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Full control is what a guest at Qdoba has but this free-flowing approach to quick service restaurant can easily lure you into highly-caloric food items. The best way to familiarize yourself with them is by going through the Qdoba nutrition guide to avoid those temptations. Customizing tortilla bowls and burritos can be done easily with these simple guidelines:

Ditch the tortilla but retain the grilled veggies, ancho chile barbecue sauce, shredded pork, and cilantro-lime flavored rice for 550 calories. Yes, the sodium is at 1,510mg but the protein is at 27g and the fat is still an acceptable 13g if you make this meal an occasional instead of regular fare.

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FoodServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)


Black Beans1.00 serving1401000220231319
Brown Rice1.00 serving17010.50025035314
Cilantro-Lime Rice1.00 Serving33081.50080060105
Crispy Taco Shell1.00 serving6030.500258101
Crunchy Flour1.00 serving390224.50015041317
Flour Tortilla1.00 serving31072.50078053328
Grilled Chicken1.00 serving190102.5013034010025
Grilled Steak1.00 serving190930.58023040026
Handmade Tortilla1.00 serving210101.5008528313
Pinto Beans1.00 serving130100025023908
Pulled Pork1.00 serving16041.5080390100119
Seasoned Ground1.00 serving24016717553021021
Shredded Beef1.00 serving190730.57554060024
Tortilla Soup1.00 serving9040.50.5012009223
Whole Wheat Flour1.00 serving260520063044529


3-Cheese Queso1.00 serving9074.50.5253103113
Ancho Chile BBQ Sauce1.00 serving9020.500670162131
Fat-Free Picante1.00 serving4000005009131
Fiery Habanero Sauce1.00 serving2000002603121
Mango Salsa1.00 serving60000018014291
Pico de Gallo1.00 serving1000002002101
Ranchera Sauce1.00 serving1500002602121
Roasted Chile1.00 serving60000013011112
Salsa Roja (hot)1.00 serving2000004604121
Salsa Verde1.00 serving1500002803111


Crispy Corn Tortilla1.00 serving7030.500309101
Fajita Vegetables1.00 serving301000554221
Grilled Vegetables1.00 serving6030.5001006322
Guacamole1.00 serving130101.5003007301
Lettuce1.00 serving5000001100
Shredded Cheese1.00 serving110960301600007
Sour Cream1.00 serving3021.5010202022

Best burrito is plain, without the tortilla, no dressing, with pico de gallo, lettuce, ranchero sauce, grilled veggies, cilantro-lime flavored rice, and black beans for 460 calories to keep you satisfied and full.

The tortilla bowl already has 390 calories and 22g fat. Downsize it and then fill it up with fat-free dressing of picante ranch, grilled chicken, grilled veggies, black bean and corn, and lettuce to get down to a little over 400 calories.

Cutting back on the sodium content of fast food items is not impossible. Split your meal with a companion, drink plenty of water, have beans instead of meat for protein or half your meal and get the rest in a doggie bag. For more Qdoba nutrition guidelines, visit their website at http://www.qdoba.com before walking into any of their 600 locations.

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