Del Taco Number One in Value Says Nation’s Leading Consumer Review Magazine

The results are out: the number one fast food in the country in terms of “Best Value for Your Money” is Del Taco. This was the conclusion of the annual review of the nation’s leading consumer magazine in its annual survey on “America’s Best Fast Food (and the Worst). The August 2014 issue of the magazine published the result which was largely based on the responses of 96,000 diners who ate meals at 65 Del Taco restaurants all over the country.

Naturally, the owners of Del Taco were very elated because of the recognition they received. “With more value choices than ever before, it is a great accomplishment for our brand to be recognized by diners nationwide as offering more bang for the buck,” stated John Capasola, Del Taco LLC Chief Brand Officer.

The results of the survey also revealed that Americans are dining out more but are also demanding value for the food they are paying for. They want greater food variety and higher food quality even with the fast food that they are eating.

Americans who love to eat in fast food restaurants will not be disappointed when they go to Del Taco. “We are committed to maintaining our leadership position in this space by providing our guests with what they want, a wide variety of fresh, great tasting food at an unbeatable value, and the Buck & Under Menu delivers on that promise,” says Cappasola.

This category of food items on Del Taco’s menu list is unique. There is no other restaurant chain that can give more value for less money. The Buck & Under food items start at $0.50 and diners can choose from several food items on the list. They include Mini Quesadillas, consisting of freshly-grated cheddar cheese, half-pound Bean & Chees Burritos, Double Beef Classic Tacos and Crunch Tada Tostadas.

To complete the meal in this food category, a diner can order refreshing drinks of his choice. For instance, if a diner chooses Strawberry Lemonade, he will be served with a drink made of real strawberries, all under $1.

Aside from serving lunch and dinner, Del Taco also serves a wide variety of breakfast items. Even their Buck & Under breakfast menu list include food items such as Hashbrown Sticks, Breakfast Tacos and Iced Coffee. However, the prices and availability of these food items depend on the participation of the particular Del Taco restaurant chain.

Del Taco has been serving its customers fresh and tasty foods for many decades. This year marks their 50th year in the fast food industry. The Del Taco brand has lasted this long because of the quality and affordability of their products. Being regarded as number one in food value proves this fact.

All the food items on their menu list taste better because they are made to order with fresh ingredients which include cheddar cheeses grated from 40-pound blocks, handmade pico de gallo salsa, lard-free beans which are slow cooked from scratch, and marinated chicken grilled in the restaurant.

The wide variety of the food items their menu list is also one of the things that make them a favorite among diners. Their menu includes American favorites such as crinkle-cut fries, hamburgers, and shakes. They also serve Mexican dishes such as nachos, burritos, tacos and quesadillas.

Del Taco did some rebranding in 2013 with their “UnFreshing Believable” advertising campaign in their bid to communicate the efforts they are willing to undertake in order to provide quality, made-to-order menu items made of freshly prepared ingredients. This marketing campaign resulted in positive results enabling the company to expand its services nationwide.

At present, Del Taco has 547 restaurants in 17 states serving over three million diners every week. Interested customers can avail of free coupons by joining their Raving Fan eClub at or “liking” them on Facebook at

But the most important qualities that define Del Taco, which their loyal clients want the company to continue doing, is the freshness and value for money of the food items they serve. These are the qualities that helped build the company’s standing and reputation these past 50 years.

Not resting on their laurels, Del Taco intends to raise the bar in the fast food industry by serving innovative products with a focus on utilizing fresh ingredients. Currently, they are using freshly grated cheese from 40-pound blocks every day. The beans they use in their food items are slow-cooked from scratch every three hours.

As long as Del Taco continues to please their guests by serving them fresh foods at very affordable prices, it will certainly remain at the top of the fast food industry. It won’t be difficult to persuade a potential diner to try Del Taco if he knows that this is the business approach of this fast food chain.

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