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Chipotle founder Steve Ellis, who is also CEO, built his quick service restaurant on the Chipotle nutrition principle of using only top quality ingredients. Take the Burrito Bowl, the only burrito so far not to have the typical tortilla casing, made from lime-cilantro rice, black beans, and chicken. Eliminating the tortilla from the equation translates to less 290 calories and 44 grams carbohydrates.

However, the Carnitas Burrito Bowl can easily be a dieter’s Waterloo because of its 930 calories – from the guacamole, pinto beans, sour cream, roasted chili and corn salsa, and cilantro-lime rice – with 47 grams fat content and 1,880 milligrams of sodium. Adding salsa and sides like chips will give you 590 more calories and 27 more grams of fat.

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FoodServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trasns Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Carbohydrates (g)Dietery Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Adult Menu

Flour Tortilla (burrito)13001010069046307
Flour Tortilla (taco)1852.510019013<102
Soft Corn Tortilla17000001015201
Crispy Taco Shell1702.510010102<11
Cilantro-Lime Rice4 oz185400037534103.5
Black Beans4 oz1201000260221217
Pinto Beans4 oz1151000300211016
Fajita Vegetables2.5 oz200.50001704121
Barbacoa4 oz16572.506553021024
Chicken4 oz18073012531000.5032
Carnitas4 oz2201360655000.50026
Steak4 oz1906.5206532020130
Fresh Tomato Salsa3.5 oz20000050040.531
Green Tomatillo Salsa2 oz2000002504120.5
Roasted Chili - Corn Salsa3.5 oz801.500033016343
Red Tomatillo Salsa2 oz2510005004211
Cheese1 oz1007.550301901006
Sour Cream2 oz1159.57040301022
Guacamole3.5 oz170163004108602
Romaine Lettuce (salad)2.5 oz10000052111
Romaine Lettuce (tacos)1 oz5000001100
Chips4 oz570273.50042073848
Vinaigrette2.0 fl oz270254.5010850182120.5
Sofritas4 oz145101.50055593.54.58
Brown Rice4 oz2007000165322.50.53.5

Kids Menu

Flour Tortilla (taco)1852.510019013<102
Crispy Taco Shell1702.510010102<11
Soft Corn Tortilla17000001015201
Cilantro-Lime Rice (taco)2.5 oz1152.5000235200.502
Cilantro-Lime Rice (side)2.5 oz1152.5000235200.502
Black Beans (taco)1.3 oz400.500085740.52
Black Beans (side)2.5 oz750.5000165147.50.54
Pinto Beans (taco)1.3 oz350.5000100730.52
Pinto Beans (side)2.5 oz700.50001901360.54
Fajita Vegetables0.8 oz50000601010
Barbacoa1.3 oz552102117010.508
Chicken1.3 oz602104110000010
Carnitas1.3 oz70420211800008
Steak1.3 oz6020.502011010010
Fresh Tomato Salsa1.2 oz500001701010
Roasted Chili - Corn Salsa1.2 oz250.50001155.511.51
Green Tomatillo Salsa0.7 fl oz50000901.500.50
Red Tomatillo Salsa0.7 fl oz1000001751.50.500
Cheese (taco)0.3 oz3021.509550002
Cheese (small quesadilla)1 oz1007.550301901006
Sour Cream0.7 oz4032.501411000.50.5
Guacamole1.2 oz605.51001403200.5
Romaine Lettuce (taco)<1 oz5000001100
Chips1 oz9571008518212
Sofritas1.3 oz4530.500180311.52.5
Brown Rice (taco)2.5 oz1254000105201.502
Brown Rice (side)2.5 oz1254000105201.502

Simply put, choosing what you choose to put in the Burrito Bowl determines how many calories you will consume for a particular meal. Brown instead of white rice boosts fiber content, chicken will have a lower fat content and the addition of tomatilla salsa or tomato, lettuce, and Fajita vegetables will give you not only nutrients and fiber but vitamins C and A and potassium.

To help customers make better food choices, the Chipotle Nutrition Calculator was designed and subsequently developed to enable calculation of calories in the restaurant’s food items.

Visit their official website at to view this unique tool for optimizing your meal so that it is as healthy as it is enjoyable for you.

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