Just the sodium in this sandwich – worth two days of anybody’s sodium intake! – can kill you with a heart attack. And the pepperoni, ham, salami, and capicola meats in it are excessively sufficient in saturated fat and cholesterol to give you an aneurysm.

Sonoma Turkey Sammie: this is the healthier option, albeit with 740mg sodium, you should drink plenty of water afterwards. This sandwich has 280 calories with 14g fat, 30mg cholesterol, and 4g saturated fat. It doesn’t sound too healthy but you just have to go the comparison route to justify it. Skipping the mayonnaise decreases the calories to 220 and the saturated fat to just a gram.

Your calorie count can easily remain in the 300 to 400 calorie range with the made-to-order sandwiches at this sandwich shop. Other must-know Quiznos nutrition facts are available from their website at http://www.quiznos.com.

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