Blimpie Nutrition

Like all fast food restaurants, Blimpie has healthy as well as bad-for-you food items. Being aware of what makes up the food you eat helps you to make wiser and better food choices. Here’s a quick rundown of the Blimpie nutrition info for the healthiest foods you can eat over there.

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FoodServing WeightCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)CARBOHYDRATES (g)Dietery Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Subs and Wraps

Blimpie Best® Lg592 g9003512010526709861948
Blimpie Best Rg298 g45018605013304731025
BLT Lg410 g860441005519808351231
BLT Rg204 g430225025960432615
Blimpie Burger173 g46024101701280421421
Blimpie Dog179 g51029120551420451717
Buffalo Chicken Ciabatta322 g5402370651970493531
Chicken Cheddar Bacon Ranch Lg670 g12005919018032409161777
Chicken Cheddar Bacon Ranch Rg335 g6002990901620453838
Chicken Teriyaki Lg512 g90024110140293010543169
Chicken Teriyaki Rg257 g45012607014505321635
Chicken Teriyaki Rg Wheat257 g45013607013304751236
Chicken Teriyaki Rg no cheese228 g37061.505010905221328
Club Lg563 g82027808521109761847
Club Rg281 g4101340451050493923
Club Rg Wheat281 g410144.50451040476826
Club Rg no cheese/sauce269 g310410251020493918
Cuban Lg465 g810219013032608331259
Cuban Rg233 g410114.50651630421630
Deli Trio Rg284 g3304.510351080493922
Deli Trio Rg Wheat281 g32051.50401080436824
French Dip Lg576 g780221001302560833761
French Dip Rg382 g4101150651650461330
French Dip Ciabatta394 g430114.50651820492231
Grilled Chicken Caesar Ciabatta289 g5802050651480623434
Ham & Swiss Lg556 g820281009520409462047
Ham & Swiss Rg278 g41014504510204731023
Ham & Swiss Rg Wheat278 g410155045970446925
Ham Rg no cheese/sauce263 g3104.510309804931019
Ham and Pepper Relish Rg Wheat227 g30061.503012904351020
Ham Salami & Provolone Lg560 g9304014011025609461949
Ham Salami & Provolone Rg279 g4602070551270473924
Meatball Parmigiana Lg530 g11205826014536409471257
Meatball Parmigiana Rg265 g56029130751820473629
Mediterranean Ciabatta289 g45082.50351720653626
Pastrami Lg416 g8603315013027908131161
Pastrami Rg207 g4301670651390421530
Pastrami Rg Wheat233 g4401770651610385432
Philly Cheesesteak Lg452 g11907024016028608931553
Philly Cheesesteak Rg223 g59035110801410461725
Pretzel Turkey Bacon & Cheddar264 g56018806018007031128
Pretzel Ham and Swiss310 g520154.50459407541424
Pretzel Pastrami232 g5201880651050602930
Reuben Lg522 g106040120145348010561367
Reuben Rg261 g5302060701740523734
Roast Beef & Provolone Lg613 g8603010012020308861460
Roast Beef & Provolone Rg307 g4301550601020443730
Roast Beef & Provolone Rg Wheat307 g430165060970416631
Roast Beef Rg no cheese/sauce292 g33051.5045870463725
Roast Beef Turkey & Cheddar Ciabatta277 g5202480651780513625
Sicilian Ciabatta248 g5202270601980512826
Special Vegetarian (Doritos Sub) Lg670 g11805918070354013182033
Special Vegetarian (Doritos Sub) Rg335 g59030903511706641016
Spicy Chicken & Pepperoni Ciabatta288 g71034110802070653433
Tuna Lg510 g920426011015508251250
Tuna Rg255 g460213055780412625
Turkey and Avocado Lg639 g720152060269010281741
Turkey and Avocado Rg319 g360710301340514821
Turkey and Cranberry Lg559 g70071.5060244011662940
Turkey and Cranberry Rg279 g35040.503012205831420
Turkey & Provolone Lg608 g82026808527409461750
Turkey & Provolone Rg304 g4101450451370473925
Turkey & Provolone Rg Wheat304 g4101450451320446727
Turkey Rg no cheese/sauce292 g3203.50.50301220493821
Turkey and Sweet/Spicy Mustard Rg Wheat295 g3204.5103014704661023
Tuscan Ciabatta245 g4901960501810492525
Ultimate Club Ciabatta284 g5802780701760513730
Veggie Supreme Lg688 g1090562807530009771853
Veggie Supreme Rg345 g55028140351500493927
VegiMax Lg581 g104041110252550110111855
VegiMax Rg292 g5202150101290555928
VegiMax Rg Wheat292 g5302260101240529829
VegiMax Rg no cheese/sauce256 g3908100950555723
Veggie & Cheese Lg666 g9204218080329010071837
Veggie & Cheese Rg319 g4602190401420503919
Veggie & Provolone Rg no sauce285 g33094015940493814
Veggie Salad Rg Wheat281 g2605100820447711
Wrap Buffalo Chicken Pepperjack377 g68034100752150605533
Wrap Chicken Caesar293 g5902680701610564534
Wrap Chicken Cordon Blimpie232 g6203190851430533333
Wrap Southwestern273 g4901840451530574623

Kid's Subs

3" Ham and Cheese 106 g24094.5015900281414
3" Tuna 101 g260111.5025450251313
3" Turkey and Cheese 118 g21052025830271414
Salads - dressing not included
Antipasto378 g2501560551670144719
Buffalo Chicken356 g20084.50601200114423
Buffalo Chicken Salad no cheese341 g1503.51.50451110114419
Grilled Chicken Caesar269 g19073.507061063327
Garden184 g30000156332110
Tuna269 g270192.55537063318110
Ultimate Club337 g2701470651070114724
Cole Slaw Salad side110 g16091.505240202171
Macaroni Salad side145 g33022501579028285
Northwest Potato Salad side140 g26017402539022333
Potato Salad side135 g230122.501049028383


Bean with Ham8.6 oz14010001070231128
Beef Steak & Noodle8.6 oz12041.503078014048
Beef Stew8.6 oz17043.5045890182217
Captain's Corn Chowder8.6 oz21072.50589029476
Chicken & Dumpling8.6 oz17073050970193411
Chicken Gumbo8.6 oz9020010128013246
Chicken Noodle8.6 oz13041030104018257
Chicken with White & Wild Rice8.6 oz250102.50301030154414
Chili with Bean & Beef8.6 oz2509504012301618718
Cream of Broccoli with Cheese8.6 oz2501911055104013<1 2725
Cream of Potato8.6 oz19092.50< 586024335
French Onion8.6 oz8040.500102011162
Garden Vegetable8.6 oz80100062014355
Harvest Vegetable8.6 oz100100092019344
Italian Style Wedding8.6 oz13041.501090017007
Minestrone8.6 oz903000115014444
New England Clam Chowder8.6 oz17032025106028257
Pasta Fagioli with Sausage8.6 oz15051.502091022427
Split Pea with Ham8.6 oz1302005109021618
Tomato Basil with Raviolini8.6 oz1101001072022054
Vegetable Beef8.6 oz8020.505101013234
Yankee Pot Roast8.6 oz8020.501075012225


Biscuit Bacon Egg & Cheese161 g440251601601610371318
Biscuit Egg & Cheese151 g380201501651380371413
Biscuit Ham Egg & Cheese175 g400201501651570381518
Biscuit Sausage Egg & Cheese189 g520331901801600371319
Bluffin® Plain57 g130100024025225
Bluffin Bacon Egg & Cheese128 g3001460160960272216
Bluffin Egg & Cheese100 g18041.5015040027229
Bluffin Ham Egg & Cheese142 g26094.50165930292417
Bluffin Sausage Egg & Cheese156 g3802290180950272217
Burrito Bacon Egg & Cheese265 g620321303152410543128
Burrito Egg & Cheese244 g510241003001930543121
Burrito Ham Egg & Cheese300 g580251003302490573431
Burrito Sausage Egg & Cheese329 g800522003552550543133
Burrito Turkey Egg & Cheese300 g560241003202460563229
Grilled Breakfast Sandwich Bacon223 g520261203151780432428
Grilled Breakfast Sandwich Ham258 g47019903301860451731
Grilled Breakfast Sandwich Sausage286 g700710451903551920421432
Grilled Breakfast Sandwich Turkey258 g46018803451830461528
Egg & Cheese on a Roll101 g20094.50150650211210
Cinnamon Roll170 g54024110358707222011
Bagel113 g29010007005831211
Bagel Cream Cheese141 g3901150307905931313
Biscuit with Sausage Gravy214 g46027140251320432412


CHEETOS® Crunchy1.0 oz160102.50029015112
DORITOS® Cooler Ranch®1.8 oz240122.50030031223
DORITOS Nacho Cheese1.8 oz240122.50033030233
FRITOS®2.0 oz3202020021030204
BAKED LAY'S®1.1 oz1201.500017026222
LAY'S Potato Classic1.5 oz220154.50027022103
LAY'S BBQ1.5 oz240154.50030022133
BAKED LAY'S BBQ1.1 oz1303.500024025222
RUFFLES® Cheddar Sour Cream1.5 oz240154.50028021233
SUNCHIPS® Multigrain Harvest Cheddar1.5 oz21091.50028028333
SUNCHIPS Multigrain Original1.5 oz210910014029433
Pretzels Classic Thin Style2.0 oz2202000472240

Desserts and Snacks

Brownie2.0 oz230104022115281213
Chocolate Chunk Cookie1.5 oz180105010125241142
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie1.5 oz16083.5015110231122
Peanut Butter Cookie1.5 oz20084.5015150201124
Sugar Cookie2.5 oz320156030210421233
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie1.5 oz190105010120230152
Cotton Candy2.0 oz22000000560563
Nachos6.0 oz54028401089066609
Pickle5.0 oz25000015205000
Popcorn regular4.0 oz5903260006611110
Popcorn large8.0 oz1180641100513223120
Soft Pretzel plain6.0 oz4503000480933312
Soft Pretzel salted6.0 oz48040002010933312
Soft Pretzel cinnamon sugar6.0 oz510400048010231212
Side Cheese Sauce2.0 oz804.51.5054708002
Side Chili2.5 oz702.51.50103509525


Bacon0.7 oz11083--154500007
Buffalo Chicken1.0 oz3510.50152101006
Capicola0.6 oz200.500101600--03
Chicken (Grilled) Strips3.0 oz1103.5105030000019
Corned Beef1.0 oz35100152501016
Ham1.0 oz3510.50152802--25
Meatballs with Sauce3.0 oz220166045101082211
Pastrami1.0 oz452.510152501016
Pepperoni0.5 oz7062.50152301----3
Philly Steak & Onion3.5 oz21015605563050313
Prosciuttini0.5 oz1500051801012
Roast Beef1.0 oz3010.50151500006
Salami0.3 oz35310101350002
Seafood Salad3.0 oz9040.502041010124
Tuna3.0 oz240182.505535000016
Turkey1.2 oz3000012316115
VegiMax®3.0 oz16050.500520123215


American1.00 oz100950255101--15
Smoked Cheddar0.75 oz80640203801--04
Parmesan Shredded0.50 oz50420101501004
Pepper Jack0.75 oz80740251350006
Provolone0.75 oz80640151900----5
Swiss0.75 oz8063.5020450006


Guacamole1.0 oz4540.5001352100
Lettuce serving1.5 oz5000001010
Olives serving0.5 oz151.50001251000
Onion slices3.0 ea10000003010
Peppers Hot Banana Ring1.0 oz000004501000
Peppers Jalapeno1.0 oz1000004901000
Peppers Red Roasted1.5 oz1000001002010
Peppers Sweet Strips1.0 oz2000001155050
Tomato slices2.0 ea5000002010


Cheddar Jalapeno Lg7.8 oz5301140151190883921
Cheddar Jalapeno Rg3.9 oz26052010590442410
Ciabatta serving3.5 oz2302.500059043228
Honey Oat Lg7.5 oz5601530084085111220
Honey Oat Rg3.7 oz28081.500420425511
Marble Rye Lg7.5 oz48051001170935418
Marble Rye Rg3.7 oz2402.50.50059046229
Pretzel serving4.0 oz3004.52007558278
Wheat Lg7.0 oz43082008107610520
Wheat Rg3.5 oz2104100400385310
White Lg6.5 oz4306100840793715
White Rg3.3 oz21030.50042040147
Zesty Parmesan Lg7.6 oz550114.50151180904924
Zesty Parmesan Rg3.8 oz2805205590452412
Wrap Flour3.6 oz310920060049318
Wrap Spinach3.6 oz290820065047327


Blue Cheese1.50 oz230244.50254402--22
Buttermilk Ranch1.00 oz150162.5052501--11
Creamy Caesar1.50 oz210213.50105202--11
Creamy Italian1.50 oz180182.5004204030
Dijon Honey Mustard1.50 oz180172.50152408--71
Fat-Free Italian1.50 oz250--003905030
Light Buttermilk Ranch1.50 oz7040.5003108--31
Light Italian1.50 oz201000770220
Thousand Island1.50 oz2102030153506060
Peppercorn0.75 oz120122052101010
Blimpie Special Sauce0.50 oz404.500000----0
Mayonnaise0.50 oz100111.50101000000
Mustard Yellow Deli Style0.50 oz15000--1700000
Mustard Honey0.50 oz200.5000854131
Mustard Spicy Brown0.50 oz1500001700--00
Oil Blend0.25 oz60610--00000
Red Wine Vinegar0.50 oz5000001000
Sauce Red Hot Original1.00 oz1000007602000

Seafood Salad: 122 calories with 4.4g fat, 0.7g trans fat, 3.2g fiber, and 6g protein. Downside is the 418mg sodium content in every serving.

Union Square Ultimate Veggie 6” Café Sandwich: 280 calories, 19g protein, 17g fat, 4.5g trans fat, 6g fiber. The downside is sodium again at 480mg per serving.

Garden Vegetable Soup: only 80 calories per 8-ounce serving, 0.5g fat, 3g fiber, and 5g protein. Zero trans fat but a whopping 620mg of sodium.

Beware of the Ultimate Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato (BLT) Wrap. This one takes the cake at 831 calories with 15g trans fat, and 50g fat. The 34g of protein and 3g of fiber negate anything healthy that may be go with this sandwich because of its alarming content of sodium at 2,677mg.

The wraps and grilled subs can contain more than the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for sodium. More than 2,300mg of sodium intake a day raises the levels of your blood pressure which can lead to heart issues later on. Check out the Blimpie website at for the Blimpie nutrition of their Café sandwiches or cold subs which have less sodium.

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