Godfather’s Pizza Nutrition

Godfather’s Pizza is a fast food chain with headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. It serves a wide variety of pizzas, chips, cookies, breadsticks, and pastas and has expansive salad bars and buffets.

This casual restaurant chain offers four different types of crusts namely Original, Golden Mozza-Loaded, and Thin. It sounds like these food offerings are really tempting and yummy. But it is still a safe practice to check their nutritional values instead of just carelessly eating them without regard to your health.

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Below is the latest Godfather’s Pizza nutrition information.

FoodServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)


All-Meat Combo Golden Crust Large127.00 g340166035760292217
All-Meat Combo Golden Crust Medium113.00 g300145030670262215
All-Meat Combo Golden Crust Mini85.00 g220104025500181111
All-Meat Combo Golden Crust Small120.00 g310146035710262216
All-Meat Combo Original Crust Jumbo191.00 g5002190501140463327
All-Meat Combo Original Crust Large155.00 g410177040920372322
All-Meat Combo Original Crust Medium142.00 g370156035840352320
All-Meat Combo Original Crust Mini85.00 g22093.5020470212212
All-Meat Combo Original Crust Small131.00 g240146035760322218
All-Meat Combo Thin Crust Large104.00 g300176035610191116
All-Meat Combo Thin Crust Medium92.00 g270155030520181114
Bacon Cheeseburger Golden Crust Large130.00 g330177030750292315
Bacon Cheeseburger Golden Crust Medium111.00 g270125025640262213
Bacon Cheeseburger Golden Crust Mini93.00 g200104025460181111
Bacon Cheeseburger Golden Crust Small121.00 g290146035650262215
Bacon Cheeseburger Original Crust Jumbo200.00 g48021100551140453425
Bacon Cheeseburger Original Crust Large160.00 g390178045890372321
Bacon Cheeseburger Original Crust Medium141.00 g330136030810352316
Bacon Cheeseburger Original Crust Mini93.00 g21094.5025540211211
Bacon Cheeseburger Original Crust Small131.00 g320147035700322317
Bacon Cheeseburger Thin Crust Large106.00 g280167035570181214
Bacon Cheeseburger Thin Crust Medium95.00 g260146030500181112
Cheese Golden Crust Large94.00 g25093.5015440281211
Cheese Golden Crust Medium83.00 g22083015380241210
Cheese Golden Crust Mini61.00 g1404201025018116
Cheese Golden Crust Small83.00 g20062.501536025129
Cheese Original Crust Jumbo139.00 g350105025650442317
Cheese Original Crust Large113.00 g29094020530362214
Cheese Original Crust Medium103.00 g2607301547034222
Cheese Original Crust Mini61.00 g1504201025020117
Cheese Original Crust Small95.00 g24073015420311211
Cheese Thin Crust Large69.00 g210103.501527017119
Cheese Thin Crust Medium58.00 g1708301523015118
Combo Golden Crust Large133.00 g330156025740302215
Combo Golden Crust Medium117.00 g290135025680272213
Combo Golden Crust Mini93.00 g210103.5020530191110
Combo Golden Crust Small130.00 g300145030750272214
Combo Original Crust Jumbo205.00 g4802080401200473424
Combo Original Crust Large165.00 g390167035970383319
Combo Original Crust Medium152.00 g350146030890363317
Combo Original Crust Mini93.00 g20083020500212210
Combo Original Crust Small138.00 g320135030780332315
Combo Thin Crust Large109.00 g280166025630202113
Combo Thin Crust Medium92.00 g240133025530171111
Hawaiian Golden Crust Large116.00 g26093.5020510301412
Hawaiian Golden Crust Medium99.00 g23083.5015450271311
Hawaiian Golden Crust Mini81.00 g1505201027018217
Hawaiian Golden Crust Small96.00 g22073015380261310
Hawaiian Original Crust Jumbo167.00 g370115025740462518
Hawaiian Original Crust Large135.00 g30094020600372415
Hawaiian Original Crust Medium124.00 g27073020530362413
Hawaiian Original Crust Mini81.00 g1604201027022147
Hawaiian Original Crust Small107.00 g24073015430322311
Hawaiian Thin Crust Large101.00 g230103020380211411
Hawaiian Thin Crust Medium78.00 g1908302033016119
Hot Stuf Golden Crust Large128.00 g330166030780292215
Hot Stuf Golden Crust Medium112.00 g290146025670272213
Hot Stuf Golden Crust Mini88.00 g21084020530181110
Hot Stuf Golden Crust Small123.00 g300146030760262214
Hot Stuf Original Crust Jumbo195.00 g4902290451190463423
Hot Stuf Original Crust Medium144.00 g360156035870352317
Hot Stuf Original Crust Mini88.00 g21093.5020490211210
Hot Stuf Original Crust Small133.00 g330146030810322315
Hot Stuf Thin Crust Large103.00 g290175030620191113
Hot Stuff Original Crust Large157.00 g400187040960372319
Hot Stuff Thin Crust Medium92.00 g260155025530181111
Humble Pie Golden Crust Large112.00 g340177035730292215
Humble Pie Golden Crust Medium112.00 g300156030630262213
Humble Pie Golden Crust Mini88.00 g22011402544018119
Humble Pie Golden Crust Small121.00 g320166035630262213
Humble Pie Original Crust Jumbo195.00 g5102490501110463423
Humble Pie Original Crust Large158.00 g410198040900372319
Humble Pie Original Crust Medium145.00 g360166035780352316
Humble Pie Original Crust Mini88.00 g220114025430211210
Humble Pie Original Crust Small132.00 g340166035680322315
Humble Pie Thin Crust Large104.00 g300186035570191113
Humble Pie Thin Crust Medium88.00 g260155030480161111
Pepperoni Golden Crust Large102.00 g290124.5025560281212
Pepperoni Golden Crust Medium90.00 g250114.5020500261211
Pepperoni Golden Crust Mini63.00 g1707301534018118
Pepperoni Golden Crust Small90.00 g240104020480251211
Pepperoni Original Crust Jumbo149.00 g400156035800442319
Pepperoni Original Crust Large121.00 g330125025650362215
Pepperoni Original Crust Medium110.00 g290105020580342213
Pepperoni Original Crust Mini63.00 g1605201031020117
Pepperoni Original Crust Small101.00 g27094020530312212
Pepperoni Thin Crust Large77.00 g240135025400181110
Pepperoni Thin Crust Medium66.00 g21011402035015119
Super Combo Golden Crust Large156.00 g370186040880312318
Super Combo Golden Crust Medium135.00 g320158030760282216
Super Combo Golden Crust Mini106.00 g210104020550192111
Super Combo Golden Crust Small142.00 g300146030780272315
Super Combo Original Crust Jumbo234.00 g52023100551310484427
Super Combo Original Crust Large190.00 g4301990451060393422
Super Combo Original Crust Medium153.00 g350148035820362318
Super Combo Original Crust Mini106.00 g22094020520222211
Super Combo Original Crust Small155.00 g330146030850332317
Super Combo Thin Crust Large133.00 g330196040730202217
Super Combo Thin Crust Medium116.00 g290166030620192114
Super Hawaiian Golden Crust Large121.00 g280114025510302414
Super Hawaiian Golden Crust Medium107.00 g25093.5020450271312
Super Hawaiian Golden Crust Mini79.00 g17062.501527019218
Super Hawaiian Golden Crust Small106.00 g24093.5020380271311
Super Hawaiian Original Crust Jumbo182.00 g410136035740472621
Super Hawaiian Original Crust Large147.00 g330114.5030600382417
Super Hawaiian Original Crust Medium134.00 g29094025530362415
Super Hawaiian Original Crust Mini79.00 g1705201527021139
Super Hawaiian Original Crust Small117.00 g26083.5020430322313
Super Hawaiian Thin Crust Large100.00 g240114025380191313
Super Hawaiian Thin Crust Medium90.00 g220103.5020330191211
Super Taco Golden Crust Large172.00 g3702010045780302317
Super Taco Golden Crust Medium150.00 g3301710035670282315
Super Taco Golden Crust Mini121.00 g200105020460192110
Super Taco Golden Crust Small151.00 g290147030650272314
Super Taco Original Crust Jumbo250.00 g53026130601190483526
Super Taco Original Crust Large207.00 g4502212055980393422
Super Taco Original Crust Medium186.00 g390189045880363419
Super Taco Original Crust Mini121.00 g230105020520222211
Super Taco Original Crust Small165.00 g340158035720332317
Super Taco Thin Crust Large147.00 g330218045620202215
Super Taco Thin Crust Medium131.00 g300188035530191213
Taco Pie Golden Crust Large157.00 g350178040740302317
Taco Pie Golden Crust Medium137.00 g300148030630272315
Taco Pie Golden Crust Mini111.00 g20084020420182110
Taco Pie Golden Crust Small142.00 g280126030600262314
Taco Pie Original Crust Jumbo230.00 g50022110551120473525
Taco Pie Original Crust Large190.00 g4201910050930383422
Taco Pie Original Crust Medium171.00 g360168040830362418
Taco Pie Original Crust Mini111.00 g21094020490222211
Taco Pie Original Crust Small156.00 g320147035680322316
Taco Pie Thin Crust Large132.00 g300187040580192215
Taco Pie Thin Crust Medium112.00 g260157030480161213
Veggie Pie Golden Crust Large123.00 g260103.5015500302311
Veggie Pie Golden Crust Medium92.00 g23083015430272210
Veggie Pie Golden Crust Mini85.00 g1504201030019217
Veggie Pie Golden Crust Small115.00 g21063015430272310
Veggie Pie Original Crust Jumbo187.00 g370115025750463417
Veggie Pie Original Crust Large152.00 g30094020610382314
Veggie Pie Original Crust Medium139.00 g27083.5015550362312
Veggie Pie Original Crust Mini85.00 g1604.5201030021127
Veggie Pie Original Crust Small128.00 g25073015490322311
Veggie Pie Thin Crust Large98.00 g220103.501534019129
Veggie Pie Thin Crust Medium82.00 g1808301528016118

The Dons Light Line

Baja Taco Medium98.00 g1703.5001536016118
Mediterranean Veggie Large98.00 g1902.5001025017117
Mediterranean Veggie Medium92.00 g1702.5001023014016
Pesto Chicken Artichoke Large94.00 g1903002035016019
Pesto Chicken Artichoke Medium93.00 g1602.5001530014018
Pesto Chicken Spinach Large98.00 g19030020370161110
Pesto Chicken Spinach Medium88.00 g1602.5001532014018
Pizza Rustica Large96.00 g1802.5001536018218
Pizza Rustica Medium92.00 g1502001530015117
Sicilian Veggie Large95.00 g2103001530017118
Sicilian Veggie Medium91.00 g1802.5001025015016


All-Meat Combo Medium128.00 g350187040800272217
Bacon Cheeseburger Large145.00 g380219040880292317
Bacon Cheeseburger Medium126.00 g320177035770272215
Cheese Large109.00 g300146025560291213
Cheese Medium98.00 g270125025510261212
Combo Large148.00 g380208035870302217
Combo Medium131.00 g340177035810282215
Hawaiian Large130.00 g320146030640311414
Hawaiian Medium99.00 g23083015450271311
Hot Stuf Large143.00 g360218045940282316
Hot Stuf Medium126.00 g340187035800272215
Humble Pie Large126.00 g400229045860302217
Humble Pie Medium127.00 g350198040760272215
Pepperoni Large116.00 g340177035690291217
Pepperoni Medium105.00 g300156030620261213
Super Combo Large170.00 g42023100501010312320
Super Combo Medium150.00 g370209045880282218
Super Hawaiian Large136.00 g330156035640302416
Super Hawaiian Medium121.00 g300136030580281314
Super Taco Large186.00 g4302512055910312320
Super Taco Medium165.00 g3802110045800282317
Taco Pie Large171.00 g4002210050870302319
Taco Pie Medium151.00 g350199040760282317
Veggie Pie Large137.00 g310146025630302313
Veggie Pie Medium106.00 g280125025560272212


Classic Coke8.00 oz120000010290290
Coffee8.00 oz5000000002
Diet Coke8.00 oz00000200000
Dr. Pepper8.00 oz12000000200300
Mellow Yellow8.00 oz170000070460460
Peak Tea- Unsweetened8.00 oz50000100000
Pink Lemonade8.00 oz110000010280280
Powerade8.00 oz10000052020
Sprite8.00 oz12000000300300


Cheese61.00 g1404.5202538018125
Classic Combo83.00 g1808303057019127
Meat Combo81.00 g19083.503557018129
Pepperoni68.00 g1707303048018126
Sausage73.00 g17062.502551018127

Side Items

Breadsticks44.00 g110200016020113
Breadsticks with Cheese51.00 g14041.50<522020115
Calzone - Cheese Medium312.00 g830261206014601005641
Calzone - Combo Medium312.00 g73020804014501005632
Calzone - Pepperoni Medium277.00 g7102080401270985630
Cheesesticks Foil Pan48.00 g1303.51.50<521018115
Cheesesticks Large74.00 g2208301034026019
Cheesesticks Medium67.00 g20072.501030024118
Chicken Wings - BBQ70.00 g160133.5010044060015
Chicken Wings - Buffalo70.00 g180134010041060116
Chicken Wings - Hot Breaded68.00 g18012424036040012
Garlic Toast40.00 g150920026015113
Garlic Toast with Cheese54.00 g210123.501036016117
Monkey Bread - Cinnamon Foil Pan48.00 g140410016024<163
Monkey Bread - Italian Foil Pan42.00 g1204100160175<1<13
Potato Wedges4.00 oz1708000360243<13
Streusel - Apple Foil Pan67.00 g1502.50.50016028143
Streusel - Apple Large101.00 g2304.510024042165
Streusel - Apple Medium93.00 g200410022038164
Streusel - Cherry Foil Pan67.00 g1502.50.50016028113
Streusel - Cherry Large101.00 g2304.510023043125
Streusel - Cherry Medium93.00 g210410021039124
Streusel - Cinnamon Foil Pan54.00 g16030.50<516029143
Streusel - Cinnamon Large82.00 g26061.50025045165
Streusel - Cinnamon Medium74.00 g230510022040155

Salad Bar

Bacon Bits2.00 tsp251100550103
Beet Slices0.50 cup2500006006021
Blue Cheese2.00 tbsp1401530152702111
Broccoli0.50 cup100000252101
Cauliflower0.50 cup100000252101
Celery0.25 cup150000253101
Chinese Dry Noodles45.00 g2401420020026204
Cottage Cheese226.00 g1602101092060628
Country Creamy Italian2.00 tbsp1201120<53504020
Crackers Club1.00 serving701.510020013<1<12
Crackers Saltines1.00 serving701.510020013<1<12
Croutons40.00 g190720<550025224
Cucumber0.50 cup5000001010
Dill Pickles143.00 g15000012504221
Eggs0.25 cup110720290851019
Fat Free Italian2.00 tbsp3000005207050
Fat Free Ranch2.00 tbsp2500002806020
French2.00 tbsp130122003608070
Garbanzo/ Chick Peas Beans0.50 cup140100036027506
Green Peppers0.25 cup10000002<110
Honey Mustard2.00 tbsp1301220101807061
Kidney Beans0.50 cup110000021020808
Mozzarella Cheese2.00 oz17013804535010<113
Mushrooms0.50 cup000000<100<1
Onions0.25 cup15000053372
Original Ranch2.00 tbsp100101.50152301011
Peaches222.00 g170000015445391
Pears266.00 g26000001567401
Pineapple Tidbits181.00 g11000000282260
Pudding108.00 g1505100160250192
Radishes0.25 cup50000101<1<10
Raisins0.33 cup150000010403493
Salad Mix1.00 cup10000001101
Shredded Carrots0.25 cup100000452110
Sunflower Seeds1.00 oz908100854003
Thousand Island2.00 tbsp1301320152305030
Tomatoes0.50 cup100000152<10<1
Zucchini0.50 cup0000000000

One of their most popular offerings is the Godfather’s Pizza Golden Crust (Small 10”), Hot Stuff. It contains 300 calories and 14,000 milligrams of protein and 760 milligrams of sodium. It sounds pretty safe to eat because those figures are within the limits of a healthy diet.

Another popular dish is the Godfather’s Pizza Original Crust (Jumbo 18”), Pepperoni. This pizza contains 400 calories, 19000 milligrams of protein and 800 milligrams of sodium. You can safely eat this one as well.

A third dish that looks safe to eat is Godfather’s Pizza Mozza Loaded Crust (large 14”), Super Hawaiian. This pizza contains 330 calories, 16000 milligrams of protein and 640 milligrams of sodium. For the nutritional values of their other food offerings, you can check their website at http://www.godfathers.com.

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