The Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants in the US

In the past two decades, people have become more calorie and content conscious. Thus, they begin to forgo local fast food offerings and prefer restaurants instead. This is because they co-relate fast food with atherosclerosis, obesity and a whole list of possible medical issues. A lot of people think that eating at fast food restaurants means sacrificing your health for binge-worthy food.

Instead of blaming one’s favorite fast food chain for obesity or health problems, it would be wise to consider portioning. The biggest mistake most Americans make is eating a meal that is good enough for two or three starving children in some foreign land in just one sitting. Therefore, in most cases, it is not the fast food chains that are responsible for heart disease, but the consumer, as he or she chooses how much he or she can shovel down.

Making The Big Switch

Unbeknownst to many, certain fast food chains have made the switch to healthier options. Therefore, if a person thought that his or her restaurant favorites are healthier than what he or she could get at a local fast food joint, that person will be sadly mistaken, as most restaurants serve large portions and add ingredients to improve flavor that makes their offerings more fattening.

Home-Cooked Meals Are Not Always Healthy

If a person decides to forgo his or her favorite fast food burger in favor of what he or she thought was a healthy homemade salad, please keep in mind that their dressing of choice may make it just as fattening. Therefore, saying that home-cooked meals are healthier options may be a lie. If a person who is an untrained nutritionist and enjoys slaving away in the kitchen, one might make the mistake of placing larger servings or using ingredients that defeat the purpose of sacrificing his or her fast food favorites, especially if that person enjoys cooking pasta and baking pastries.

Healthy Fast Food Options

The selling point of fast food chains is the short waiting time. This is why many people would rather go to their favorite fast food joint than toil in their own kitchens. However, a lot of them still think that they are sacrificing their health for delicious and fattening food. By choosing the right places, one would be able to get his or her fix without the guilt.

For those tired of cooking or waiting in long lines at restaurants, going back to one’s favorite fast food haunts is not necessarily a bad thing. Please note that there are many establishments that fall under the fast food category yet serve healthy options. Here are two popular fast food places that allow the health-conscious person to indulge in good food without sacrificing their taste bud cravings.

1) A&W

Healthiest Fast Food RestaurantsIf a person thought that this place is trans-fat haven, they would be shocked, as many of their offerings contain little to no trans-fat. The Grilled Chicken Sandwich is shockingly at most 400 calories, and it contains no trans-fat as well. People who are craving for bacon, will enjoy their Original Bacon Cheeseburger that has only 530 calories and just 0.5 grams of trans-fat. Wash it all down with a 12-ounce cup of Limeade, as it will merely set you back 140 calories.

2) Arby’s

Arby’s has an excellent selection of offerings that contain little to no trans-fat. A person who is looking for a filling treat will enjoy their Angus Philly, which contains only 0.5 grams of trans-fat and is quite acceptable at 590 calories. They have a delectable Grand Turkey Club that contains 480 calories and no trans-fat as well. Those in search of a heavier treat might want to try their Reuben, which contains 0.5 trans-fat and amazingly; it will set one back by just 660 calories.

Eating is an enjoyable experience that many people try to sacrifice for the sake of health. While some might make the big switch to a vegan lifestyle, which may not be necessarily healthy in the first place, others will find it hard to resist the call of the fast food industry Luckily, giving in is not a sin, if one chooses to stick to the right serving size.

Enjoying one’s favorite burger or cheese steak is permissible, especially if one is in a hurry or cannot create a decent meal to save his or her life. Eating out at one’s beloved fast food joint should not be something to feel guilty about. As long as proper portions are observed and the person has the right amount of self-control, eating fast food daily shouldn’t be a problem.

Please note that regular exercise is a lifestyle change in itself. Thus, one has to burn what one consumes to stay healthy. If a person were to exercise regularly each month, he or she would be capable of having delectable cheat days with no cause for concern.

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