Checkers / Rally’s Nutrition

The nicest thing about Checkers/Rally’s nutrition efforts to give its customers healthier options is the fact that their burgers can be “customized,” giving you the opportunity to choose healthier options if you want to monitor calorie intake. You just have to keep it simple when ordering your burger.

With 320, the Chili Cheeseburger has the lowest calories of the burgers with only 8 grams of saturated fat, albeit with 620 milligrams of sodium. A close second is the restaurant’s Rally Burger at 390 calories with also only 8 grams of saturated fat but with a higher amount of sodium at 680 milligrams.

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Below is the latest Checkers / Rally’s nutrition information.

FoodServing Size (g)CaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg) Sodium (mg)Carbohydrates (g)Dietery Fiber (g)Protein (g)


Kid’s Burger110280126020570282315
Kid’s Cheeseburger120320158030730292316
Bacon Cheddar Burger125370199035730292320
Bacon Double Cheeseburger25065042201.5751340324635
Big Buford®23057036181.5651090313531
Bacon Buford®25568046212451510313534
Bacon Swiss Buford®25066045211.5851310284435
1/4 LB. Champ®2054903012065810324322
1/4 LB. Champ® with Cheese2255803918090930334324
1/4 LB. Bacon Cheese Champ®235630411801001230355429
1/2 LB. Double Champ®280740522501201030303539
1/2 LB. Double Champ® with Cheese300790542801251360344342
Checkerburger® with Cheese1794202412025810333518
Cheese Double Cheese19051031171.5651140313429
Chili Cheeseburger135320158015620303318
Double Chili Cheeseburger1804602614155760303327
Double Decker2154802813145720313427
Rallyburger® with Cheese1794202412025810333518
Smokehouse Buford®265650371309016104441536
Triple Cheeseburger250690432321051450334543

Chicken Fish & Veggie

Crispy Fish Sandwich165430196045780514614
Deep Sea Double®24064031131951170635525
Frank’s® RedHot® Chicken Sandwich1503401680151340342316
Homestyle Chicken Strip Sandwich24067041110651420504427
Screamin’ Chicken Strip Sandwich23065041130601690453325
Homestyle Chicken Strips Meal (2 piece)23067037200702060585127
Screamin’ Chicken Strips Meal (2 piece)22567038200652430596123
Homestyle Chicken Strips Meal (3 piece)31089049260952540777136
Screamin’ Chicken Strips Meal (3 piece)320970552901103460828136
Spicy Chicken Sandwich16555037100551110393317

Classic Wings

Classic Wings-Honey BBQ (5 piece)16939017501208101801738
Classic Wings-Honey BBQ (10 piece)3387803410024016203603476
Classic Wings-Honey BBQ (20 piece)676156068200480324072068152
Classic Wings-Honey BBQ (40 piece)1352312013640096064801440136304
Classic Wings-Extra Hot (5 piece)163355215.5012014802less than 1038
Classic Wings-Extra Hot (10 piece)3267104211024029604less than 2076
Classic Wings-Extra Hot (20 piece)65214208422048059208less than 40152
Classic Wings-Extra Hot (40 piece)130428401684409601184016less than 80304
Classic Wings-Parmesan Garlic (5 piece)1574803512012583010039
Classic Wings-Parmesan Garlic (10 piece)31496070240250166020078
Classic Wings-Parmesan Garlic (20 piece)62819201404805003320400156
Classic Wings-Parmesan Garlic (40 piece)1256384028096010006640800312
Classic Wings-Asian Kick (5 piece)17039017501209601901838
Classic Wings-Asian Kick (10 piece)3407803410024019203803676
Classic Wings-Asian Kick (20 piece)680156068200480384076072152
Classic Wings-Asian Kick (40 piece)1360312013640096076801520144304
Classic Wings-Medium Buffalo (5 piece)232335185less than .10120342020less than 139
Classic Wings-Medium Buffalo (10 piece)4646703710less than .20240684050177
Classic Wings-Medium Buffalo (20 piece)92813407421less than .4048013680902154
Classic Wings-Medium Buffalo (40 piece)1856268014842less than .80960273601804309

Hot Dogs

All Beef Hot Dog952801790351660232311
Chili Dog17041025140551160273519
Chili Cheese Dog16039023130501150283417


Fries - Small85300191012070028303
Fries - Medium12042027141.52599040415
Fries - Large1705903820240141057617
Bacon Cheddar Fries18556037172.5501750445211
Bacon Ranch Fries17564043171.5451730505212
Chili Cheese Fries22055034162.5501610486213
Fully Loaded Bacon Cheddar Ranch Fries21064044172451880516211

Shakes & Treats

Cinnamon Apple Pie852401250531031273
Vanilla Shake - Small300330107030180510398
Vanilla Shake - Medium3754101390402206404810
Vanilla Shake - Large56061019130603309507214
Chocolate Shake - Small300350107035170570417
Chocolate Shake - Medium375430129040220720519
Chocolate Shake - Large560650191406533010707614
Strawberry Shake - Small300350118040170570427
Strawberry Shake - Medium3754401310050210710539
Strawberry Shake -Large56066020140.58031010607914
Banana Shake - Small300350107040160560449
Banana Shake - Medium3754401290502007105411

Cold Creations

Strawberry Classic Sundae17025075020140411345
Classic Chocolate Strawberry Sundae17025075015150413326
Fudge Classic Sundae17030085015180502327
Hot Fudge Classic Sundae Chocolate200350118025230553488
Vanilla Cone15024085025135371246
Chocolate Cone15023075025150362246
Swirl Cone15024075025150371256
Vanilla Cup14521075030125321275
Chocolate Cup14521075025135312245
Swirl Cup14521075025135322246
Mocha Coffee Shake38067023160.57037010258113
Banana Split Shake425720221604539011859212
Oreo Shake380700241304048010948213
Chocolate Toffee Blast 12oz245440139025260703579
Chocolate Toffee Blast 16oz32558018120353509347612
Vanilla Toffee Blast 12oz26051020130.555330735679
Vanilla Toffee Blast 16oz34567026170.5704309768912
Chocolate M&M Blast 12oz27556020130402508456511
Chocolate M&M Blast 16oz365740271805033011178715
Vanilla M&M Blast 12oz2454801510040230784729
Vanilla M&M Blast 16oz330650201305531010669712

Cold Creations Classic Shakes

Strawberry Shake 12oz21032096035180532437
Strawberry Shake 16oz280430128050240712579
Strawberry Shake 22oz38559016110703309837812
Strawberry Shake 32oz56086024170100480143411418
Vanilla Shake 12oz215320118035200471368
Vanilla Shake 16oz29043015100502706424810
Vanilla Shake 22oz40059020140653708836714
Vanilla Shake 32oz580860292009554012749721
Chocolate Shake 12oz220330118035200522418
Chocolate Shake 16oz29545014100452706935410
Chocolate Shake 22oz40561020140653709547514
Chocolate Shake 32oz5808802820095530136510720
Banana Shake 12oz210320107035200502397
Banana Shake 16oz2804301390452706735310
Banana Shake 22oz38559018130603709247213
Banana Shake 32oz5608602719090530134510520

Choosing “the lesser evil” means you will have to go for less sodium or less fat since you cannot go for less in any fast food item, not even salads. Opting for the five-piece order of medium Buffalo chicken wings, for instance, has only 5 grams of saturated fat at 335 calories, albeit, again, the amount of sodium is at a staggering 3,420 milligrams.

On the other hand, the chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and banana milkshakes have cholesterol content of up to 50 milligrams, yet have less than 500 calories. The banana and strawberry milkshakes each have 440 calories, while the chocolate has 430, making vanilla your best option with 327 calories. Check out how Checkers/Rally’s nutrition efforts can help you take advantage of the healthy food items on in planning your meals.

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