Long John Silver’s Nutrition

Fast food restaurants that specialize in seafood usually have high calorie menu choices, but a look at Long John Silver’s nutrition will show that several items have less than 500 calories.

A good example of this is the Popcorn Shrimp, as a single snack box has just 330 calories and 12 grams of fat, and the Breaded Clam Strips is even lower with 280 calories and just 16 grams of fat. Most fast food sandwiches, not surprisingly, have a high calorie count, but the Seafood Salad Sandwich only has 480 calories and 28 grams of fat, and their Baja Fish Taco has 490 calories with 35 grams of fat.

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FoodServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Alaskan Pollock & Sea Food

Battered Alaskan Pollock1.00 piece230153040580141012
Battered Cod1.00 piece230153035560100014
Battered Shrimp3.00 piece130920453505006
Breaded Catfish1.00 piece300174040680263013
Breaded Clam Strips1.00 snack box280183010103020157
Crab Cake1.00 cake19010302559018027
Dippin' Fish Strips5.00 pieces410316055630140016
Hold the Batter® Cod1.00 piece450003511000010
Hold the Batter® Shrimp3.00 pieces25000451050005
Popcorn Shrimp1.00 snack box33022507051020108

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders1.00 piece19011202546013109

Sandwiches & More

Baja Chicken Strip Taco1.00 taco5603670301240442113
Baja Fish Taco1.00 taco5303770301030372211
Ciabatta Jack Chicken Sandwich1.00 sandwich73044100651740573227
Ciabatta Jack Fish Sandwich1.00 sandwich5703580501410452220

Sauces and Condiments

BBQ1.00 dipping cup40000023010060
Cocktail Sauce1.00 dipping cup2500003306030
Creamy Garlic Butter Sauce1.00 oz.1001170302101000
Honey Mustard1.00 dipping cup100620017012060
Ketchup1.00 pouch3000002508060
Louisiana Hot Sauce1.00 teaspoon000001400000
Malt Vinegar0.50 oz.00000350000
Marinara1.00 dipping cup1500001254121
Ranch1.00 dipping cup1601730152402010
Sweet & Sour Sauce1.00 dipping cup45000012012070
Sweet & Zesty Asian Sauce1.00 oz.450000220110100
Sweet Thai Chili Sauce1.00 dipping cup60000030014090
Tartar Sauce1.00 dipping cup100810102606040
Zesty Tartar Sauce1.00 dipping cup140153002201010


Baked Potato1.00 piece300000036067836
Battered Onion Rings5.00 pieces3702950079027232
Breaded Mozzarella Sticks3.00 pieces17010401540012015
Broccoli Cheese Bites5.00 pieces31024601044018335
Broccoli Cheese Soup1.00 bowl2201880306508125
Clam Chowder1.00 bowl23016603582016009
Cole Slaw4.00 oz.200153020340153101
Corn Cobbette with Butter Oil1.00 cobbette150102003014363
Corn Cobbette without Butter Oil1.00 cobbette903100014363
Crumblies®1.00 oz.1801430040012001
Fries4.00 oz.2101030031027303
Hushpuppy2.00 pups160920039018112
Jalapeno Cheddar Bites5.00 pieces25016501063018136
Jalapeno Peppers1.00 whole pepper1500001902011
Macaroni & Cheese4.00 oz.1506301049019136
Rice5.00 oz.180110047037214
Seasoned Green Beans4.00 oz.3000003605211


Chocolate Cream Pie1.00 slice2801710010230281193
Pecan Pie1.00 slice410216070220521224
Pineapple Cream Pie1.00 slice3001711010250350253
Strawberry Cream1.00 slice27015100< 5220311223

Iceflow Lemonade

Iceflow™ Lemonade16.00 oz. cup190000015470400
Strawberry Iceflow Lemonade16.00 oz. cup240000015600480


Diet Mountain Dew® - kids12.00 fl. oz.00000600000
Diet Mountain Dew® - large40.00 fl. oz.000002000000
Diet Mountain Dew® - medium32.00 fl. oz.000001600000
Diet Mountain Dew® - small20.00 fl. oz.000001000000
Diet Mountain Dew® 12 fl oz12.00 fl oz00000600000
Diet Mountain Dew® 20 fl oz20.00 fl oz000001000000
Diet Mountain Dew® 32 fl oz32.00 fl oz000001600000
Diet Mountain Dew® 40 fl oz40.00 fl oz000002000000
Diet Pepsi® - kids12.00 fl. oz.00000350000
Diet Pepsi® - large40.00 fl. oz.000001250000
Diet Pepsi® - medium32.00 fl. oz.000001000000
Diet Pepsi® - small20.00 fl. oz.00000600000
Diet Pepsi® 12 fl oz12.00 fl oz00000350000
Diet Pepsi® 20 fl oz20.00 fl oz00000600000
Diet Pepsi® 32 fl oz32.00 fl oz000001000000
Diet Pepsi® 40 fl oz40.00 fl oz000001250000
Dr. Pepper® - kids12.00 fl. oz.150000050400400
Dr. Pepper® - large40.00 fl. oz.500000018013501350
Dr. Pepper® - medium32.00 fl. oz.400000014010801080
Dr. Pepper® - small20.00 fl. oz.250000085670670
Dr. Pepper® 12 fl oz12.00 fl oz150000050400400
Dr. Pepper® 20 fl oz20.00 fl oz250000085670670
Dr. Pepper® 32 fl oz32.00 fl oz400000014010801080
Dr. Pepper® 40 fl oz40.00 fl oz500000018013501350
Iceflow™ Lemonade16.00 oz. cup190000015470400
Lipton® Raspberry Tea - kids12.00 fl. oz.120000035310310
Lipton® Raspberry Tea - large40.00 fl. oz.400000012510501050
Lipton® Raspberry Tea - medium32.00 fl. oz.3200000100840840
Lipton® Raspberry Tea - small20.00 fl. oz.200000060520520
Lipton® Raspberry Tea 12 fl oz12.00 fl oz120000035310310
Lipton® Raspberry Tea 20 fl oz20.00 fl oz200000060520520
Lipton® Raspberry Tea 32 fl oz32.00 fl oz3200000100840840
Lipton® Raspberry Tea 40 fl oz40.00 fl oz400000012510501050
Mountain Dew® - kids12.00 fl. oz.160000050430430
Mountain Dew® - large40.00 fl. oz.550000017014501450
Mountain Dew® - medium32.00 fl. oz.440000014011601160
Mountain Dew® - small20.00 fl. oz.270000085720720
Mountain Dew® 12 fl oz12.00 fl oz160000050430430
Mountain Dew® 20 fl oz20.00 fl oz270000085720720
Mountain Dew® 32 fl oz32.00 fl oz440000014011601160
Mountain Dew® 40 fl oz40.00 fl oz550000017014501450
Pepsi® - kids12.00 fl. oz.150000035420400
Pepsi® - large40.00 fl. oz.500000012514001350
Pepsi® - medium32.00 fl. oz.400000010011001080
Pepsi® - small20.00 fl. oz.250000060700670
Pepsi® 12 fl oz12.00 fl oz150000035420400
Pepsi® 20 fl oz20.00 fl oz250000060700670
Pepsi® 32 fl oz32.00 fl oz400000010011201080
Pepsi® 40 fl oz40.00 fl oz500000012514001350
Sierra Mist® - kids12.00 fl. oz.150000030400400
Sierra Mist® - large40.00 fl. oz.500000010013501350
Sierra Mist® - medium32.00 fl. oz.40000008010801080
Sierra Mist® - small20.00 fl. oz.250000050670670
Sierra Mist® 12 fl oz12.00 fl oz150000030400400
Sierra Mist® 20 fl oz20.00 fl oz250000050670670
Sierra Mist® 32 fl oz32.00 fl oz40000008010801080
Sierra Mist® 40 fl oz40.00 fl oz500000010013501350
Silver's Tea (sweetened) 12 fl oz12.00 fl oz130000015320320
Silver's Tea (sweetened) 20 fl oz20.00 fl oz210000020540540
Silver's Tea (sweetened) 32 fl oz32.00 fl oz340000035870860
Silver's Tea (sweetened) 40 fl oz40.00 fl oz42000004010801080
Silver's Tea (unsweetened) 12 fl oz12.00 fl oz00000150000
Silver's Tea (unsweetened) 20 fl oz20.00 fl oz00000250000
Silver's Tea (unsweetened) 32 fl oz32.00 fl oz00000350000
Silver's Tea (unsweetened) 40 fl oz40.00 fl oz00000450000
Strawberry Iceflow Lemonade16.00 oz. cup240000015600480
Tropicana® Fruit Punch - kids12.00 fl. oz.160000035450450
Tropicana® Fruit Punch - large40.00 fl. oz.550000012515001500
Tropicana® Fruit Punch - medium32.00 fl. oz.440000010012001200
Tropicana® Fruit Punch - small20.00 fl. oz.270000060750750
Tropicana® Fruit Punch 12 fl oz12.00 fl oz160000035450450
Tropicana® Fruit Punch 20 fl oz20.00 fl oz270000060750750
Tropicana® Fruit Punch 32 fl oz32.00 fl oz440000010012001200
Tropicana® Fruit Punch 40 fl oz40.00 fl oz550000012515001500
Tropicana® Lemonade - kids12.00 fl. oz.1500000160410410
Tropicana® Lemonade - large40.00 fl. oz.500000053013501350
Tropicana® Lemonade - medium32.00 fl. oz.400000042010801080
Tropicana® Lemonade - small20.00 fl. oz.2500000270680680
Tropicana® Lemonade 12 fl oz12.00 fl oz1500000160410410
Tropicana® Lemonade 20 fl oz20.00 fl oz2500000270680680
Tropicana® Lemonade 32 fl oz32.00 fl oz400000042010801080
Tropicana® Lemonade 40 fl oz40.00 fl oz500000053013501350
Tropicana® Twister® Orange - kids12.00 fl. oz.170000040470450
Tropicana® Twister® Orange - large40.00 fl. oz.550000012515501500
Tropicana® Twister® Orange - medium32.00 fl. oz.440000010012401200
Tropicana® Twister® Orange - small20.00 fl. oz.280000065780750
Tropicana® Twister® Orange 12 fl oz12.00 fl oz170000040470450
Tropicana® Twister® Orange 20 fl oz20.00 fl oz280000065780750
Tropicana® Twister® Orange 32 fl oz32.00 fl oz440000010012401200
Tropicana® Twister® Orange 40 fl oz40.00 fl oz550000012515501500
Wild Cherry Pepsi® - kids12.00 fl. oz.150000030420420
Wild Cherry Pepsi® - large40.00 fl. oz.500000010014001400
Wild Cherry Pepsi® - medium32.00 fl. oz.40000008011201120
Wild Cherry Pepsi® - small20.00 fl. oz.250000050700700
Wild Cherry Pepsi® 12 fl oz12.00 fl oz150000030420420
Wild Cherry Pepsi® 20 fl oz20.00 fl oz250000050700700
Wild Cherry Pepsi® 32 fl oz32.00 fl oz40000008011201120
Wild Cherry Pepsi® 40 fl oz40.00 fl oz500000010014001400

If you’re willing to forego the sandwiches and just stick with the salads and dressings, you have even more low calorie options like the 35 calorie side salad, the 310 calorie Seafood Salad and the delicious Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad, which has 390 calories.

As far as desserts go, the Strawberry Cream is the best option with only 270 calories, and the Pineapple Cream Pie with 300 calories and 17 grams of  fat. For more information about Long John Silver’s nutrition you just need to visit the official website at http://www.ljsilvers.com.

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