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Eating healthy has never been easy at any fast food restaurant. This is true for A&W where root beer as well as root beer floats have always been perfect accompaniments to their sandwiches and sides. Here’s the A&W nutrition information to help you “survive” all those carbohydrates, fats, sugar, and sodium.

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Below is the latest A&W nutrition information.

FoodServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)CHOLESTEROL (mg)Sodium (mg)CARBOHYDRATES (g)DIETARY FIBER (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)


Papa Burger®1 sandwich690391411451350444840
Papa Single Burger1 sandwich4702580.5751000384723
Original Bacon Double Cheeseburger1 sandwich760451711651570454844
Original Double Cheeseburger1 sandwich680381411501330444740
Original Bacon Cheeseburger1 sandwich53030100.5901160394726
Hamburger1 sandwich3801960.555860333621
Cheeseburger1 sandwich4202170.5701040374623


Grilled Chicken Sandwich1 sandwich400153090820314735
Crispy Chicken Sandwich1 sandwich550254.51.5651130525630
Chicken Strips- 3 pieces3 pieces5002952551050322228


Crunchy Shrimp21 pieces3401951110820342113

Hot Dogs

Hot Dog (plain)1 hotdog3101981.50740231411
Coney (Chili) Dog1 hotdog3402091.55900262514
Coney (Chili) Cheese Dog1 hotdog3802391.5101100282514
Cheese Dog1 hotdog3502291.55940261412

Dipping Sauces

Ranch1 dipping cup160172.50152402010
BBQ1 dipping cup40000023010060
Honey Mustard1 dipping cup10061.50017012060
Ketchup1 packet1000001002020
Marinara1 dipping cup1500001254121
Sweet & Sour1 dipping cup45000012012070
Tartar Sauce1 oz.10091.50152504030
Cocktail Sauce (Seafood Sauce)1 oz.2500002506050


French Fries (Small/ Kids)2.5 oz.200822029028302
French Fries (Regular)4 oz.3101233.5046045403
French Fries (Large)5.5 oz.4301744.5064061615
Corn Dog Nuggets® (Small/ Kids)5 pieces1808202552020165
Corn Dog Nuggets® (Regular)8 pieces2801330.54583032299
Chili Cheese Fries7 oz.4101753.51099052528
Cheese Fries6 oz.390184.53.5587050404
Chili Fries6 oz.3701543.51079049528
Breaded Onion Rings (Regular)4 oz.350163.54.5071045235
Breaded Onion Rings (Large)5.5 oz.4802777599062347
Cheese Curds (Regular)5 oz.570402111051220272327
Cheese Curds (Large)10 oz.114080422.52102440544654
Chili1 bowl19062020640225912
Extra Burger Patty 1patty1005055170200150

Sweets & Treats

Polar Swirl®

M&M's® Polar Swirl®12 oz.71025160.55529010729315
Oreo® Polar Swirl®12 oz.690241115057010737914
Reese's® Polar Swirl®12 oz.74031140.5553809738518


Strawberry Milkshake (small)14 oz.670291811151809005211
Strawberry Milkshake (medium)15 oz.8403623214523011306514
Vanilla Milkshake (small)16 oz.720311911352109705712
Vanilla Milkshake (medium)17 oz.9003924217026012107115
Chocolate Milkshake (small)18 oz.7002918112520010026011
Chocolate Milkshake (medium)19 oz.8803623215525012537514

Soft Serve Cones

Vanilla Cone (regular)21 oz.20053020115320226
Vanilla Cone (large)22 oz.26074025145410297


A&W® Root Beer Freeze (small)24 oz.37085030170680627
A&W® Root Beer Freeze (medium)25 oz.4801060.540230891819
A&W® Root Beer Freeze (large)26 oz.8201811170400150113616
A&W® Diet Root Beer Freeze (small)27 oz.26085030170390337
A&W® Diet Root Beer Freeze (medium)28 oz.3401060.540230531459
A&W® Diet Root Beer Freeze (large)29 oz.60018111704009217816
Orange Freeze (small)30 oz.4508503017010824797
Orange Freeze (medium)31 oz.6001060.540230142321039
Orange Freeze (medium)32 oz.97018111703902234816216


Strawberry Sundae1 sundae30084030140470127
Chocolate Sundae1 sundae32084030180530158
Hot Fudge Sundae1 sundae350116030140541158
Caramel Sundae1 sundae34094035250570138

Famous Floats

A&W® Root Beer Float (small)16 oz. cup33053040100700572
A&W® Root Beer Float (medium)20 oz. cup35053040105770642
A&W® Root Beer Float (large)32 oz. cup6401060.57520013601104
A&W® Diet Root Beer Float (small)16 oz. cup17053040100300172
A&W® Diet Root Beer Float (medium)20 oz. cup17053040105300172
A&W® Diet Root Beer Float (large)32 oz. cup3501060.575200600344
Orange Float (small)16 oz. cup3204.53015115748634
Orange Float (medium)20 oz. cup3404.53015120818704
Orange Float (large)32 oz. cup61096035230137121188


Pineapple Banana Smoothee16 oz. cup40064.5010100851803
Pineapple Banana Smoothee20 oz. cup48064.50101101041983
Pineapple Banana Smoothee32 oz. cup75010702520016021516
Strawberry Banana Smoothee16 oz. cup39064.502595780663
Strawberry Banana Smoothee20 oz. cup42064.5025100860743
Strawberry Banana Smoothee32 oz. cup68010704519013701186
Strawberry Smoothee16 oz. cup36064.502585700593
Strawberry Smoothee20 oz. cup37064.502590740633
Strawberry Smoothee32 oz. cup61010704517012101026


Reese's® Peanut Butter Fudge Blendrrr16 oz. cup70041300151801033667
Reese's® Peanut Butter Fudge Blendrrr20 oz. cup71041300151801083707
Reese's® Peanut Butter Fudge Blendrrr32 oz. cup13607957030360203513114
Chocolate Fudge Blendrrr16 oz. cup4903025010100681464
Chocolate Fudge Blendrrr20 oz. cup5603227010125922564
Chocolate Fudge Blendrrr32 oz. cup101059490252201523978
Oreo® Cookies & Cream Blendrrr16 oz. cup340126010230561444
Oreo® Cookies & Cream Blendrrr20 oz. cup430157010310722565
Oreo® Cookies & Cream Blendrrr32 oz. cup65021100254501092848


Limeade12 oz. cup140000025380330
Limeade16 oz. cup210000040550460
Limeade20 oz. cup250000045660560
Limeade32 oz. cup3900000701030900
Strawberry Limeade12 oz. cup230000535580490
Strawberry Limeade16 oz. cup290000545750620
Strawberry Limeade20 oz. cup42000015601050880
Strawberry Limeade32 oz. cup560000158514301210
Cherry Limeade12 oz. cup190000030510450
Cherry Limeade16 oz. cup300000045790700
Cherry Limeade20 oz. cup340000055900800
Cherry Limeade32 oz. cup53000008513801240


Cherry Slushee12 oz. cup330000040830800
Cherry Slushee16 oz. cup45000005011201080
Cherry Slushee20 oz. cup57000006514101360
Cherry Slushee32 oz. cup900000010522402160
Watermelon Slushee12 oz. cup270000050730630
Watermelon Slushee16 oz. cup360000065990850
Watermelon Slushee20 oz. cup46000008512401070
Watermelon Slushee32 oz. cup720000013019701700
Lemon Slushee12 oz. cup330000035820770
Lemon Slushee16 oz. cup44000004511001040
Lemon Slushee20 oz. cup56000006013901310
Lemon Slushee32 oz. cup89000009022102070
Lime Slushee12 oz. cup280000035690540
Lime Slushee16 oz. cup380000050940740
Lime Slushee20 oz. cup4800000601190940
Lime Slushee32 oz. cup770000010018801480
Blue Raspberry Slushee12 oz. cup270000035670630
Blue Raspberry Slushee16 oz. cup370000045910850
Blue Raspberry Slushee20 oz. cup57000006514201370
Blue Raspberry Slushee32 oz. cup74000009518201700

Root Beer

A&W® Root Beerkids160000030430430
A&W® Root Beersmall220000040580580
A&W® Root Beerregular270000050720720
A&W® Root Beerlarge44000008011601160
A&W® Root Beergallon jug880000016023202320
A&W® Root Beergallon jug1760000032046404640
A&W® Diet Root Beerkids00000300000
A&W® Diet Root Beersmall00000400000
A&W® Diet Root Beerregular00000500000
A&W® Diet Root Beerlarge00000800000
A&W® Diet Root Beergallon jug000001600000
A&W® Diet Root Beergallon jug000003200000

Other Beverages

Mountain Dew®kids160000050430430
Mountain Dew®small220000070580580
Mountain Dew®regular270000085720720
Mountain Dew®large440000014011601160
Sierra Mist®kids150000030400400
Sierra Mist®small200000040540540
Sierra Mist®regular250000050670670
Sierra Mist®large40000008010801080
Dr. Pepper®kids150000050400400
Dr. Pepper®small200000070540540
Dr. Pepper®regular250000085670670
Dr. Pepper®large400000014010801080
Tropicana® Lemonadekids1500000160410410
Tropicana® Lemonadesmall2000000210540540
Tropicana® Lemonaderegular2500000265680680
Tropicana® Lemonadelarge400000042010801080
Tropicana® Twister® Orangekids170000040470450
Tropicana® Twister® Orangesmall220000050620600
Tropicana® Twister® Orangeregular280000065780750
Tropicana® Twister® Orangelarge440000010012401200
Tropicana® Fruit Punchkids160000035450450
Tropicana® Fruit Punchsmall220000050600600
Tropicana® Fruit Punchregular270000060750750
Tropicana® Fruit Punchlarge440000010012001200
Wild Cherry Pepsi®kids150000030420420
Wild Cherry Pepsi®small200000040560560
Wild Cherry Pepsi®regular40000008011201120
Wild Cherry Pepsi®large500000010014001400
Lipton® Raspberry Teakids120000035310310
Lipton® Raspberry Teasmall160000050420420
Lipton® Raspberry Tearegular200000060520520
Lipton® Raspberry Tealarge3200000100840840
Iced Tea (unsweetened)kids0000000000
Iced Tea (unsweetened)small0000000000
Iced Tea (unsweetened)regular0000000000
Iced Tea (unsweetened)large0000000000
Diet Pepsi®kids00000350000
Diet Pepsi®small00000500000
Diet Pepsi®regular00000650000
Diet Pepsi®large000001000000
Diet Mountain Dew®kids00000600000
Diet Mountain Dew®small00000800000
Diet Mountain Dew®regular000001000000
Diet Mountain Dew®large000001600000
Milk 2%half pint140530251401401410

The menu’s most fattening item is the Original Bacon Double Cheeseburger with 800 calories, 47g of which are carbohydrates, 48g are fat, and 4g are trans fat. Order the Grilled Chicken Sandwich instead which has 440 calories, 34g of which are carbohydrates and 19g are fat.

Skip the Cheese Curds as well which has 570 calories. An order of this has 27g of carbohydrates, 21g of trans fat, and a whopping 1,220mg of sodium. If you want a side, get the Crunchy Shrimp with 340 calories 34g of which are carbohydrates, both figures less than all the items on fast food menus and with only 5g each of fat and trans fat per serving.

If you want something sweet, ask the staff to prepare the famous A&W root beer float with diet root beer which doesn’t contain any trans fat, has 3g fat, 30g carbohydrates and a total of only 170 calories. Log on to their website at http://www.awrestaurants.com to view the A&W nutrition of their food options.

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