Lion’s Choice Nutrition

The first step to eating healthy is to pick the right item on the menu. Now this can be difficult if you’re eating out at a typical fast food restaurant, but Lion’s Choice nutrition is different, as they’ve got a wide selection of options available. For instance, their LC regular Roast Beef Sandwich has 284 calories and 5.8 grams of fat, whereas the competition has 340 calories and 11 grams of fat, a significant difference.

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FoodServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Cholesterol (g)Sodium (mg)Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugards (g)Protein (g)


Original Roast Beef Sandwich1 Sandwich33212339682302726.5
Original Roast Beef No Bun1 Sandwich1243.823940200022.5
Original Roast Beef Sandwich no Butter1 Sandwich2825.8239682302726.5
Original Roast Beef Sandwich on Wheat1 Sandwich34313339702292627.5
King Beef Sandwich1 Sandwich45615.8578682302752
French Dip Sandwich1 Sandwich49513255909613837
Italian Beef Sandwich1 Sandwich5301325514206831138
Original Roast Beef Sandwich w/Cheddar1 Sandwich383154.5391050342828
Original Roast Beef Sandwich w/Swiss1 Sandwich39616552876332730
Large Roast Beef Sandwich - Steak Bun1 Sandwich455153557394431036
Large Roast Beef Sandwich w/Cheddar - Steak Bun1 Sandwich535205.55513005131237
Large Roast Beef Sandwich w/Swiss - Steak Bun1 Sandwich519185679334431039
Original Turkey Breast Sandwich1 Sandwich2689236850272717
Original Turkey Breast Sandwich no Butter1 Sandwich2182.8136850272717
Original Turkey Breast Sandwich on Wheat1 Sandwich27910236870262618
King Turkey Sandwich1 Sandwich337102701450292829
Original Ham Sandwich1 Sandwich276112359652711019
Original Ham Sandwich no Butter1 Sandwich2264.82.1359652711019
Original Ham Sandwich on Wheat1 Sandwich28712235985261920
King Ham Sandwich1 Sandwich3581437014852711034
Original BBQ Beef Sandwich1 Sandwich3345.82394804321626.5
Original BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich1 Sandwich314823511954011319
Jumbo Hot Dog - All Beef1 Sandwich33524835860260310
Jumbo Chili Dog - All Beef1 Sandwich387271044930292413
Kid’s Toasted Cheese Sandwich1 Sandwich40618628902470014
Kid’s Roast Beef Sandwich no Butter1 Sandwich1442.30.518440191210.5
Kid’s Turkey Breast Sandwich no Butter1 Sandwich1382019442191210
Kid’s Ham Sandwich no Butter1 Sandwich1382.25122430191210

On The Side

Natural-Cut Fries1 Serving298143059239304
Natural-Cut Fries w/Cheddar1 Serving335165559241316
Large Natural-Cut Fries1 Serving428205084656506
Large Natural-Cut Fries w/Cheddar1 Serving50025810846605210
Mandarin Oranges1 Serving7000010180170
Baked Potato1 Serving2402102651708
Baked Potato w/Butter and Sour Cream1 Serving5722510421678709
Baked Potato w/ Cheddar1 Serving3609.54.7070661.53310
Side Salad1 Serving37000236403
Chef Salad1 Serving330167180700133532
Cole Slaw - Seasonal1 Serving335132372151121
Potato Salad - Seasonal1 Serving19081576028262
Veggie Sticks1 Serving28000526101
Veggie Dip1 Serving110102204906000
Broccoli Soup1 Serving130721589012154
Buffalo Chicken Soup1 Serving2301754581012118
Beef Pot Roast Soup1 Serving120311088015237
Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Soup1 Serving2201042017202042017
Hearty Chili1 Serving23412.64.440315155213.5
Go-Gurt1 Serving700.50530130102
Apple Sauce1 Serving450003111.580


Au Jus1 Serving50001701000
Ranch Dressing1 Serving280305155413020
Lite Ranch Dressing1 Serving110102204906000
Italian Dressing1 Serving14214205814030
Reduced Fat Italian Dressing1 Serving928104215030
Blue Cheese Dressing1 Serving180193.554402010
Catalina Dressing1 Serving1421020700130120
Horseradish Sauce1 Serving60715902010
Chipotle Ranch1 Serving160172.553002020
BBQ Sauce1 Serving280003147060
Ketchup1 Serving150001904040
Cheddar Cheese1 Slice402.51.552052012
Cheddar Cheese Cup1 Cup603.82.383073012
Pepper Jack Cheese1 Serving7063.521200005
Provel Cheese1 Serving10086253601006
Swiss Cheese1 Serving5042.5152100004
Sour Cream1 Serving6053.520502011

Desserts & Treats

Regular Orange or Lemon Freeze1 Freeze535139662859207613
Regular Vanilla Frozen Custard Cone1 Cone542117228061
Regular Vanilla Frozen Custard Dipped Cone1 Cone11174172210082
Large Vanilla Frozen Custard Cone1 Cone182635673270205
Large Vanilla Frozen Custard Dipped Cone1 Cone2661485673300235
Dish of Vanilla Frozen Custard1 Serving2009.45.758145250213
Regular Vanilla Shake1 Shake465139662857406613
Regular Chocolate Shake1 Shake517139662958717813
Regular Strawberry Shake1 Shake517139662858707813
Regular Concrete1 Serving318106101132490378
Regular Chocolate Sundae1 Sunday3066351120580185
Regular Hot Fudge Sundae1 Sunday33614551120580185
Regular Strawberry Sundae1 Sunday329635166590185
Chocolate Chip Cookie1 Cookie1808520135271172
Macadamia Nut Cookie1 Cookie20011620130241162
Lemon Cooler Cookie1 Cookie1909625150280162
Royale Cookie1 Cookie20011615120241152
Sugar Cookie1 Cookie19084.530190270152

Ham sandwiches are very popular those looking for a healthier alternative to beef, but that’s not always the case. Some ham sandwiches have as much as 290 calories and 4.5 grams of fat. The LC Regular Ham, in contrast, has only 263 calories and 4.7 grams of fat. Their products, it should be noted, are 100% lean beef, which isn’t only delicious, but also high in protein and low in fat.

In addition you may want to try the LC Turkey which has only 222 calories and 4 grams of fat, while the competing brands have 280 calories. If you want to learn more information about Lion’s Choice nutrition just go to their official website at, where you’ll find a complete nutritional reference guide there.

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