Breakfast Binging? The 8 Leanest Morning Fast Foods Meals are Here!

Mornings can be a mess. Especially when you’re trying to rush to work, on the way to an early morning meeting and the fastest breakfast you can have is a bagel laden with a tub of cream cheese or hash browns that are deep fried in toxic inorganic oil. By the time you finish a full fat breakfast, you’ve already consumed 2000 calories.

Now, you can have a healthier start of the day, and these will not clog your arteries. Fast service chains like Panera, Starbucks and even McDonald’s are selling leaner and healthier breakfasts and everything is ready by the time you finish reading your email.

1. Starbucks Protein Artisan Plate

Starbucks Protein PlateThe portions are all correct and the nutrient value is just to refuel your energy tank. This item comes with a hard-boiled egg, cheddar and apple slices, multigrain muesli bread, grapes, and honey peanut butter. Be careful with your coffee though. Make sure to take this with plain black coffee or tea, or lightly sweetened and without milk.

Calorie content is only 370. There is only 19 of fat and has 4 g of fiber.

2. Berry Topper from Jamba Juice

This ideal meal/fruit slush is already complete with protein because it has soy milk and yogurt. Not to mention the loads of vitamin C from the blend of strawberries, blueberries and bananas, and the fiber from organic pumpkin flaxseed granola. It’s best to take especially if you’re on the go and can’t afford to take long breakfast breaks, or great while reading your early morning reports. Just don’t super-size this fruity puppy as the calorie load is too much if you take more than 12 ounces.

Calorie count is 300 and with only 85g of sodium

3. Au Bon Pain’s Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

This breakfast is a bit low in the protein side so make sure to have nuts or yogurt with it. The apple cinnamon oatmeal is great as it lowers cholesterol and helps prevent constipation. The apple flavor is perfect for a little sweetness in the morning. There’s very little saturated fat and very low in sodium as well.

Calorie count is 280 and 10 g of sodium. Protein content is only 8 g.

4. Western Egg White & Cheese Muffin Melt from Subway

For those who don’t mind a little processed meat in the morning, this is the way to go. This muffin melt is made of jack cheeses, onions, peppers and black ham. It’s light and flavorful and it doesn’t feel like you’re depriving yourself. This melt is great with fruit or yogurt afterwards and you will feel pumped all the way through your toxic morning.

Calorie count is 170. Protein is only 15 g. Sodium is 680 mg.

5. McDonald’s Fruit and Maple Oatmeal

Whoa! You can actually have a healthy breakfast at McD’s! The fruit and maple oatmeal is full of diced green and red apples, dried cranberries, raisins, a touch of cream, and brown sugar. Oatmeal is full of soluble fiber, and great in controlling blood sugar.

Calorie count is 260. Sodium is 115 mg with 5 g of fiber.

6. Scrambled Egg Whites, Chicken Sausage, and Fruit from Denny’s

Most breakfasts with sausages usually come with a big load of calories but this is an item that is low in calories and you can enjoy a chicken sausage too. It is tasty and with just the right amount of calories and salt. The meal comes with a fruit bowl too.

Calorie count is only 230. Fat is 9g and sodium is 447 mg.

7. Egg White Turkey Sausage Wake-Up Wrap from Dunkin Donuts

This breakfast blast will really wake you up without the fat. It’s a small portion with turkey sausage and egg whites so best to eat it with fruit. However, it’s still tasty and the cheese is reduced in fat.

Calorie count is 140. Sodium is 400 g.

8. Breakfast Power Sandwich by Panera

It’s loaded with flavor with egg, Vermont white cheddar, and smoked lean ham sandwich. It’s not called a power sandwich for nothing – this power sandwich will fill you up and launch you right up. However, salt content is already at 830 mg, so if you’re careful with sodium, order it without the ham.

Calorie count is 330 and fat is 14 g.

There are many more healthy breakfast options available. Many fast service restaurants are getting attuned with the needs of the busy health conscious customer and they are trying to keep up. What’s more important is that you get that morning boost to get you through all the work. Raise your mornings to a fresher level, with a more time efficient and with lower cholesterol.

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