A Nutritionist’s Guide To Fast Food Chains

Most people think that nutritionists are people who have managed to break above the rest and are able to control their cravings. They may think that nutritionists are people who eat organic home cooked meals every single day. The truth is, well, that is not exactly true. Nutritionists are people too. While they try to incorporate as much home cooked meals to their daily routine, they do eat at fast food chains as well, and not just ones that serve “health freak” food.

Nutritionists have tight schedules to keep, making it impossible for them to cook every single meal they consume. Fast food still remains part of their weekly indulgences. However, they do make sure that they eat to suit their caloric requirements for a certain day. Here are a few fast food eating tips that nutritionists swear by.

No Sodas Please

On hot and humid days, you might fantasize about downing a liter of your favorite soda. This type of beverage provides you with quite a refreshing taste and how can anyone say no to a glass of their favorite soda on a warm day? However, the experts will tell you that you should avoid it as much as possible. Any nutritional expert will tell you that soda contains high amounts of sugar. It gives you that sugar rush that you crave but has no nutritional value whatsoever.

If you are looking for a refreshing drink, have fresh lemonade instead. This contains healthy lemon, which is great for conditioning your digestive tract. It is basic, making it perfect for people who have certain gastrointestinal problems. Please note that water will always be the best option for people trying to lose weight.

Avoid The Mayo

When you are on a diet, mayonnaise is a common culprit. This conveniently available condiment is a problem for people who are on strict diets. A tiny dollop can set you back so many calories. Which is why you should avoid it as much as you can. Mayonnaise contains more calories per tablespoon that you would dare imagine.

Mayo is delightful with a burger or wrap. This is why most of us find it hard to give it up. If you must have mayonnaise, please make sure that you ask your server for smaller servings or a low-calorie brand. This will allow you to enjoy the taste without having to fret over the calories you consumed.

Forget The Bun

weight-loss-fast-foodWhat is a burger without a bun? While we would do whatever we could to eat our burger as a whole, we need to consider a few considerations. Firstly, burger buns contain carbohydrates. These are needed by the body in order to convert sugars and fats into energy.

If you exercise daily, you could have the bun with your patty. However, if it is meant to be your last meal for the day, it is understandable that you would feel the need to devour it as a whole. Please note that people with serotonin imbalance will love the calming effect that carbs provide, making them perfect for sleepless nights.

Eat As Much Protein As Possible

Protein is something that should be added to the diets of men and animals. You need protein to develop properly and to help your body accomplish that, you need to give it the recognition that it needs. Just 30 grams of daily protein is enough to keep your body parts. Enjoy succulent seafood, beef and pork varieties to burn energy for your daily needs.

Indulge And Let Go

As long as you keep things in separate container, you will reap the benefits of eating healthy as you reach your old age. This will allow you to eat a smaller portion of the condiments, like mustard, for example.

Eating out is a luxury that only the few could afford before. However, in this day and age, we are all capable of dining out, thanks to affordable food options. If you musty dine out, make sure you stick to food that is healthier. If that is impossible for you, it would help if you asked another waiter to wait on you. Most chefs will allow you to substitute different flavors and allow requests to “tweak” their food choices.

Before you eat out with a friend, please make sure that you commit these rules to heart, as some acquaintances may place the devil’s advocate and pressure you to match the size of his or her meal. Therefore, understanding portion control is just as important as choosing healthy food. Also, make sure that your friend is willing to split means with you if you want to eat a small portion of something you are craving. At the end of the day, it is not just about the ingredients alone. Portioning is the best way to enjoy your favorite food without the added guilt.

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