Panda Express Nutrition

The plethora of Panda Express locations in the U.S. is startling, with more than 1,200 locations in food courts of malls and airports, arenas, strip malls, stadiums and inside many grocery stores. More alarming, though, is the Panda Express nutrition information that indicates staggering amounts of sodium.

Is it possible to eat healthy at this joint? Yes, if you opt for food items that are lower in everything: calories, fat, sugar, and sodium. Using their interactive calculator can help you some wise food choices to make your meal.

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FoodServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Rice & Noodles

Brown Steamed Rice10.50 'oz'42041001587419
Chow Mein9.40 'oz'490224001060654813
Fried Rice9.30 'oz'470193.50150830643311
Mixed Veggies (Side)8.60 'oz'700.500053013544
White Steamed Riced8.10 'oz'3800000086007


Eggplant & Tofu6.10 'oz'310243.500570203137
Mixed Veggies (Entree)4.30 'oz'3500002607322


Asian Chicken6.00 'oz'340133.501956301431041
Black Pepper Chicken6.10 'oz'2001020651050131515
Grilled Asian Chicken6.00 'oz'300134018553080836
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken6.00 'oz'300134018553080836
Kung Pao Chicken5.80 'oz'240142.5055900131515
Mandarin Chicken5.80 'oz'310164011574080834
Mushroom Chicken5.90 'oz'18091.5055840101414
Orange Chicken5.70 'oz'4202140956204301815
Potato Chicken5.20 'oz'19091.503582019259
Teriyaki Chicken6.00 'oz'340133.501956301431041

Chicken Breast

Firecracker Chicken Breast6.10 'oz'22091.5060970123624
String Bean Chicken Breast5.60 'oz'16061035770122615
Sweet & Sour Chicken Breast5.50 'oz'3801730403204012315
SweetFire Chicken Breast5.80 'oz'440183.50453705312717


Beijing Beef™5.60 'oz'6904080.5658905742526
Broccoli Beef5.40 'oz'12040.501066013339
Shanghai Angus Steak™5.40 'oz'220720509101911321


Crispy Shrimp6.00 'pcs'260132.506081026129
Golden Treasure Shrimp™5.00 'oz'39019301155003921516
Honey Walnut Shrimp3.70 'oz'3702340110470272914


Chicken Egg Roll1.00 'roll'20012402039016228
Chicken Potsticker3.00 'pcs'220112.502028023127
Cream Cheese Rangoon3.00 'pcs'1908503518024215
Veggie Spring Roll2.00 'rolls'160710054022424


Hot & Sour Soup10.60 'oz'1003.50.506593012144

Sauces & Cookies

Chili Sauce1.00 'Packet'1000001252020
Fortune Cookies1.00 'pc'300000107031
Hot Mustard1.00 'Packet'1010001150000
Mandarin Sauce1.80 'oz'1600000340400400
Plum Sauce1.00 'Packet'150000553030
Potsticker Sauce1.00 'Packet'1000002903020
Soy Sauce1.00 'Packet'500003800000
Sweet & Sour Sauce1.80 'oz'700000115210200
Teriyaki Sauce1.80 'oz'700000450150130


Diet Pepsi® (Lrg.)42.00 'oz'000001150000
Diet Pepsi® (Med.)30.00 'oz'00000800000
Diet Pepsi® (Sm.)22.00 'oz'00000600000
Dr. Pepper® (Lrg.)42.00 'oz'390000014010601060
Dr. Pepper® (Med.)30.00 'oz'2800000100760760
Dr. Pepper® (Sm.)22.00 'oz'210000070560560
Lipton Brisk Raspberry® (Lrg.)42.00 'oz'3700000115960960
Lipton Brisk Raspberry® (Med.)30.00 'oz'260000080690690
Lipton Brisk Raspberry® (Sm.)22.00 'oz'190000060510510
Lipton No Calorie Brisk Peach® (Lrg.)42.00 'oz'000003200000
Lipton No Calorie Brisk Peach® (Med.)30.00 'oz'000002300000
Lipton No Calorie Brisk Peach® (Sm.)22.00 'oz'000001700000
Mountain Dew® (Lrg.)42.00 'oz'510000016013301330
Mountain Dew® (Med.)30.00 'oz'3600000115950950
Mountain Dew® (Sm.)22.00 'oz'260000085700700
Mug Root Beer® (Lrg.)42.00 'oz'46000007011901190
Mug Root Beer® (Med.)30.00 'oz'330000050850850
Mug Root Beer® (Sm.)22.00 'oz'240000035630630
Pepsi® (Lrg.)42.00 'oz'460000011512901240
Pepsi® (Med.)30.00 'oz'330000080920890
Pepsi® (Sm.)22.00 'oz'240000060670650
Sierra Mist® (Lrg.)42.00 'oz'46000009012401240
Sierra Mist® (Med.)30.00 'oz'330000065890890
Sierra Mist® (Sm.)22.00 'oz'240000050650650
Sobe Lean® (Lrg.)42.00 'oz'000001150000
Sobe Lean® (Med.)30.00 'oz'00000800000
Sobe Lean® (Sm.)22.00 'oz'00000600000
Tropicana Fruit Punch® (Lrg.)42.00 'oz'510000011513801380
Tropicana Fruit Punch® (Med.)30.00 'oz'360000080980980
Tropicana Fruit Punch® (Sm.)22.00 'oz'260000060720720
Tropicana Lemonade® (Lrg.)42.00 'oz'460000048012401240
Tropicana Lemonade® (Med.)30.00 'oz'3300000350890890
Tropicana Lemonade® (Sm.)22.00 'oz'2400000260650650
Tropicana Pink Lemonade® (Lrg.)42.00 'oz'460000048012401240
Tropicana Pink Lemonade® (Med.)30.00 'oz'3300000350890890
Tropicana Pink Lemonade® (Sm.)22.00 'oz'2400000260650650

Kid's Meal - Side

Brown Steamed Rice - Kid's Meal7.80 'oz'31030.5001064317
Chow Mein - Kid's Meal5.20 'oz'2801220059036257
Fried Rice - Kid's Meal6.20 'oz'350112010055055028
Mixed Veggies (Side) - Kid's Meal6.40 'oz'700.500054015554
White Steamed Riced - Kid's Meal5.10 'oz'2400000054005

Kid's Meal - Veggies

Eggplant & Tofu - Kid's Meal4.60 'oz'250182.500450172135
Mixed Veggies (Entree) - Kid's Meal3.20 'oz'3500002707322

Kid's Meal - Chicken

Asian Chicken - Kid's Meal3.60 'oz'20082011538082625
Black Pepper Chicken - Kid's Meal4.60 'oz'14061.5040910111510
Grilled Asian Chicken - Kid's Meal3.60 'oz'18082.5011032050522
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken - Kid's Meal3.60 'oz'18082.5011032050522
Kung Pao Chicken - Kid's Meal4.60 'oz'190112045800102412
Mandarin Chicken - Kid's Meal4.40 'oz'24012308556060626
Mushroom Chicken - Kid's Meal4.40 'oz'13061.504068081410
Orange Chicken - Kid's Meal4.10 'oz'290142.50655003301311
Potato Chicken - Kid's Meal3.90 'oz'15071.502557015137
Teriyaki Chicken - Kid's Meal3.60 'oz'20082011538082625

Kid's Meal - Chicken Breast

Firecracker Chicken Breast - Kid's Meal4.60 'oz'17071.504573092518
String Bean Chicken Breast - Kid's Meal4.20 'oz'1204.5103059091511
Sweet & Sour Chicken Breast - Kid's Meal4.10 'oz'2901220252403611911
SweetFire Chicken Breast™ - Kid's Meal4.40 'oz'330142.50352804012013

Kid's Meal - Beef

Beijing Beef™ - Kid's Meal4.20 'oz'5203060.5506704331920
Broccoli Beef - Kid's Meal4.10 'oz'10030.50105409237
Shanghai Angus Steak™ - Kid's Meal4.10 'oz'17051.5040640131917

Kid's Meal - Shrimp

Crispy Shrimp - Kid's Meal4.00 'pcs'17081.504052017116
Golden Treasure Shrimp™ - Kid's Meal2.75 'oz'23011207029023199
Honey Walnut Shrimp - Kid's Meal2.00 'oz'20013206026015158

Kid's Meal - Beverages

Diet Pepsi® (Kids)12.00 'oz'00000350000
Dr. Pepper® (Kids)12.00 'oz'110000040300300
Lipton Brisk Raspberry® (Kids)12.00 'oz'110000035280280
Lipton No Calorie Brisk Peach® (Kids)12.00 'oz'00000900000
Mountain Dew® (Kids)12.00 'oz'140000045380380
Mug Root Beer® (Kids)12.00 'oz'130000020340340
Pepsi® (Kids)12.00 'oz'130000035370350
Sierra Mist® (Kids)12.00 'oz'130000025350350
Sobe Lean® (Kids)12.00 'oz'00000350000
Tropicana Fruit Punch® (Kids)12.00 'oz'140000035390390
Tropicana Lemonade® (Kids)12.00 'oz'1300000140350350
Tropicana Pink Lemonade® (Kids)12.00 'oz'1300000140350350

Avoid the steamed white or fried rice, both of which have empty calories, the latter having 900mg of sodium per serving. Unfortunately, even some of their veggies could be unhealthy as well like the Eggplant and Tofu which may have only 310 calories but packs in 13g of sugar and 680mg of sodium.

Your best bets for chicken entrées would be those with broccoli (180 calories, 9g total fat, 630mg sodium), string beans (190 calories, 10g total fat, 720mg sodium), pineapple (240 calories, 12g total fat, 690mg sodium), and mushroom (220 calories, 13g total, 760mg sodium). Avoid all beef entrées except that with broccoli (150 calories, 6g total fat, 720mg sodium).

The Tangy Shrimp is also a healthy choice (190 calories, 9g total fat, 820mg sodium) but with a lot of sodium. The only food item on the menu that has the lowest calories is the Fortune Cookie (32 calories, zero total fat, 8mg sodium). Check out their website at and see if there are Panda Express nutrition facts you want to comprise with to eat in the restaurant.

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