Eating Healthy: Your Guide To Dining Out

If you are trying to eat healthier, it might be best to avoid dining out with large groups for the first month or so, as you still have to learn to develop your determination. Most people who have just started to change their food choices complain about how judgmental their friends can be. This could be because some people still do not understand the importance of ingesting food based on nutritional content, as they may still be in the phase wherein they base their food choices on what their taste buds prefer.

Eating healthy at restaurants can seem like a tricky concept, as many of us think that dining out means useless calories and large portions. However, that isn’t necessarily true. There are many tips and tricks that will allow you to stay healthy without ever having to bother with a home cooked meal. Here are a few that you can put to good use.

Plan In Advance

Eating out with friends who do not eat healthy can be a challenge, as they may judge you for your small portions and “boring” food choices. When you dine out with people whose sole criteria for ordering is based on flavor, you may find yourself unconsciously mimicking their orders in an effort to avoid getting laughed at for “eating like a bird”.

Before eating out, ask your group to decide on a location. This will allow you to browse through their nutritional chart and menu list in advance. By checking their menu, you will be able to resist the urge to binge, which is more likely to happen when you order with your ravenous group of friends, as you will find yourself more likely to order meals that match theirs. Thus, by looking through both the nutritional chart and their menu list, you can come up with a “game plan”.

Hold Off On The Dressing

Most restaurants have salad menus for the conscious eater. However, a lot of you may not be aware that the dressing can contain high amounts of sodium and fat. This is why it would be best to have your salad served without this flavorful addition. If you must have a bit of dressing to go with your salad, you could ask your server to put it in a separate container. This will allow you to monitor how much you are having.

Please note that you could ask them for low calorie salad dressing as well. However, most restaurants may not have a wide range of dressing to choose from. Thus, having it placed to the side will be the best option. You might ask your server to give you half of the usual amount.

Only Ask For The Light Menu

Holding off the urge to binge is a common problem that most new dieters face. Luckily, many dining establishments make it easier with the help of separate menus for those who know that they should not binge. This allows you to eat out without having to worry about the usual temptation that comes with being handed the full menu.

Most restaurants have light options. This allows health conscious individuals to enjoy a full meal without guilt. If you feel that you still lack self control, you might want to ask your server to only give you this menu list.

Eat Healthy Carbohydrates

Guide to Dining OutWe need carbohydrates, as it converts fat and sugars to energy. However, the choice of carbohydrates can be limited when we eat out. Luckily, some establishments serve brown rice, which should be part of every person’s diet plan. This type of rice contains fiber, which promotes digestion.

Chipotle is a great place to eat out if you want affordable meals that are healthy as well. This restaurant has brown rice, which is packed with fiber, making it the perfect staple for the person who is on a strict diet. Their side serving is 4 oz and packed with 2.5 mg of dietary fiber. This would go great with a side of Carnitas, as a 4 oz serving is packed with 26 g of protein and is only 220 calories.

Eating out is a challenge that you should not take on until you have enough self-control. If you have just began a healthy eating regime, it would be best if you avoided eating out with people who are callous about what they put into their systems. These people may not understand your reasons for eating the way you do and you may binge in an effort to fit in, which will do your system a big disservice.

However, you need to socialize at some point. So when you feel that you can handle eating healthy despite the flavorful aroma of their unhealthy orders, you should make it a point to dine out with your friends or relatives who may not share your zeal for eating healthier food. This will allow you to test your resolve and give you something to be proud about.

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