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Knowing the differences on Popeyes nutrition facts and using them to determine which food items — to order can help you make wiser food decisions later on.

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Below are the latest Popeyes nutrition facts.

FoodServnig SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Carbohydrates (g)Diietery Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Bonafied Mild Chicken

Breast - Mild157.00 g440271111101330162035
Leg - Mild67.00 g1609404046051014
Thigh - Mild80.00 g28021805064071014
Wing - Mild63.00 g21014406061081013

Bonafide Spicy Chicken

Breast - Spicy157.00 g4202791110830133033
Leg- Spicy67.00 g17010406536051013
Thigh - Spicy80.00 g26018607046081014
Wing - Spicy63.00 g21014605541081013


Mild Tenders (3Pcs)126.00 g3401461701350261027
Nuggets (4 Pcs)50.00 g150940.52523010107
Nuggets (6 Pcs)75.00 g230146140350141011
Spicy Tenders (3 Pcs)126.00 g3101561801240162028

Sandwiches & Wraps

Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya151.00 g220113030760201010
Chicken Livers284.00 g119080344.57652070656354
Chicken Po' Boy635.00 g6603491752120613331
Loaded Chicken Wrap130.00 g310136030890333014
Shrimp Po' Boy271.00 g69042131752170665342


Butterfly Shrimp (8 Shrimp)100.00 g290178190820213012
Catfish Fillet147.00 g46029122651140271021
Popcorn Shrimp99.00 g330991651290283011

Signature Sides

Baguette36.00 g9020008018113
Biscuit60.00 g2601570045026214
Cajun Fries Lg255.00 g77041163.5251700897110
Cajun Fries Reg85.00 g26014511057030203
Cajun Rice Lg369.00 g51015607515907531121
Cajun Rice Reg123.00 g1705202553025147
Cheddar Cheese Tortilla45.00 g1404.52.50021021103
Cole Slaw Lg414.00 g660468030900587454
Cole Slaw Reg138.00 g220152.5010300192151
Green Beans Lg300.00 g1204.50015126018336
Green Beans Reg100.00 g401.500<54206212
Jalapenos 16.00 g000003701100
Jalapenos 636.00 g0000022106600
Macaroni & Cheese Lg468.00 g60021110451470783024
Macaroni & Cheese Reg156.00 g20073.501549026138
Mashed Potatoes Lg426.00 g330126015177054339
Mashed Potatoes Reg142.00 g110420<559018113
Onion Rings 12150.00 g56038172.52592050546
Onion Rings 18225.00 g83056253.535137074769
Onion Rings 675.00 g28019811046025223
Red Beans & Rice Lg438.00 g690421203017406915021
Red Beans & Rice Reg146.00 g23014401058023507


Bacon Biscuit140.00 g40025120<578037328
Chicken Biscuit148.00 g49026140.5301280471217
Egg & Sausage Biscuit186.00 g690452201551520431220
Egg Biscuit138.00 g510291501251160411213
Grits141.00 g37050.5003080705
Hashbrowns110.00 g360209101045041403
Orange Juice10.00 oz140000020330302
Sausage & Gravy Biscuit185.00 g51033140.5151090423310
Sausage Biscuit138.00 g54036180301100411213


Hot Cinnamon ApplePie100.00 g320680<5340402123
Hot Sweet PotatoPie100.00 g350198015370412104
Mardi Gras Cheesecake87.00 g3101910060290321224
Mississippi MudPie85.00 g28071.5020210512273
Sliced PecanPie95.00 g410216070220521224


Coke22.00 oz230000020590590
Diet Coke22.00 oz00000400000
Diet Pepsi22.00 oz00000500000
Dr Pepper22.00 oz250000090680680
Fanta Orange22.00 oz300000025800800
Fanta Strawberry22.00 oz300000075800800
Hawaiian Punch22.00 oz1800000270430430
Mountain Dew22.00 oz2900000120770770
Pepsi22.00 oz200000050700700
Sprite22.00 oz210000075560560
Sweet Tea22.00 oz180000010450450
Unsweetened Tea22.00 oz00000100000

Signature Sauces

Barbeque28.00 g45000032010080
Blackened Ranch28.00 g120020<52502011
Cocktail28.00 g3000003206060
Creamy Horseradish28.00 g130112010906060
Mardi Gras Mustard28.00 g10081.50102405141
Ranch28.00 g150152.50102303010
Sweet Heat38.00 g700000160190140
Tartar Sauce28.00 g140152.50152801010

Gluten Free

Cajun Rice Lg369.00 g51015607515907531121
Cajun Rice Reg123.00 g1705202553025147
Cole Slaw Lg414.00 g660468030900587454
Cole Slaw Reg138.00 g220152.5010300192151
Corn On The Cob 1 Ear284.00 g19020.500037406
Jalapenos 16.00 g000003701100
Jalapenos 636.00 g0000022106600
Red Beans & Rice Lg438.00 g690421203017406915021
Red Beans & Rice Reg146.00 g23014401058023507

Mild Chicken: being the largest cut, the chicken breast has the highest calories among the other cuts such as legs, thighs, and wings, with 20g of fat (7g of which are saturated and 0.5g are trans fat) and a whopping 1,130mg of sodium as compared to a 110-calorie leg that has 280mg sodium, 2.5g saturated fat, 7g total fat, and zero trans fat.

Spicy Chicken: this is a better choice than the Mild Chicken because while it provides practically the same number of fat and calories as the Mild Chicken but considerably less – only 760mg – of sodium. A Spicy Chicken wing has 290mg sodium as compared to 690mg of the same in the Mild Chicken.

Breadless, Skinless Chicken: without the breading or skin, the fat content of either the Spicy or Mild Chicken is decreased significantly. A Mild Thigh without the breading or skin will have only 2g fat; with either, it has 20g fat. The sodium content and calories are also considerably reduced without the breading or skin.

Learn about Popeyes nutrition guide on their website at http://www.popeyes.com for additional information on the options you can have in determining which food items have less sodium, calories, and fat.

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