Oberweis Nutrition

Delicious and healthy are two words that can’t often be found together in most food items. But apparently, they can, and do, as Oberweis nutrition facts in their products attest. Aside from the farm freshness of its milk, Oberweis dairy is certified as free from artificial hormones by farmers (rBGH) and packaged in clear, glass bottles which are returnable.

Although admittedly high in sugar at 24 grams and in calories from fat at 23 grams, the Chocolate Marshmallow Super Supreme Low Fat Ice Cream has redeeming value since it has only 150 calories, 1.5 grams saturated fat, and 10mg cholesterol. It also contains 2% vitamin A, 4% iron and 12% calcium. But then again, ice cream is one of those ubiquitous food items that needs some compromise to enjoy.

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FoodServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Shakes & Malts

Banana Bread Malt1.00 As Prepared640313<59515041275
Banana Bread Shake1.00 As Prepared136076433250250156411917
Banana Malt1.00 As Prepared730842.515280159314110
Banana Shake1.00 As Prepared118072422.5240250121310314
Berry Berry Malt1.00 As Prepared240952.525140321286
Berry Berry Shake1.00 As Prepared114071422.524025011318913
Black Forest Malt1.00 As Prepared70036212.51303107826513
Black Forest Shake1.00 As Prepared119072422.5230230117210315
Brownie Malt1.00 As Prepared72041232.51352707025914
Brownie Shake1.00 As Prepared130079462.5240430131210717
Butterscotch Malt1.00 As Prepared69040232.51402806705614
Butterscotch Shake1.00 As Prepared133071422.5240450165013113
Candy Bar Malt1.00 As Prepared720392221352807465913
Candy Bar Shake1.00 As Prepared155095432215730157611824
Caramel Banana Malt1.00 As Prepared700402331402806835614
Caramel Banana Shake1.00 As Prepared134074433250400165312416
Caramel Malt1.00 As Prepared82042252.51503709707311
Caramel Shake1.00 As Prepared124073132.5250400129010114
Cherry Malt1.00 As Prepared78041242.51403109407011
Cherry Shake1.00 As Prepared108041422.52402509708213
Chocolate Malt1.00 As Prepared79040232.51402409628510
Chocolate Malt Lowfat1.00 As Prepared72040230.51402108026910
Chocolate Shake1.00 As Prepared120072422.524035012528914
Chocolate Shake Lowfat1.00 As Prepared80021130.570390136210617
Chocolate Shake Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared790281819537012029016
ChocolateMalt Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared820105120360174215113
Cookies Extreme Malt1.00 As Prepared330116330230471389
Cookies Extreme Shake1.00 As Prepared139071403230400171113113
Dreamsicle Malt1.00 As Prepared79038222.51354009307516
Dreamsicle Shake1.00 As Prepared110074432.524025010108613
Pineapple Malt1.00 As Prepared81043242.51403508506917
Pineapple Shake1.00 As Prepared121071422.5240280128011313
Raspberry Malt1.00 As Prepared139081472.5245510146011720
Raspberry Shake1.00 As Prepared114071422.524025011209713
Raspberry Vanilla Malt1.00 As Prepared142073432245530180014116
Raspberry Vanilla Shake1.00 As Prepared11207142224025010709213
Root Beer Malt1.00 As Prepared79042242.51453708306617
Root Beer Shake1.00 As Prepared108071422.52402509708213
Strawberry Malt1.00 As Prepared9104426215545011218314
Strawberry Shake1.00 As Prepared10906940224024010619413
Taffy Apple Malt1.00 As Prepared133075142.5255480144411117
Taffy Apple Shake1.00 As Prepared151097442.5230700142410923
Triple Chocolate Malt1.00 As Prepared117043432.524534011249216
Triple Chocolate Shake1.00 As Prepared130076452.5235340141411918
Vanilla Malt1.00 As Prepared810422421453009507913
Vanilla Shake1.00 As Prepared1080714222402509708213

Old Fashioned Sundaes

Butterscotch Sundae1.00 Scoop82038221.52003301090937
Caramel Sundae1.00 Scoop73040241.5145280820638
Chocolate Sundae1.00 Scoop69039231.5135230792608
Marshmallow Sundae1.00 Scoop74038221.5135190910737
Pineapple Sundae1.00 Scoop70038221.5135160810757
Raspberry Sundae1.00 Scoop63038221.5135125650597
Strawberry Sundae1.00 Scoop63038221.5135125661587

Signature Sundaes

Apple-Cin Sundae1.00 As Prepared84040221.51353201120789
Banana Royal1.00 As Prepared130078332180360143711617
Banana Royal Lowfat1.00 As Prepared102078330.565400146711817
Banana Royal Lowfat Yogurt1.00 As Prepared9704313055460140711113
Banana Royal Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared10104817085390134710616
Caramel Cream Sundae1.00 As Prepared86041231.517549011218211
Choc PB Sundae1.00 As Prepared770472311153508146013
Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae1.00 As Prepared1000077331.5150460133611116
Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae Lowfat1.00 As Prepared105052180.565480138611518
Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae Lowfat Yogurt1.00 As Prepared10205118055530134611015
Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared105055210.575470130610717
Hot Fudge Sundae1.00 As Prepared83045251.51502609918812
Hot Fudge Sundae Lowfat1.00 As Prepared63020120.56528010429213
Hot Fudge Sundae Lowfat Yogurt1.00 As Prepared600191205532010028711
Hot Fudge Sundae Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared62023150.5752709628413
Oreo Sundae1.00 As Prepared860422221303601162848
Rocky Road Sundae1.00 As Prepared96056251.513033010047717
Strawberry Shortcake Sundae1.00 As Prepared73037201160300932768
Tin Roof Sundae1.00 As Prepared94056251.51353409837417
Turtle Candy Sundae1.00 As Prepared102068281.51453409547613
Turtle Candy Sundae Lowfat1.00 As Prepared82043130.56036010048014
Turtle Candy Sundae Lowfat Yogurt1.00 As Prepared79043130.5504109647612
Turtle Candy Sundae Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared82046161753509247214

Cookie Sundaes

Strawberry 'N' Sugar Cookie Sundae 1 scoop1.00 Scoop850412411352001112859
Strawberry 'N' Sugar Cookie Sundae 2 scoops2.00 Scoops106053351.5175250135210611
Twisted Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sundae 1 scoop1.00 Scoop121065341120610145510616
Twisted Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sundae 2 scoops2.00 Scoops145080431.5170660166512519
Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sundae 1 scoop1.00 Scoop10105531112542011538813
Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sundae 2 scoops2.00 Scoops124071401.5175250135210611


Butterfingers - Crushed 2 ounces2.00 Ounces26010600130411274
Cookie Dough Pieces 2 ounces2.00 Ounces23085030180390242
French Vanilla Yogurt Lowfat 12 ounces12.00 Ounces4601060253508316910
Gummi Worms2.00 Ounces180000025400293
Health Bars - Crushed 2 ounces2.00 Ounces3101882.515220361332
Ice Cream Soft-Serve 12 ounces12.00 Ounces52017110.5652507616314
M & M's 2 ounces2.00 Ounces28013702035401362
Oreo Cookie Pieces 2 ounces2.00 Ounces27013220300402232
Reese's Cups - Chopped 2 ounces2.00 Ounces3101760<5170320276
Snickers - Chopped 2 ounces2.00 Ounces270135010140291294
Take 5 bar - Chopped2.00 Ounces2901470<5240342245

Oberweis Smoothies

Banana Mango 16 ounces16.00 Ounces420100001046872
Banana Mango 24 ounces24.00 Ounces5801000014371183
Berry Creamy 16 ounces16.00 Ounces43010603080834766
Berry Creamy 24 ounces24.00 Ounces65015904511512571139
Berry Mango 16 ounces16.00 Ounces570210<53513531102
Berry Mango 24 ounces24.00 Ounces860320105520251652
Blueberry Banana 16 ounces16.00 Ounces410200001055972
Blueberry Banana 24 ounces24.00 Ounces5602000514361333
Caramel Apple 16 ounces16.00 Ounces5601381403301040806
Caramel Apple 24 ounces24.00 Ounces800191216046014701149
Island Fruit Fusion 16 ounces16.00 Ounces39000000971831
Island Fruit Fusion 24 ounces24.00 Ounces5900000014521241
Lemonade 16 ounces16.00 Ounces58000008015001350
Lemonade 24 ounces24.00 Ounces870000011522002020
Mango 16 ounces16.00 Ounces35000000850700
Mango 24 ounces24.00 Ounces5300000012701060
Mango-Rita 16 ounces16.00 Ounces4300000451050920
Mango-Rita 24 ounces24.00 Ounces66000007016201410
Raspberry Lemonade 16 ounces16.00 Ounces46000001511531032
Raspberry Lemonade 24 ounces24.00 Ounces83000002020851873
Smooth Sour Apple 16 ounces16.00 Ounces34096030100580554
Smooth Sour Apple 24 ounces24.00 Ounces58014904517010501007
Strawberries & Cream 16 ounces16.00 Ounces4809603080972916
Strawberries & Cream 24 ounces24.00 Ounces72014904511514531368
Strawberry Colada 16 ounces16.00 Ounces610114.500101212993
Strawberry Colada 24 ounces24.00 Ounces910177001518121484
Strawberry Lemonade 16 ounces16.00 Ounces51000004513031242
Strawberry Lemonade 24 ounces24.00 Ounces76010007019551862
Strawberry Smoothie 16 ounces16.00 Ounces31000000803752
Strawberry Smoothie 24 ounces24.00 Ounces4701000512051132
Strawberry-Banana 16 ounces16.00 Ounces33051000853802
Strawberry-Banana 24 ounces24.00 Ounces5201000513351263
Strawberry-Raspberry 16 ounces16.00 Ounces29010000743711
Strawberry-Raspberry 24 ounces24.00 Ounces4602000011551102
Whole Lotta Berry 16 ounces16.00 Ounces4000.5000510731022
Whole Lotta Berry 24 ounces24.00 Ounces6001000515051442
Wild Raspberry Pineapple 16 ounces16.00 Ounces360100010906781
Wild Raspberry Pineapple 24 ounces24.00 Ounces55010001013591172
Yo Berry 16 ounces16.00 Ounces42042010125964875
Yo Berry 24 ounces24.00 Ounces6406301019014461317

Oberweis Ultimate Lattes

Caramel Crème Latte16.00 Ounces610342011252306305510
Cherry Cordial Latte16.00 Ounces63039231.51301805715111
Chocolate Latte16.00 Ounces63039221.51301805514911
Chocolate Marshmallow Latte16.00 Ounces72039231.51302107816611
Cinnamon Latte16.00 Ounces69039230.51402707005711
Coffee Latte16.00 Ounces60038221.51352005204611
Hazelnut Latte16.00 Ounces80038221.513520010009410
Peppermint Latte16.00 Ounces63037211.51301905904910
Turtle Latte16.00 Ounces71040241.51352607316012
Vanilla Bean Latte16.00 Ounces61038221.51352005304611

Oberweis Frozen Lattes

Caramel Frozen Latte 16 ounces16.00 Ounces91034201.511542011308612
Caramel Frozen Latte 24 ounces24.00 Ounces136052312.5180660179013419
Mocha Frozen Latte 16 ounces16.00 Ounces79039231.51352709918011
Mocha Frozen Latte 24 ounces24.00 Ounces114055332190400145111817
Regular Frozen Latte 16 ounces16.00 Ounces73039231.51352308307011
Regular Frozen Latte 24 ounces24.00 Ounces105055322190330122010316
Vanilla Frozen Latte 16 ounces16.00 Ounces74039231.51352308707211
Vanilla Frozen Latte 24 ounces24.00 Ounces107055322190340127010816

Oberweis Iced Lattes

Caramel Iced Latte 16 ounces16.00 Ounces410960.5353806704712
Caramel Iced Latte 24 ounces24.00 Ounces67015915532011107719
Mocha Iced Latte 16 ounces16.00 Ounces320640252005514911
Mocha Iced Latte 24 ounces24.00 Ounces58010603535010419217
Regular Iced Latte 16 ounces16.00 Ounces190740251901801812
Regular Iced Latte 24 ounces24.00 Ounces2901170402802602618
Vanilla Iced Latte 16 ounces16.00 Ounces170640251601801810
Vanilla Iced Latte 24 ounces24.00 Ounces280960352602802816

Oberweis Hot Chocolate & Cider

Frosted Mint Hot Chocolate13.00 Ounces49016905542013236213
Hazelnut Hot Chocolate14.00 Ounces4901690554207836213
Hot Caramel Cider12.00 Ounces35032010240800671
Kid's Frosted Mint Hot Chocolate11.00 Ounces280530152801092417
Kid's Hazelnut Hot Chocolate12.00 Ounces28053015280552417
Kid's Raspberry Hot Chocolate12.00 Ounces28053015280552417
Kid's Traditional Hot Chocolate10.00 Ounces28053015280552417
Raspberry Hot Chocolate14.00 Ounces4901690554207836213
Traditional Hot Chocolate12.00 Ounces4901690554207836213

Kid's Shakes

Banana Shake Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared37017110.555110492427
Butterscotch Shake Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared44017110.555210660566
Caramel Shake Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared40018110.560190530417
Cherry Shake Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared32017110.555115370316
Chocolate Shake Soft-Serve Kids1.00 As Prepared38017110.555160511397
PineappleShake Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared38017110.555125520476
Raspberry Shake Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared35017110.555110440396
Root Beer Shake Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared32017110.555115370316
Strawberry Shake Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared32095030130541477
Vanilla Shake Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared32017110.555115370316

Kid's Signature Sundaes

Cow Spot Sundae Soft-Serve1.00 As Prepared320147030100471384

Kid's Frostbites

Butterfingers - Crushed 1 ounce1.00 Ounce130530065200142
Cookie Dough Pieces 1 ounce1.00 Ounce1204201590200121
French Vanilla Yogurt Lowfat8.50 Ounces33074015250590497
Gummi Bears1.00 Ounces100000010230161
Health Bars - Crushed 1 ounce1.00 Ounce160941.510110180171
Ice Cream Soft-Serve 8.5 ounces8.50 Ounces41019120.565160490429
M & M's 1 ounce1.00 Ounce1406401020201181
Oreo Cookie Pieces 1 ounce1.00 Ounce1406110150201121
Reese's Cups - Chopped 1 ounce1.00 Ounce160960080160133
Snickers - Chopped 1 ounce1.00 Ounce140730<570141142
Take 5 Pieces1.00 Ounces1407400120171123

Kid's U-PIK-EM Sundaes

Butterfingers - Crushed 1 ounce1.00 Ounce130530065200142
Butterscotch Topping1.00 Ounces1300000100310260
Caramel Topping1.00 Ounces90110<580180110
Chocolate Syrup1.00 Ounces70000050161100
Cookie Dough Pieces 1 ounce1.00 Ounce1204201590200121
Health Bars - Crushed 1 ounce1.00 Ounce160941.510110180171
Ice Cream Soft-Serve 3 ounce3.00 Ounces1507402055170183
M & M's 1 ounce1.00 Ounce1406401020201181
Marshmallow Topping1.00 Ounces90000030220160
Oreo Cookie Pieces 1 ounce1.00 Ounce1406110150201121
Pineapple Topping1.00 Ounces70000015170170
Raspberry Topping1.00 Ounces35000009090
Reese's Cups - Chopped 1 ounce1.00 Ounce160960080160133
Snickers - Chopped 1 ounce1.00 Ounce140730<570141142
Strawberry Topping1.00 Ounces30000008070


Chocolate Dipped Waffle Cone1.00 Cone3001270.5104048129300
Waffle Cone1.00 Cone18051010535116200

Oberweis Cakes and Pies

Brownie Ala Mode Pie0.12 Pie51024140.540260702555
Butter Brickle® Pie0.12 Pie5003017180200540463
Carrot Cake 6"0.08 Cake49034113<5270101335
Celebration Cake 8"0.06 Cake4002012140320511385
Chocolate Avalance Cake 8"0.06 Cake69044262.5100510712585
Cookie Dough Pieces 1/8 pie0.12 Pie47026132.545220541395
Cookies 'N Cream Cake 8"0.06 Cake2701911140360521345
German Chocolate Cake 6"0.08 Cake4402711050290452366
Grasshopper Pie0.12 Pie4202414150180421343
Key Lime Pie0.12 Pie3902011240180491353
Moolata Mocha Pie0.12 Pie330189240180381274
Peppermint Pie0.12 Pie36021102.540160401314
Pumpkin Pie0.12 Pie40023140.54595451294
Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie0.12 Pie5103013555320561405
Strawberry Tort Cake 6"0.08 Cake300169025210360243
Taffy Apple0.12 Pie43020112.535230541375
Turtle Pie0.12 Pie46030132.540260501365

Oberweis Premium Ice Cream

Amaretto Dream 10 ounces10.00 Ounces920583021353705907710
Amaretto Dream 3 ounces3.00 Ounces2801890.540110270233
Amaretto Dream 6 ounces6.00 Ounces5503518180220540466
Apple Strudel Ice Cream 10 ounces10.00 Ounces74046261.5160190740669
Apple Strudel Ice Cream 3 ounces3.00 Ounces22017805055220203
Apple Strudel Ice Cream 6 ounces6.00 Ounces4502816195110440406
Birthday Cake 10 ounces10.00 Ounces78045261.5155190790719
Birthday Cake 3 ounces3.00 Ounces23014804555240213
Birthday Cake 6 ounces6.00 Ounces4702816195115470435
Black Cherry Ice Cream 10 ounces10.00 Ounces74043251.5150210790709
Black Cherry Ice Cream 3 ounces3.00 Ounces22013704560240213
Black Cherry Ice Cream 6 ounces6.00 Ounces4502615190120480425
Blueberry Cream Cheese 10 ounces10.00 Ounces82049273150200880719
Blueberry Cream Cheese 3 ounces3.00 Ounces25014814560260213
Blueberry Cream Cheese 6 ounces6.00 Ounces5002916290120530436
Brandy Ice Cream 10 ounces10.00 Ounces77048281.51651906505610
Brandy Ice Cream 3 ounces3.00 Ounces2301480.55055190173
Brandy Ice Cream 6 ounces6.00 Ounces46029171100110390336
Brownie Fudge Twirl 10 ounces10.00 Ounces79046261.51502708617311
Brownie Fudge Twirl 3 ounces3.00 Ounces2401780.54580260223
Brownie Fudge Twirl 6 ounces6.00 Ounces4802816190160521446
Butter Brickle® 10 ounces10.00 Ounces820522921752408007310
Butter Brickle® 3 ounces3.00 Ounces2501690.55070240223
Butter Brickle® 6 ounces6.00 Ounces50031171105140480446
Butter Pecan 10 ounces10.00 Ounces83055261.51503907516510
Butter Pecan 3 ounces3.00 Ounces250168045120220203
Butter Pecan 6 ounces6.00 Ounces5003316190240450396
Chocolate 10 ounces10.00 Ounces790523021701707226411
Chocolate 3 ounces3.00 Ounces2401690.55050211193
Chocolate 6 ounces6.00 Ounces48031181100100431387
Chocolate Almond 10 ounces10.00 Ounces85058291.51602207046114
Chocolate Almond 3 ounces3.00 Ounces25017704565211184
Chocolate Almond 6 ounces6.00 Ounces5103517195130422379
Chocolate Caramel Crunch 10 ounces10.00 Ounces82045251.51303109738813
Chocolate Caramel Crunch 3 ounces3.00 Ounces25013804095291264
Chocolate Caramel Crunch 6 ounces6.00 Ounces5002615180190582538
Chocolate Chip 10 ounces10.00 Ounces810523021701907316411
Chocolate Chip 3 ounces3.00 Ounces2401690.55055220193
Chocolate Chip 6 ounces6.00 Ounces48031181100110441386
Chocolate Chocolate Chip 10 ounces10.00 Ounces83053311.51601607736812
Chocolate Chocolate Chip 3 ounces3.00 Ounces25016905050231504
Chocolate Chocolate Chip 6 ounces6.00 Ounces500321819595462417
Chocolate Marshmallow 10 ounces10.00 Ounces80045261.51451809027510
Chocolate Marshmallow 3 ounces3.00 Ounces24014804555271223
Chocolate Marshmallow 6 ounces6.00 Ounces4802716190105541456
Chocolate Peanut Butter 10 ounces10.00 Ounces92064301.51453907145919
Chocolate Peanut Butter 3 ounces3.00 Ounces280199045115211186
Chocolate Peanut Butter 6 ounces6.00 Ounces55039181902404223611
Cinnamon 10 ounces10.00 Ounces760502921801906705910
Cinnamon 3 ounces3.00 Ounces2301580.55060200183
Cinnamon 6 ounces6.00 Ounces46030181105115400356
Coffee 10 ounces10.00 Ounces750502921751906505810
Coffee 3 ounces3.00 Ounces2301590.55055200173
Coffee 6 ounces6.00 Ounces45030171105115390356
Cookie Dough 10 ounces10.00 Ounces83046271.51653309307510
Cookie Dough 3 ounces3.00 Ounces250148050100280223
Cookie Dough 6 ounces6.00 ounces50028161100200560456
Cookies 'N Cream 10 ounces10.00 Ounces800512821652507516210
Cookies 'N Cream 3 ounces3.00 Ounces2401580.55075230193
Cookies 'N Cream 6 ounces6.00 Ounces48031171100150450376
Dark Chocolate 10 ounces10.00 Ounces80052301.51601907456114
Dark Chocolate 3 ounces3.00 Ounces24016905055222184
Dark Chocolate 6 ounces6.00 Ounces48030181100115453378
Dulce DeLeche 10 ounces10.00 Ounces77045261.51552508407310
Dulce DeLeche 3 ounces3.00 Ounces2301380.54575250223
Dulce DeLeche 6 ounces6.00 Ounces4602715190150500446
Egg Nog 10 ounces10.00 Ounces78048271.52301907706810
Egg Nog 3 ounces3.00 Ounces2301480.57055230203
Egg Nog 6 ounces6.00 Ounces47029161140115460416
Mango Pomegranate 10 ounces10.00 Ounces73040231135150850738
Mango Pomegranate 3 ounces3.00 Ounces22012704045260222
Mango Pomegranate 6 ounces6.00 Ounces440241418090510445
Mint Chip 10 ounces10.00 Ounces81052301.54654907216311
Mint Chip 3 ounces3.00 Ounces2401690.55055220193
Mint Chip 6 ounces6.00 Ounces49031181100110431386
Peach 10 ounces10.00 Ounces70040231140190771688
Peach 3 ounces3.00 Ounces21012704055230202
Peach 6 ounces6.00 Ounces4202414185115460415
Peppermint 10 ounces10.00 Ounces790492821651907806410
Peppermint 3 ounces3.00 Ounces2401580.55055230193
Peppermint 6 ounces6.00 Ounces48029171100110470396
Pistachio 10 ounces10.00 Ounces78045261.5155190790719
Pistachio 3 ounces3.00 Ounces23014804555240213
Pistachio 6 ounces6.00 Ounces4702816195115470435
Pumpkin 10 ounces10.00 Ounces73046271.5160200701629
Pumpkin 3 ounces3.00 Ounces22017805060210183
Pumpkin 6 ounces6.00 Ounces4402816195120420376
Rocky Road 10 ounces10.00 Ounces880532611352608747114
Rocky Road 3 ounces3.00 Ounces26016901075261214
Rocky Road 6 ounces6.00 Ounces5303216180160522429
Strawberry 10 ounces10.00 Ounces71041241140180781698
Strawberry 3 ounces3.00 Ounces21012704050230212
Strawberry 6 ounces6.00 Ounces4302514185105470415
Strawberry Cheesecake 10 ounces10.00 Ounces82049273150200880719
Strawberry Cheesecake 3 ounces3.00 Ounces25014814560260213
Strawberry Cheesecake 6 ounces6.00 Ounces5002916290120530436
Udderly Truffles 10 ounces10.00 Ounces820512921502308317411
Udderly Truffles 3 ounces3.00 Ounces2501590.54570250223
Udderly Truffles 6 ounces6.00 Ounces5003018190135501447
Vanilla 10 ounces10.00 Ounces770513021801906705910
Vanilla 3 ounces3.00 Ounces2301590.55560200183
Vanilla 6 ounces6.00 Ounces46031181105115400356

Oberweis Lowfat Ice Cream

Lowfat Chocolate 10 ounces10.00 Ounces4301060302307325913
Lowfat Chocolate 3 ounces3.00 Ounces1303201070271213
Lowfat Chocolate 6 ounces6.00 Ounces26064020135441368
Lowfat Chocolate Marshmallow 10 ounces10.00 Ounces490950252309127111
Lowfat Chocolate Marshmallow 3 ounces3.00 Ounces1503201070271213
Lowfat Chocolate Marshmallow 6 ounces6.00 Ounces30053015135541427
Lowfat Strawberry 10 ounces10.00 Ounces450740302008517310
Lowfat Strawberry 3 ounces3.00 Ounces1302101060250223
Lowfat Strawberry 6 ounces6.00 Ounces27043015115510446
Lowfat Vanilla 10 ounces10.00 Ounces440950352207616513
Lowfat Vanilla 3 ounces3.00 Ounces1303201065200204
Lowfat Vanilla 6 ounces6.00 Ounces26053020130450408

Oberweis Soft Serve Ice Cream

Soft-Serve Vanilla 10 ounces10.00 Ounces48023151751905805011
Soft-Serve Vanilla 3 ounces3.00 Ounces1507402055170183
Soft-Serve Vanilla 6 ounces6.00 Ounces290149045115350307

Oberweis Lowfat Yogurt

French Vanilla Yogurt 10 ounces10.00 Ounces38085020300691588
French Vanilla Yogurt 3 ounces3.00 Ounces110220<590210172
French Vanilla Yogurt 6 ounces6.00 Ounces23053010180420355
No-Sugar-Added Chocolate Yogurt 10 ounces10.00 Ounces210210<54102412117
No-Sugar-Added Chocolate Yogurt 3 ounces3.00 Ounces6010001207065
No-Sugar-Added Chocolate Yogurt 6 ounces6.00 Ounces130110<52501501311


Lemon Sorbet 3 ounces3.00 Ounces120000010300240
Lemon Sorbet 6 ounces6.00 Ounces120000010300240
Oberweis Orange Sherbet 10 ounces10.00 Ounces0000000000
Oberweis Orange Sherbet 3 ounces3.00 Ounces1501.510<530330261
Oberweis Orange Sherbet 6 ounces6.00 Ounces1601.510<530340271
Oberweis Raspberry Sherbet 10 ounces10.00 Ounces0000000000
Oberweis Raspberry Sherbet 3 ounces3.00 Ounces1501.510<530330261
Oberweis Raspberry Sherbet 6 ounces6.00 Ounces1601.510<530340271
Rainbow Sherbet 10 ounces10.00 Ounces500950251801050785
Rainbow Sherbet 3 ounces3.00 Ounces150320<555320231
Rainbow Sherbet 6 ounces6.00 Ounces30053015110630473
Vanilla Custard 10 ounces10.00 Ounces38085020300691588
Vanilla Custard 3 ounces3.00 Ounces110220<590210172
Vanilla Custard 6 ounces6.00 Ounces23053010180420355

Ice cream isn’t the only food item available at Oberweis. They have pastries, deli products, cheese, cookies, quiches, and other produce which are directly bought from farmers. Aside from the guarantee of freshness in their food items, Oberweis practices social responsibility by giving business to small farmers and suppliers and trading fairly with them.

The Oberweis product lines are numerous and extensive. To view them as well as obtain additional Oberweis nutrition facts, check out their website at http://www.oberweis.com.

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