8 Fast Food Myths Debunked

In the last two to three decades, people have become more aware of how their food intake can affect their health. Thus, due to irresponsible public awareness campaigns, it is common knowledge that fast food is bad for you. There are some establishments that care nothing about their customer’s health, it would be wrong to generalize, as they are many establishments which serve healthy options. Here are a few fast food myths debunked to help the public make wiser eating choices.

Fast Food Will Kill You

Correction, any type of food can kill a person, provided that he or she eats in excess and does not practice proper portion control. Therefore, home-cooked meals, food at fancy restaurants and even health food are culprits as well. Please note that not getting enough nutrition can kill a person too. Thus, moderation and exercise are the important factors, if one wants to enjoy a long and healthy life.

All Salads Are Healthy

fast food mythsThere are people who are health-conscious and they usually order salads instead of eating a full meal. As vegetables are not as tasty on their own, a person would have to add some sort of dressing to make it more palatable. As they chew on their greens, most of them are happy that they had the urge to resist binge-eating on meat and carbohydrates. Some think back and congratulate themselves for going vegetarian.

Sadly, these people do not consider the fat content of their dressing. This may contain high amounts of sodium or even trans-fat. They do not care that their croutons may be loaded in butter. Therefore, if one were to consider their caloric intake, one would discover that their vegetarian salad, which was laden with delicious dressing has roughly the same amount of fat and calories as the meat and carbohydrate treat they gave up.

Fast Food Burgers Do Not Rot

As there are many people who are against fast food and many of them claim that burger patties do not rot due to high preservative content. Please note that many scientists claim that by removing the moisture, which they don’t have much of, these patties will dry up. While they look the same, they actually do rot, give the right amount of moisture in the air.

Home-Cooked Meals Are Best

Most mothers like to say that a home-cooked meal is the healthiest option. Sadly, these mothers have not considered a few factors. It depends on the cook, as some like to add more sodium to their casseroles or use enhancers to improve the flavor. These extra ingredients can make even the simplest meal unhealthy.

If the cook is familiar with proper nutrition, then by all means, stick to home-cooked meals. However, if the cook like to prepare meals based on taste alone, one would be better of at a local fast food chain.

The Darkest Coffee Contains More Caffeine

Many people think that the strength of coffee is based solely on it’s color. Any scientist will tell you that it is a myth. To get that dark color, one would have to roast the beans longer, which would lower its caffeine content. Therefore, if you plan to stay up late, go for light colored brews instead.

Arby’s Roast Beef Is Gel-Based

There was a time when people thought that Arby’s, a popular fast food chain, served roast beef that came in gel form. One can guess that a new trainee started this rumor. As Arby’s roast beef come pre-packaged in their basting sauce. Since it looks gel-like, the new employee probably thought that the gel was the meat itself.

Restaurant Food Is Healthier

Once a gain, one should consider that restaurant offerings are not necessarily healthier than fast food. Please note the portion size and the ingredients used. Keep in mind that certain types of food, while seemingly modest, have flavorings that add to the calorie content. These flavorings or dressings may contain high amounts of trans-fat and sodium. Therefore, at the end of the day, given most restaurant’s larger servings, they may have the same calorie content as a one’s beloved fast food burger.

Fast Food Is Cheap

Many people have a low opinion of fast food and some go as far as to say that only the poor should indulge in cheeseburgers, fries and the like. If one were to do the math, one would realize that a home-cooked meal is decidedly cheaper. However, one would have to make an extra effort, with regard to preparing the meal. Aside from that, the said home-cooked meal might not taste as good as the ones served at fast food joints.

Eating fast food is not a sin. Armed with the appropriate amount of self-control, a person may choose to enjoy is or her favorite burger and fries without feeling guilty about doing so. Fast food is not the enemy; lack of self-control and proper exercise are.

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