Potbelly Nutrition

Some restaurants – like Potbelly — stand out from the rest because of their made to order feature. Still, before you ordering anything, read Potbelly nutrition information below to view the nutritious value of each food item.

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FoodServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)


A Wreck1.00 Sandwich5402290751750575435
Big Jack's PB&J1.00 Sandwich8603880097010596126
Buffalo Grilled Chicken1.00 Sandwich5402050952440575536
Chicken Salad1.00 Sandwich590277080940555337
Clubby1.00 Sandwich66029801002760625450
Grilled Chicken and Cheddar1.00 Sandwich47012601001090555438
Italian1.00 Sandwich66037130852010565424
Meatball1.00 Sandwich670341301101350627639
Mediterranean1.00 Sandwich47013401513807110823
Pizza Sandwich1.00 Sandwich4701880401240586523
Roast Beef1.00 Sandwich5101780601510575535
Sicilian1.00 Sandwich860511901352400627838
Signature Meaty Pizza1.00 Sandwich58026110701590606631
Smoked Ham1.00 Sandwich5001880751940565434
Toasty Turkey BLT1.00 Sandwich6202870652070643436
Tuna Salad1.00 Sandwich5502280751080566435
Turkey Breast1.00 Sandwich4401150651590585336
Vegetarian1.00 Sandwich5202212055990576430


A Wreck - Big1.00 Sandwich710291211002290767546
Big Jack's PB&J - Big1.00 Sandwich134056120014001971311737
Buffalo Grilled Chicken - Big1.00 Sandwich77032801403520767650
Chicken Salad - Big1.00 Sandwich77035901051250737448
Clubby - Big1.00 Sandwich940431201403780837767
Grilled Chicken and Cheddar - Big1.00 Sandwich62016801301460737550
Italian - Big1.00 Sandwich880491701102720757640
Meatball - Big1.00 Sandwich870431701351790839850
Mediterranean - Big1.00 Sandwich630175020185096141030
Pizza Sandwich - Big1.00 Sandwich62024100501630789830
Roast Beef - Big1.00 Sandwich67023100751980757646
Sicilian - Big1.00 Sandwich116069250185327084101060
Signature Meaty Pizza - Big1.00 Sandwich8203916011022108110945
Smoked Ham - Big1.00 Sandwich660231001002530757545
Toasty Turkey BLT - Big1.00 Sandwich8504110090286083171652
Tuna Salad - Big1.00 Sandwich8504110090286083171652
Turkey Breast - Big1.00 Sandwich5801560802080787646
Vegetarian - Big1.00 Sandwich69030160751320768539


Hammie1.00 Sandwich3301250501280373322
Mushroom Melt1.00 Sandwich350158040660384320
Skinny Beef1.00 Sandwich3401040401000391222
TKY1.00 Sandwich290840401050393224


A Wreck Salad - no dressing1.00 Salad410261202101490124632
Chicken Salad Salad - no dressing1.00 Salad4902250752704873525
Chickpea Veggie Salad - no dressing1.00 Salad2701150140670247614
Farmhouse Salad - no dressing1.00 Salad3001890180800105519
Italian Salad - no dressing1.00 Salad44055110801490186720
Uptown Salad - no dressing1.00 Salad4102060203704683410


Broccoli Cheddar - Bowl12.00 oz35024150801500172512
Broccoli Cheddar - Cup8.00 oz2301610055100011138
Chicken Enchilada - Bowl1 Bowl270136060137025359
Chicken Enchilada - Cup1 Cup1809404092017246
Chicken Noodle - Bowl12.00 oz150200301850222411
Chicken Noodle - Cup8.00 oz10020020123015137
Chili - Bowl12.00 oz37016606014003061023
Chili - Cup8.00 oz250114060930204715
Clam Chowder - Bowl12.00 oz520412601501230282310
Clam Chowder - Cup8.00 oz3502717010082019127
French Onion - Bowl1.00 cup230114020216025278
French Onion - Cup1.00 cup190104015152019257
Garden Vegetable - Bowl12.00 oz1100000120023464
Garden Vegetable - Cup8.00 oz70000080015343
Loaded Baked Potato - Bowl12.00 oz3102011050118024257
Loaded Baked Potato - Cup8.00 oz21013703579016135
Spicy Black Bean & Roasted Tomato - Bowl12.00 oz24070001630311037
Spicy Black Bean & Roasted Tomato - Cup8.00 oz1605000109021725
Spicy Southwest Veggie - Bowl12.00 oz240136035152027366
Spicy Southwest Veggie - Cup8.00 oz16094025101018244


Bacon Egg and Cheddar Big1.00 Sandwich900461903152130802444
Bacon Egg and Cheddar Original1.00 Sandwich6403214021015106021831
Bacon Egg and Cheddar Square1.00 Sandwich40020801808703432020
Egg and Cheddar Big1.00 Sandwich720351502851300757630
Egg and Cheddar Original1.00 Sandwich520251101909505651923
Egg and Cheddar Square1.00 Sandwich34016601705903332015
Ham Mushroom Egg and Swiss Big1.00 Sandwich800381603101910788742
Ham Mushroom Egg and Swiss Original1.00 Sandwich5902712021514105862031
Ham Mushroom Egg and Swiss Square1.00 Sandwich34016601705903332015
Irish Oatmeal Apple Cranberry Walnut & Brown Sugar - Bowl1.00 bowl5601620025978548
Irish Oatmeal Apple Cranberry Walnuts & Brown Sugar Cup1.00 cup3401010015584314
Irish Oatmeal Banana Walnut & Brown Sugar - Bowl12.00 oz5001620025817399
Irish Oatmeal Banana Walnuts & Brown Sugar - Cup8.00 oz3201010015534254
Irish Oatmeal Raisins & Brown Sugar - Bowl1.00 bowl38040005805416
Irish Oatmeal Raisins & Brown Sugar Cup1.00 cup27030000554274
Sausage Egg and Cheddar Big1.00 Sandwich1100692703752060777646
Sausage Egg and Cheddar Original1.00 Sandwich8105020026015205851935
Sausage Egg and Cheddar Square1.00 Sandwich530331202159703432123

Shakes & Malts

Banana16.00 oz690341901202307205812
Chocolate16.00 oz750352001202509817914
Chocolate Banana16.00 oz770331901152309417612
Coffee16.00 oz720352001202509107513
Mixed Berry16.00 oz660331901152108136311
Mocha16.00 oz8003419012025011319313
Oreo16.00 oz750392201203408816814
Strawberry16.00 oz690341901202408717212
Strawberry Banana16.00 oz700331901152207816311
Vanilla16.00 oz59031170110190680539


Banana Smoothie16.00 oz490420102708806814
Chocolate Banana Smoothie16.00 oz570210528011118714
Chocolate Smoothie16.00 oz560420103001119016
Coffee Smoothie16.00 oz5304201030010708615
Mixed Berry Smoothie16.00 oz46021052609737414
Mocha Smoothie16.00 oz61042010300129110415
Oreo Smoothie16.00 oz5608401538010417816
Strawberry Banana Smoothie16.00 oz50021052709417413
Strawberry Smoothie16.00 oz5004201029010418214
Vanilla Smoothie16.00 oz480530153009207216


Coleslaw - Stuff5.00 oz24012205680292251
Macaroni Salad - Stuff5.00 oz4102460401030391118
Pickle1.00 Pickle25000021505421
Potato Chips1.00 Bag130201020026222
Potato Salad - Stuff5.50 oz41034606056024222


Cherry Chocolate Granola Cookie2.00 Cookies20094010105272163
Dream Bar1.00 Bar4402314050470542274
Ice Cream Sandwich1.00 Sandwich10804722010554014869016
Mini Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies1.00 Cookie100420<56014081
Potbelly Chocolate Brownie Cookie1.00 Cookie420198035180584405
Potbelly Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie1.00 Cookie420177030230603346
Potbelly Sugar Cookie1.00 Cookie5302717085320641325

Fresh To Go

A Wreck Salad - no dressing - Fresh to Go1.00 Salad410281202101460124629
Chicken Salad Salad - no dressing - Fresh to Go1.00 Salad4302250752703462425
Chicken Salad Square Meal1.00 Square Meal35023601803401611121
Chickpea Veggie1.00 Salad2601050140630247814
Coleslaw5.00 oz24012205680292251
Egg 2 Pack2.00 Eggs4202880115534040434
Macaroni Salad5.00 oz4102460401030391118
Potato Salad5.50 oz41034606056024222
Tomato Cucumber Salad3.50 oz100740151402016
Tuna Salad Square Meal1.00 Square Meal32024601757801611135
Yogurt Parfait1.00 Serving4301310101407045112

Roast Beef Sandwich: elsewhere, this kind of sandwich would have the highest number of fat but at Potbelly, this one has only 7 grams. Make the bread a “Skinny” which used thinly-cut bread plus a third less cheese and meat the Originals variety to save you some hundred calories without sacrificing taste.

Salads: the Farmhouse and Chickpea Veggie varieties are loaded with blue cheese, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and hard-boiled eggs (with bacon bits in the former). Without any dressing, the Chickpea is your healthiest option at 283 calories and 13g fat. If you order the 434-calorie Farmhouse which has the grilled chicken, have the cheese and bacon removed to subtract 200 calories or more from your total consumption.

Avoid the PB&J sandwich which has 861 calories and the vegetarian sandwiches that have – surprise, surprise – more calories than the other sandwiches. Mushrooms in a Potbelly sandwich is okay but not if they come with three kinds of cheese that result in 577 calories and 24g of fat. There are more useful Potbelly nutrition facts on their website at http://www.potbelly.com which you can go over before heading out to a Potbelly outlet.

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