Panera Bread Nutrition

Use the Panera Bread nutrition calculator and let it do the math if you plan to combine different food items from the Panera menu selection. There are some healthier options you may want to consider if you find yourself at a Panera outlet but they are few in number. This is when their calculator would be essential.

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FoodServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Artisan Breads

Ciabatta2.00 oz150200024027115
Country Loaf2.00 oz1400.500031027105
Country Miche2.00 oz1400.500033028105
Focaccia2.00 oz1804.50.50032028115
Focaccia With Asiago Cheese2.00 oz16051.50<523023115
French Baguette 2 Oz2.00 oz150100037030105
French Miche2.00 oz1400.500036028105
Rye Loaf2.00 oz1400.500038028205
Rye Miche2.00 oz1400.500042027205
Sesame Semolina Loaf2.00 oz1400.500035029114
Sesame Semolina Miche2.00 oz140100036030115
Three Cheese Demi2.00 oz160210<532029116
Three Cheese Loaf2.00 oz140210<529026116
Three Cheese Miche2.00 oz150210<532027116
Three Seed Demi2.00 oz1603.500030027206
Whole Grain Baguette 2 Oz2.00 oz140100031029326
Whole Grain Loaf2.00 oz130100029027326
Whole Grain Miche2.00 oz130100025026326

Specialty Breads

All Natural White Loaf2.00 oz150210<527027115
All Natural White Miche2.00 oz150210<526026115
Asiago Cheese Demi2.00 oz16042.501032022107
Asiago Cheese Loaf2.00 oz16042.501032023107
Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Loaf2.00 oz19063030190311125
Honey Wheat Loaf2.00 oz16031.50023029244
New England Roll1.00 roll26051.501042044139
Sourdough Roll2.75 oz210100044043108
Sourdough Round Loaf2.00 oz1400.500029028105
Sourdough Soup Bowl8.70 oz660300013401314123
Sourdough Xl Loaf2.00 oz1400.500029028105
Tomato Basil Xl Loaf2.00 oz1300.500032027115


Asiago Cheese Bagel1.00 bagel33063.5010580552313
Blueberry Bagel1.00 bagel3401.5000510682811
Chocolate Chip Bagel1.00 bagel370630<54806821311
Cinnamon Crunch Bagel1.00 bagel4206400430812319
Cinnamon Swirl &Raisin Bagel1.00 bagel32021004706531110
Everything Bagel With Steak1.00 bagel3002.5000640592410
French Toast Bagel1.00 bagel3404200620672159
Plain Bagel1.00 bagel2901.5000460592310
Sesame Bagel1.00 bagel3103000460592310
Whole Grain Bagel1.00 bagel3402.5000400676513

Flavorful Cream Cheese Spreads

Plain Cream Cheese 1 Oz1.00 oz1001060301101012
Plain Cream Cheese 2 Oz2.00 oz19018111552102013
Reduced Fat Chive &Onion Cream Cheese 1 Oz1.00 oz7063.50201902013
Reduced Fat Chive &Onion Cream Cheese 2 Oz2.00 oz1301170.5353704125
Reduced Fat Hazelnut Cream Cheese 1 Oz1.00 oz8063.50151103032
Reduced Fat Hazelnut Cream Cheese 2 Oz2.00 oz1401160.5352106165
Reduced Fat Honey Walnut Cream Cheese 1 Oz1.00 oz8063.50151054042
Reduced Fat Honey Walnut Cream Cheese 2 Oz2.00 oz1501160302008175
Reduced Fat Plain Cream Cheese 1 Oz1.00 oz70640201201013
Reduced Fat Plain Cream Cheese 2 Oz2.00 oz1301270.5352302115
Reduced Fat Roasted Vegetable Medley Cream Cheese 1 Oz1.00 oz60530151252112
Reduced Fat Roasted Vegetable Medley Cream Cheese 2 Oz2.00 oz110960302403124
Reduced Fat Wild Blueberry Cream Cheese 1 Oz1.00 oz80530151006152
Reduced Fat Wild Blueberry Cream Cheese 2 Oz2.00 oz15010603019011194

Artisan Pastries

Cheese1.00 pastry4002213170330441158
Cherry1.00 pastry43018110.555310601307
Chocolate Pastry1.00 pastry41023140.555250472188
Pecan Braid1.00 pastry47026110.555270532238


Double Fudge Brownie With Icing1.00 brownie4902210080290734546


Candy Cookie1.00 cookie42019100.570280591334
Chocolate Chipper Cookie1.00 cookie44022130.560330593334
Chocolate Chipper Petites Cookie1.00 mini cookie11063.50158515181
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie1.00 cookie390148050310623315
Red Velvet Cookie1.00 cookie390133.5040200662405
Shortbread Cookie1.00 cookie38022130.560170411114
Toffee Nut Cookie1.00 cookie4402312080340561295
Valentine Shortbread Cookie3.00 cookie43021120.555160561284


Cinnamon Coffee Crumb Cake Slice1.00 slice4702590105320531296
Cinnamon Coffee Crumb Cake Whole2.00 oz220124.5050150251143


Chocolate Cupcake1.00 cupcake52026100.530340693534
Red Velvet Cupcake1.00 cupcake4402090.550290611463
Vanilla Cupcake1.00 cupcake4502712150280490383

Muffins &Muffies

Apple Crunch Muffin1.00 muffin450123055340802497
Chocolate Chip Muffie1.00 muffie320144040200462274
Cranberry Orange Muffin1.00 muffin480193065360713406
Pumpkin Muffie1.00 muffie290112015240451263
Pumpkin Muffin1.00 muffin590224030480912537
Wild Blueberry Muffin1.00 muffin440173060330662396


Cinnamon Crunch With Icing Scone1.00 scone55023160.570880792418
Orange Mini Scone1.00 mini scone18074.5025270271133
Orange Scone1.00 scone54020130.575810813389
Triple Berry Mini Scone1.00 mini scone15063.5020210230112
Triple Berry Scone1.00 scone400159050550611306
Wild Blueberry Mini Scone1.00 mini scone1607402530022183
Wild Blueberry Scone1.00 scone4702012175900662258

Specialty Pastries

Bear Claw1.00 pastry55028120.5703606833310
Carrot Cake With Walnuts1.00 muffin650269080670984628
French Croissant1.00 croissant30017100.54522032156
Pastry Ring - Apple Cherry Cheese1 Serving230106035160301163

Sweet Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls1.00 roll63024140.51004909143513
Cobblestone1.00 roll57015706050010035411
Pecan Roll1.00 roll74039120553208955011


Four Cheese1.00 souffl48029150.5190690372816
Roasted Tomato &Feta1.00 souffl51031160.51659104031017
Spinach &Bacon1.00 souffl57037201170930372823

Grilled Breakfast Sandwiches

Asiago Cheese Bagel With Bacon Sandwich1.00 sandwich61028130.52451350542434
Bacon Egg &Cheese On Ciabatta1.00 sandwich510251002351170432229
Breakfast Power On Whole Grain Sandwich1.00 sandwich3401570220920314316
Egg &Cheese On Ciabatta Sandwich1.00 sandwich3901570205710432219
Everything Bagel With Steak Sandwich1.00 sandwich54018802401070612433
Mediterranean Egg White On Ciabatta Sandwich1.00 sandwich410166025830473320
Sausage Egg &Cheese On Ciabatta Sandwich1.00 sandwich550291202501040442227

Breakfast Favorites

Fruit Cup1.00 cup60000015171121
Steel Cut Oatmeal With Strawberries &Pecans1.33 cups340131.500160519166
Strawberry Granola Parfait1.00 parfait310114.5010100433309

Hot Panini

Chipotle Chicken On Artisan French Half Panini0.50 panini4201960801070362327
Chipotle Chicken On Artisan French Panini1.00 panini84038120.51602140723553
Frontega Chicken&Reg; On Focaccia Half Panini0.50 panini4001640451050412423
Frontega Chicken&Reg; On Focaccia Panini1.00 panini8003280.5902090835845
Smokehouse Turkey&Reg; On Three Cheese Half Panini0.50 panini3601361601300343427
Smokehouse Turkey&Reg; On Three Cheese Panini1.00 panini72027121.51152590685853
Tomato &Mozzarella On Ciabatta Half Panini0.50 panini370135020780473415
Tomato &Mozzarella On Ciabatta Panini1.00 panini74027100.5351550956929

Signature Sandwiches

Asiago Steak On Asiago Cheese Half Sandwich0.50 sandwich390178060650332225
Asiago Steak On Asiago Cheese Sandwich1.00 sandwich780341711201310674450
Bacon Turkey Bravo&Reg; On Xl Tomato Basil Half Sandwich0.50 sandwich4101550.5501500432426
Bacon Turkey Bravo&Reg; On Xl Tomato Basil Sandwich1.00 sandwich830311111002990854952
Chicken Caesar On Three Cheese Half Sandwich0.50 sandwich73032100.51451260704644
Chicken Caesar On Three Cheese Sandwich1.00 sandwich370165070630352322
Fontina Grilled Cheese On All Natural White Half Sandwich0.50 sandwich4202113160770371220
Fontina Grilled Cheese On All Natural White Sandwich1.00 sandwich85042251.51251530743441
Italian Combo On Ciabatta Half Sandwich0.50 sandwich5002180.5801430483429
Italian Combo On Ciabatta Sandwich1.00 sandwich990421611602850975857
Napa Almond Chicken Salad On Sesame Semolina Half Sandwich0.50 sandwich350132035590443615
Napa Almond Chicken Salad On Sesame Semolina Sandwich1.00 sandwich70027406511808951230
Roasted Turkey &Avocado Blt On Sourdough Half Sandwich0.50 sandwich25091.5030490253219
Roasted Turkey &Avocado Blt On Sourdough Sandwich1.00 sandwich500173065980496438
Wild Salmon Club On French Croissant Half Sandwich0.50 sandwich380248075540201521
Wild Salmon Club On French Croissant Sandwich1.00 sandwich75047170.514510903621041

Cafe Sandwiches

Classic Grilled Cheese On All Natural White Miche Half Sandwich0.50 sandwich290107030720371313
Classic Grilled Cheese On All Natural White Miche Sandwich1.00 sandwich58019150551450742626
Mediterranean Veggie On Xl Tomato Basil Half Sandwich0.50 sandwich29071.50<5700484511
Mediterranean Veggie On Xl Tomato Basil Sandwich1.00 sandwich590133.501014009681022
Sierra Turkey On Focaccia With Asiago Cheese Half Sandwich0.50 sandwich410194.5140970392320
Sierra Turkey On Focaccia With Asiago Cheese Sandwich1.00 sandwich8103791.5801930784640
Smoked Ham &Swiss On Rye Half Sandwich0.50 sandwich29094.50451120333321
Smoked Ham &Swiss On Rye Sandwich1.00 sandwich5801890.5952250675642
Smoked Turkey Breast On Country Half Sandwich0.50 sandwich220200.525890342216
Smoked Turkey Breast On Country Sandwich1.00 sandwich4303.511501790674533
Tuna Salad On Honey Wheat Half Sandwich0.50 sandwich26082025580323614
Tuna Salad On Honey Wheat Sandwich1.00 sandwich51016404511506451229


All Natural Low-Fat Chicken Noodle Soup1.00 cup1301.50025144023309
All Natural Low-Fat Chicken Noodle Soup Bowl1.50 cups801002096015206
All-Natural Turkey Chili Soup1.00 cup28012204010703415920
All-Natural Turkey Chili Soup Bowl1.50 cups190810307202310614
Baked Potato Soup1.00 cup35021120.555102032428
Baked Potato Soup Bowl1.50 cups23014803568022315
Bistro French Onion Soup1.00 cup32015802517803411412
Bistro French Onion Soup Bowl1.50 cups20095015115021198
Broccoli Cheddar Soup1.00 cup33021140.5751390238014
Broccoli Cheddar Soup Bowl1.50 cups22014905093015509
Cream Of Chicken &Wild Rice Soup1.00 cup310209045147024089
Cream Of Chicken &Wild Rice Soup Bowl1.50 cups21013603098016056
Creamy Tomato With Croutons Soup1.00 cup45032180.575680337128
Creamy Tomato With Croutons Soup Bowl1.50 cups330231205051026586
Low Fat Garden Vegetable With Pesto Soup1.00 cup150510<5920271264
Low Fat Garden Vegetable With Pesto Soup Bowl1.50 cups1003.50.50<561018843
Low-Fat Vegetarian Black Bean Soup1.00 cup26030001360549413
Low-Fat Vegetarian Black Bean Soup Bowl1.50 cups170200090036629
New England Clam Chowder Soup1.00 cup72062411.5160102031329
New England Clam Chowder Soup Bowl1.50 cups4804227110568021216
Vegetarian Country Style Mushroom With Truffle Soup1.00 cup34025150.56585023246
Vegetarian Country Style Mushroom With Truffle Soup Bowl1.50 cups240181104561016134


Cheese Tortellini With Alfredo Sauce Large2.00 cups790351811352430884329
Cheese Tortellini With Alfredo Sauce Small1.00 cup3901890.5651210442215
Chicken Sorrentina Large2.00 cups79039100.51352470728839
Chicken Sorrentina Small1.00 cup3901950701230364419
Sacchettini With Basil Pesto Large2.00 cups93052130.59015708510129
Sacchettini With Basil Pesto Small1.00 cup460267045780435014
Signature Mac &Cheese - Large1 Serving9806126113024707531433
Signature Mac &Cheese - Small1 Serving49030130.5651240371717
Smoked Chicken Tortellini With Alfredo Sauce Large2.00 cups840371911652930894440
Smoked Chicken Tortellini With Alfredo Sauce Small1.00 cup4201890.5801460452220


Asian Sesame Chicken Half Salad0.50 salad210112040250132316
Asian Sesame Chicken Salad1.00 salad420223.5080500254532
Bbq Chicken Half Salad0.50 salad4802130905504461931
Bbq Chicken Salad1.00 salad240101.5045280223916
Caesar Half Salad0.50 salad160123.50252408115
Caesar Salad1.00 salad3102470.55048017329
Chicken Caesar Half Salad0.50 salad4402670.5125660193234
Chicken Caesar Salad1.00 salad220133.5065330101117
Chicken Cobb With Avocado Half Salad0.50 salad65048110275970166341
Chicken Cobb With Avocado Salad1.00 salad320246013548083121
Classic Cafe Half Salad0.50 salad805100708261
Classic Cafe Salad1.00 salad170111.500140173122
Fuji Apple With Chicken Half Salad0.50 salad5503470.5956203562132
Fuji Apple With Chicken Salad1.00 salad270173.50503101731116
Greek Half Salad0.50 salad360328025114013448
Greek Salad1.00 salad1801640105707224
Greek With Shrimp Half Salad0.50 salad46033802151380134430
Greek With Shrimp Salad1.00 salad230174010569072215
Mediterranean Salmon Couscous Half Salad0.50 salad450204.50709903671634
Mediterranean Salmon Couscous Salad1.00 salad230102.5035500184817
Mediterranean Shrimp Couscous Half Salad0.50 salad360143019510403271531
Mediterranean Shrimp Couscous Salad1.00 salad18071.50100520163815
Spinach Power Half Salad0.50 salad220142.509035016268
Spinach Power Salad1.00 salad45029501807003341216
Steak &Blue Cheese Half Salad0.50 salad68048140.51101060295936
Steak &Blue Cheese Salad1.00 salad340247055530142518
Thai Chicken Half Salad0.50 salad49019408011004271439
Thai Chicken Salad1.00 salad24092040550214719
Wild Salmon Caesar Half Salad0.50 salad4803180.5110640173233
Wild Salmon Caesar Salad1.00 salad24015405532081117


Asian Sesame Vinaigrette1.50 Tbsp504.50.500853020
Asian Sesame Vinaigrette 3 Tbsp3.00 Tbsp11091.5001706030
Bbq Ranch Dressing1.50 Tbsp70610<5904030
Bbq Ranch Dressing 3 Tbsp3.00 Tbsp1401220101808071
Blue Cheese Vinaigrette1.50 Tbsp9091.50<51152020
Blue Cheese Vinaigrette 3 Tbsp3.00 Tbsp1801930102303031
Caesar Dressing1.50 Tbsp8081.50151052000
Caesar Dressing 3 Tbsp3.00 Tbsp160162.50352103011
Greek Dressing/Herb Vinaigrette1.50 Tbsp110122001601000
Greek Dressing/Herb Vinaigrette 3 Tbsp3.00 Tbsp220243.5003103000
Light Buttermilk Ranch 1 1/2 Tbsp1.50 Tbsp402.50001604010
Light Buttermilk Ranch 3 Tbsp3.00 Tbsp8051003109120
Low Fat Meyer Lemon Balsamic Vinaigrette 1 1/2 Tbsp1.50 Tbsp301000605040
Low Fat Meyer Lemon Balsamic Vinaigrette 3 Tbsp3.00 Tbsp60200011510080
Low Fat Thai Chili Vinaigrette 1 1/2 Tbsp1.50 Tbsp251000904030
Low Fat Thai Chili Vinaigrette 3 Tbsp3.00 Tbsp501.50001808060
Peanut Sauce 1 1/2 Tbsp1.50 Tbsp3520.5001703021
Peanut Sauce 3 Tbsp3.00 Tbsp7041003407142
Reduced Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette 1 1/2 Tbsp1.50 Tbsp605100554040
Reduced Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette 3 Tbsp3.00 Tbsp130111.5001108080
Smoky Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette 1 1/2 Tbsp1.50 Tbsp503000955040
Smoky Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette 3 Tbsp3.00 Tbsp10061001909081
White Balsamic Apple Vinaigrette 1 1/2 Tbsp1.50 Tbsp806100906050
White Balsamic Apple Vinaigrette 3 Tbsp3.00 Tbsp15012200180120110

Frozen Drinks

Caramel16.00 fl oz56021130.5651701010764
Mocha16.00 fl oz54017100.550130943745

Fruit Smoothies

Fat Free Superfruit Smoothie With Ginseng16.00 fl oz2100000753423016
Low Fat B-Green Smoothie16.00 fl oz1900.500025494352
Low Fat Mango Smoothie16.00 fl oz2701.510<595592547
Low Fat Strawberry Smoothie With Ginseng16.00 fl oz2801.510<5100602587
Low Fat Wild Berry Smoothie16.00 fl oz3401.510<5105752686

Iced Drinks

Brewed Tea Black 20 Fl Oz20.00 fl oz00000200000
Brewed Tea Black 32 Fl Oz32.00 fl oz00000300000
Iced Chai Tea Latte16.00 fl oz1603.5201575260266
Iced Infused Green Tea (With Passionfruit &Papaya) 20 Fl Oz20.00 fl oz130000010310300
Iced Infused Green Tea (With Passionfruit &Papaya) 32 Fl Oz32.00 fl oz180000015440430
Lemonade 20 Fl Oz20.00 fl oz160000010410410
Lemonade 32 Fl Oz32.00 fl oz240000015590590

Espresso Drinks

Caffe Latte16.00 fl oz1204.5302095120118
Caffe Mocha16.00 fl oz3601380401505133810
Cappuccino16.00 fl oz1204.5302095120118
Caramel Latte16.00 fl oz3801711055190580409
Skinny Caffe Mocha16.00 fl oz20010.50<5135402309
Vanilla Latte16.00 fl oz23053020115360349
Vanilla Latte With Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup16.00 fl oz100000<5120140129

Hot Drinks

Chai Tea Latte16.00 fl oz20042.501590330327
Coffee 12 Fl Oz12.00 fl oz5000050000
Coffee 16 Fl Oz16.00 fl oz50000100001
Coffee 20 Fl Oz20.00 fl oz50000100001
Coffee Decaf 12 Fl Oz12.00 fl oz5000050000
Coffee Decaf 16 Fl Oz16.00 fl oz5000000000
Coffee Decaf 20 Fl Oz20.00 fl oz5000050001
Signature Hot Chocolate With Chocolate Chip Marshmallows12.00 fl oz50016100452508146311


Organic Apple Juice8.00 fl oz120000025290290
Organic Chocolate Milk8.00 fl oz1502.51.5010160230228
Organic Milk8.00 fl oz1204.53020115120128
Premium Orange Juice11.50 fl oz16000000370303

Panera Kids

Buttered Ribbon Noodles2.00 cups35012703516052408
Grilled Cheese Sandwich On All Natural White Loaf1.00 sandwich40013100401000532418
Mac &Cheese1.00 cup49030130.5651240371717
Organic Yogurt (Blueberry Strawberry)1.00 tube600.500<540110102
Peanut Butter &Jelly Sandwich1.00 sandwich400173.50<54705432011
Smoked Ham Deli Sandwich On All Natural White Loaf1.00 sandwich290960451160331319
Smoked Turkey Deli Sandwich On All Natural White Loaf1.00 sandwich290850.5451070331321


Apple1.00 apple8000000214150
Baked Lay S&Reg; Potato Chips1.00 oz130200020026222
French Baguette 2.5 Oz2.50 oz180100044036106
Panera Potato Chips1.00 bag15080.50017017102
Pickle Spear1.00 spear500004101100
Whole Grain Baguette 2.5 Oz2.50 oz1801.500040036437

Hidden Menu

Power Breakfast Egg Bowl With Steak1.00 bowl270175040044063224
Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl With Roasted Turkey1.00 bowl1704.50.502550051226
Power Chicken Hummus Bowl1.00 bowl330142080550207325
Power Mediterranean Chicken1.00 bowl360224.5021543082233
Power Mediterranean Roasted Turkey1.00 bowl290162.505580094426
Power Steak Lettuce Wraps1.00 bowl210103.506524072324

Most of the bread here use refined flour and therefore have low fiber content. Their breads also have high amounts of sugar, sodium, and fat. Don’t be misled by the word “artisan” on the label because it doesn’t necessarily mean that the fat, sugar, and sodium content are low or minimal. Some of these “artisan” breads are your worst choices to order and include:

  • Focaccia.
  • Focaccia with Asiago Cheese.
  • Cinnamon Raisin Loaf.
  • Sourdough Roll, Round Loaf, and Soup Bowl (these have higher sodium content than the majority of other breads).

The Panera bagels are better choices, especially the Whole Grain variety. It has the highest fiber content, the second highest protein content, and the lowest in sodium content of all the bagels. Forget the flavored bagels – Blueberry, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Crunch, Asiago Cheese, Sweet Onion Poppy Seed, Jalapeño and Cheddar, and the Everything Bagel – they are all high in sugar, sodium, fat, and calories.

Check out additional Panera Bread nutrition information on their website at not only for their breads but also for soups, sandwiches, salads, and other menu items.

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